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   Chapter 361 The Eve Of The Wedding

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Malcolm unwittingly raised his eyebrows and looked down. When he saw the serious look on Duke's face, he was surprised. Then he squatted down and laughed. He touched the little boy's head and asked, "why do you say that?"

"Because you are not the same as previous father." "I know that my former father has gone to another place." Duke looked at Malcolm timidly

"Where did he go?" Malcolm frowned and couldn't help but feel amazed that a two-year-old child could know so much.

"I don't know." Duke shook his head and said, "I guess it's a very far place. It would take a long time before he could come back. We wouldn't be able to see him. Because I saw aunt and mommy both crying secretly. "

Malcolm felt a lump in his throat, and his heart was sour, but he didn't know what to say to comfort him.

"Father, but you are also my father." Duke shook Malcolm's arm and said, "You take the place of our previous father and take care of Mommy, me and my brother, right?"

"…… Yes. " Malcolm nodded and touched his son's head, "Both me and the previous Dad were love you and would take care of you ."

"Then don't tell this to brother, okay?" Duke blinked his eyes and said sincerely, "He is so young and he thinks that you are the same as you used to be."

Malcolm stared at the boy for a long time. Looking at his childish face, Malcolm felt like laughing. Duke was only a few months older than Albert

"Okay, we won't tell Albert." When Malcolm said this, he heard the voice of Poppi from downstairs, "Why don't you two come down and have dinner with us?"

Hearing what Poppi said, Malcolm laughed. He held up Duke and answered, "We are coming!"

Lying in Malcolm's arms, Duke smiled at Malcolm, "Mommy, we're coming!"

Because of the wedding ceremony, Malcolm had to handle it in person, and he was so busy that he had no time to meet anyone. As for Poppi, on the contrary, she had nothing to do.

One evening a week later.

After the two kids fell asleep, Poppi lay on the bed and idly surfed the Internet. However, she accidentally saw the discussions about her marriage with Malcolm. It was not that she wanted to pay attention to them, but three of them were on the live search of them.

The first hot search was "behind all the public good", which attracted Poppi's attention curiously. She found that it was actually a public service thing that she did. Over the past three years, Poppi had used the money to sponsor many orphanages, established a lot of mountain primary school, and also provided a platform for the parents who were looking for their children who had been kidnapped. When she was free, she would go to those orphanages and primary schools in person.

She didn't mention these things. She didn't know who could dig out all these things.

Most of the comments were in favor of Poppi, and some onlookers even had a skeptical attitude. Of course, a few people made fun of her.

The second top search was about their marriage. There were all kinds of rumors, such as the location of the wedding, the look of the wedding dress, the guests that were invited, and so on. No one knew whether it was true or not. It was something that Poppi herself ha

he should do.

Before she could answer, Malcolm leaned over and asked gently: "How about having another sister for Duke and Albert?"

Poppi's eyes were soft like water. She stood on tiptoe to kiss Malcolm's face and said, " Yes. "

Half a month later, when the summer heat in Ye city was about to leave quietly, the wedding day of Malcolm and Poppi was coming soon.

The wedding was held in San Francisco, near Malcolm's villa. Three days before the wedding, guests invited from relatives, friends, politicians, giants, businessmen, movie stars and so on went on. Malcolm was sent in a private plane to take over the whole hotel. There were hundreds of security guards ; they were also doing the Owen shooting. They had to keep an eye on the venue.

Although they also followed the news on the Internet, Malcolm didn't invite any media or forbid them to go to the wedding site, only his shooting team was prepared.

In San Francisco, it was getting darker. A thank-you party was going to be held in the mansion.

And tomorrow would be the wedding of Malcolm and Poppi.

In the thank-you party, people toasted to each other, laughed, and blessed people.

But Malcolm was with Poppi all the time. They were a perfect match. It would be a wonderful wedding for them.

The bridesmaid were naturally Shirley and Wendy, while the bridesmaid were Hugh and Abner. Because of his injured legs, Barry had already missed the opportunity to be the bridesmaid. He had long promised to get the bouquets.

"Go back. We still have a few more hours to sleep. Tomorrow you will be the most beautiful bride." When the thank-you party ended, Malcolm said goodbye to Poppi, with expectations in his eyes.

"I've waited so long. Finally, I'm going to marry you." Poppi nodded

"I have kept you waiting so long. Finally, I am able to give you a grand wedding." Malcolm swallowed and couldn't help but kiss Poppi.

"Hey, Mr. Mo, how about we keep our marriage a secret for another three years?" Poppi smiled

"Too late." Malcolm pinched Poppi's face indulgently, "Now the whole world knows that you belong to me."


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