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   Chapter 367 More About Abner And Shirley Just For Once In An Action

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Shirley was quite familiar with many people, but she didn't know many lawyers. As soon as she mentioned lawyers, she thought of Abner. She almost blurted out the name.

Michelle smiled ambiguously. "It was a long time ago. I just mentioned this."

A long time ago? After Shirley thought for a while, she said, "well, I didn't expect that Abner would know such a beauty like Michelle. Could it be First love? Hee hee!

"The leading actor and second leading actor are here together!" While they were talking, the vice director pointed at the direction of the voice and distracted everyone's thoughts.

Without replying what Michelle had just said, Shirley looked at the car coming.

Two tall and handsome men got out of the car. The leading man was the popular male star, named Ke Han, who really had the domineering president style. The second man was wearing light colored clothes with a smile on his lips. He was a good man in the entertainment circle, named Walker Mo. It was fortunate for all women to choose him as the second male.

"Michelle! Shirley!" Walker took the lead in waving and greeting. Walker walked close and said, "Sorry, we are late."

"Hi!" Shirley was not familiar with them and only saw them at the booting ceremony. To be exact, she was not familiar with the people in the show business. She just waved her hand briefly.

"Why did you two come here together?" Michelle asked with a smile

"We are friends. Is it strange that we come together?" Ke said, "Director Cui, it there the show about me and Michelle, right? Can we go to run lines now? "

"Okay, okay, go ahead!" Director Cui waved his hand, turned around and told Shirley, "Shirley, your play may be postponed a little. You'd better go to the set to run lines with Walker first. Try One play for the first scene"

Shirley nodded, "Okay! No problem! "

The first scene for the third actress was to act as a human figure background in the swimming pool. However, she was discovered by the second male actor when she was crying in a corner after being scolded by the director and photographer for taking photos. The second male actor even handed a handkerchief to her. As a result, she was admired the second male actor secretly.

Shirley had watched this scene for many times and thought that she could handle it well. Because she was like this when she was just being a model in the beginning?

She did everything to win more scene back then! As for the matter of having sex with these boss

Shirley raised her head and took a deep look at Dan standing next to her. 'if I hadn't met Dan, I might have been raped by these so-called boss, ' she thought?

"What are you looking at?" Sensing Shirley's gaze, Dan turned around and smirked, "Why are you looking at me? Are you nervous? "

"Come on!" Shirley waved her hand and said, "Don't worry. I will be fine." She paused and continued, "But it takes a long time."

It had been almost three hours since she had changed her clothes and put on makeup in the morning. She hadn't left the ch

n't have to come this afternoon! Bad luck... " Then he turned to the director and said, "Director, what should I do with this photo? Re filming? "

The director looked at it and shook his head. "No! Just get rid of the one in the picture. "

Hearing this, Angela felt aggrieved and angry. Was the director referring to her?

"Humph! I don't want your jobs to be filmed in this way! " Angela gave a loud roar and slapped hard on the surface of the water. Then she swam ashore, leaving the other models stunned.

"OK! Cut! Very well! "

The director called Shirley as soon as Shirley went ashore, and then gave her a thumbs up and said, "great! This one is OK! "

Taking the dress from Rachel's hand, Dan walked to Shirley and said, "Good job. Come on, put on your clothes. It's a bit cold now. "

"Thank you." Shirley smiled and the dresser came to fix her make-up.

In Justice Law Firm office.

When Abner was reading the files about his client, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Abner took off his glasses and rubbed his nose. When he looked up, Abner found that it was an intern who had just been recruited. Abner asked, "what's the matter?"

"Mr. Shen, well We are going to have lunch together. Are you going with us? " The girl asked in a trembling voice.

"I'm not going." "Enjoy your dinner," said Abner indifferently

"Yes." The girl didn't say anything more. She just nodded silently and stood still.

"Is there anything else?" Abner asked

"Well..." She cast a glance at the cat on Abner's table and said, "Well, can I take a picture with the cat?"

"Why not?" Abner asked, frowning.

"I heard it's from Miss Shirley. The supermodel." The girl jumped with excitement when she said the name Shirley, "I, I'm a fan of her! I am the best loyal 'snowball'. I like her very much! I was so I really want to see her! Mr. Shen, would Miss. Shirley come here? Can, can I ask for an autograph? "

"Snowball What is it? " Abner asked with curiosity.

"It's the name of Shirley's fans."

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