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   Chapter 364 A Perfect Wedding (Part Two)

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Hearing this, Poppi couldn't help crying, but laughed out.

"There may be still many difficulties in the way ahead. But as long as I am here, I will sweep all obstacles for you, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life without sorrow. I love you."

Hearing this, Poppi could not help but burst into tears. She looked at Malcolm, confused.

Malcolm wiped her tears carefully.

"What do you want to say to the bridegroom?" Mark asked Poppi again.

"Thank you for being so nice to me." Poppi choked with sobs once. She kept breathing to keep her tears from falling and said, "Thank you for your tolerance and love to me. I'm so lucky to meet and fall in love with you. I will be your strongest backup, support you and encourage you to overcome the difficulties ahead. I will love you forever. "

After they finished their beautiful vows, Malcolm couldn't help but cry too. They looked at each other in tears.

Then Malcolm couldn't help but kiss Poppi's lips again.

The guests were also deeply touched. Wendy couldn't help but cry, choking, "I'm so moved."

Taking a look at Wendy, Barry did not realize the yearning in his eyes. He turned his mind and was going to grab the bouquet later.

All the relatives and friends in the world witnessed the birth of this new couple. Their future was not smooth, but they must face it together.

It was time for the bouquet to be held, and almost all the men and women stood up.

Barry was the most proactive, and so was Shirley. The two were almost in a fight.

Poppi held the bouquet in her hand and shouted with her back to the guests, "Throw it out! Three, two, one!"


The bouquet carried a

The door was closed with a click, but Malcolm pulled Poppi's arm and pressed her against the wall. He exhaled a warm breath on her face and said, "No, I'm not! You are my wife, right? "

"Humph!" Poppi humphed.

"Do you know why I drank so much?" Then Malcolm clung to his wife tightly, which made Poppi almost out of breath.

"Because you are happy?" Asked Poppi.

"No." Malcolm shook his head and leaned over to bite on Poppi's earlobe. "Because we have to drink with them so they can't ruin the wedding night. As for our wedding night Only for you and me. "

The tremble spread from the earlobe made Poppi's heart beat fast. At the same time, she was flushed by Malcolm's burning eyes. She just opened her mouth, "You HMM... "

All of a sudden, his lips were covered by a kiss from Poppi. Then Malcolm carried Poppi to the bed and put her down on the bed.

"Wife, I love you..."

"I love you too, husband..."

It was a long night. Inside the room, only the soft words of both of them echoed enthusiastically.

This was the end of happiness, and also another starting point of happiness!

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