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   Chapter 366 More About Abner And Shirley You Know Him

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Then Shirley followed Abner to the law office.

"Are you drunk?" Shirley asked Abner when he opened the door.

"Yes, just a little." As Abner answered, he swiped, opened the door of the law office, turned on the light, and closed the door.

"Have you drunk a little?" "If I had known that you're a good drinker, I wouldn't have seen you this good. I could tell that you drank a lot just by smelling the scent of wine," said Shirley in disbelief to Abner

"Law hall. This is the reception room. The receptionist room is on the left." Abner didn't seem bothered by this question but began to introduce

"Not bad." Then, Shirley nodded and asked, "Is your office on the second floor?"

"The second floor is the meeting room and other lawyers' office." "My office is on the third floor, so is the meeting room on the third floor," said Abner as he led Shirley upstairs

"I see!" Shirley stepped on the stairs and followed Abner upstairs.

There were some tables and chairs in the hall on the second floor. And there were a lot of office rooms separated by transparent windows. All of them were neat and tidy. Black and white occupied the main color.

Abner didn't say much anyway, Shirley didn't say anything either. They went upstairs and only heard the faint footsteps of the two.

The third floor was much more empty than the second floor. There was only one office, a file room and a meeting room.

"Let me guess." Before entering into Abner's office, Shirley smiled and said, "I guess in your office, there is a black leather chair, a dark red office table, a black computer, and a famous painting on the wall. There is a black sofa on the wall, and at most a large potted plant beside the desk."

"If I didn't have the key to this office, I would have suspected that you sneaked into my office," Abner said, laughing


The lights turned on, and Shirley looked inside with her arms crossed in her arms. The room was exactly the same as her guess. However, she did not expect that her lucky cat was also put on the desk with a box.

"Is my gift not bad?" Shirley slimed, "I forgot to tell you. I will come tonight. I need a matched gift for you."

"Yes..." Abner lengthened the final note and was not surprised. Abner thought it was better for Shirley not to make any other stuff.

And then, Shirley turned back to find her bag. After a while, she seemed to have found something in her bag. Shirley raised her fist and showed it to Abner, "Mr. Shen, do you know what it is in my hand?"

"I'm not the major of reconnaissance. I can't have a guess," Smiling, Abner shook his head and asked, "Would you like some water?"

"Hey! I'm serious, okay? " With her eyebrows frowned, Shirley stared at Abner and said, "As a lawyer, your ability of judging and judging should be good. Have a guess! It's very important! "

Abner felt a little bit helpless. In the face of Shirley, he seemed to be an elder, so he could only choose to tolerate

e. It's my honor to be a colonel." Then, Shirley politely replied: "I have never been in the field of film and television show, so if I'm not doing well, please forgive me. Director Cui. And please tell me if I make any mistakes. Only in this way can I make progress!"

"Everyone in the field knows Miss Shirley's attitude towards work, which is very rare! You are sure to have a bright future! " Director Cui laughed.

At this moment, a white nanny van drove into the filming site and stopped beside Shirley's car.

The car had been parked for a long time, but no one got out.

"Who is it?" Shirley whispered to Dan.

"The leading actress of the movie, Michelle." As soon as Dan was finished, the car door was opened. A woman in sportswear got out of the car. One of her assistant fan on the left side, the assistant on the right held an umbrella, and the other man was driving in the front, saying something to her.

Michelle was closely followed by the crowd. When she saw Shirley, her eyes were brightened up. She quickly came over and reached out her hand, "Shirley, Miss Shirley! I've heard a lot about you! "

"Hello." Shirley politely greeted and shook hands with Michelle.

Shirley was much taller than Michelle and looked at her in disdain, which made Shirley feel a little uncomfortable.

Michelle was a good-looking girl. With a pair of innocent big eyes, she was a gorgeous beauty.

"We were good sisters in the play. We should spend more time with each other to get along with each other." Michelle said, "It was just a pity that I didn't greet you on the day of the kickoff ceremony of the show 'the lover affair'."

"It's not late now," Shirley smiled and answered.

"You are right." Michelle said, "Oh, by the way, we know the same person!"

"Really? Which director? Or an actress? Model? " Shirley raised her eyebrows.

Michelle said, "Neither. He is a lawyer."

"…… "Abner Shen?" Shirley was shocked, "Is that him? Do you know him? "

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