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   Chapter 360 Not Alone

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From the day when Malcolm held the twins in his arms and kissed Poppi by surprise, their gossip was burning like a fire. Many onlookers who didn't know the truth complained about Malcolm because they didn't understand why such a good man would love Poppi again.

When Malcolm revealed the wedding date to the media, the whole family were flabbergasted, there was full of gossip on the Internet.

Poppi had been in a higher realm than me, so she didn't care what others said at all. She resigned from her position Miss Poppi of Wind International Group and Pei Group, leaving only the chief editor of the entertainment agency, From time to time, she would go to the magazine to have a walk. If she had nothing else to do, she would like to improve her dessert skill. After a small party with Wendy and Shirley, she just waited to be a beautiful bride, without caring about anything else.

One day, Malcolm was free. He went to the Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi with the two kids, along with Emily.

While in the car, Malcolm had made it clear to Duke and Albert that this would be their home in the future.

As soon as they arrived at the Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi, the two children couldn't wait to get off the car.

"Run slowly!" Poppi said out of habit.

"Okay, Mommy!" The two kids replied as they usually did, and rushed to the swing when they saw it. The swing was of seat shape, so even if two adults sat on it, they could afford it.

"Daddy, can we sit here?" Duke asked, while Albert had already climbed onto the swing.

"Be careful." As he spoke, he walked over to let the two children row up. Then he pushed the swing's rope and swung it.

Standing not far away from them, Emily and Poppi were amused by the laughter of the two little guys.

"I'm glad that Albert is so happy." Staring at the little boy in the distance, Emily smiled.

"Kids are always carefree." There were sadness and concerns hidden in Poppi's smile. "When will you get back to Albert?" In fact, Poppi knew in her heart that Emily had been avoiding this question, and for the good of Albert, Poppi needed to ask Emily once and again because she was Albert's real "aunt".

"I'm going abroad. Our business focus is at home in the past few years, and it's time to take things back abroad." Emily seemed to say something irrelevant, which made Poppi feel uncomfortable.

"When are you leaving? Will you take Albert with you?" Asked Poppi.

"It's me. with the mother of Benson?" With her lips pursed into a straight line, Emily kept her eyes fixed on Albert and said, "In recent days, the impact on Benson's mother was so severe that she looked totally haggard. The arrogance before was totally gone. A few days ago, she also told me that she wanted to go abroad, so I took her back."

"Let me ask you, what about Albert? !" "I didn't ask you about other people !" Poppi couldn't help yelling at her with an annoyed expression on her face


ad only one three years ago. He didn't expect that he would have one more son.

Thinking of this, Malcolm suddenly asked in curiosity, "Duke, Albert, what's the secret between you and dad?"

"Dad, don't you remember?" Duke turning his head in disbelief.

"Uh..." Malcolm nodded his head and said: "I don't remember that clearly. Duke. Can you remind Dad?"

"Dad, let me tell you." But Albert didn't hesitate. He jumped off the merry go round and came over to Malcolm in a whisper, "Dad, you said you would change into another look to play with us. And we saw your photo, so I recognized you immediately."

Malcolm couldn't figure out what was on the little guy's mind at once. He just nodded his head slightly, smiled to Albert and pulled Albert into his arms. "Which father said that? The father before? "

"Yes." Albert nodded his head immediately.

"He said he would change another look to play with you ." Malcolm repeated his words to prove his understanding, "And then, after he show you what Dad is like now, you can find me, right?"

"Yes, yes! That's it! " Albert nodded excitedly in Malcolm's arms, "Dad, you finally remember that!"

Malcolm felt a little pain in his heart, nodded and said, "Yes, that's right! I remembered everything! "

"Malcolm, take Duke and Albert to have meal!" Downstairs came the voice of Poppi. After two seconds of silence, Poppi shouted again, "Aha! Are you crazy? Do you hear me? Come downstairs and have meal! "

"I'm coming! Mommy, I'm coming! " Albert took the lead in replying, laughing and running out of the room.

"Albert! Shoes! " Seeing the bare feet of the little boy, Malcolm called out. But the little boy didn't stop. Malcolm smiled helplessly and grabbed his shoes. Then he reached out to the other little boy and said, "Duke, it's time for the meal."

Duke looked at Malcolm and put his small hand in Malcolm's. Suddenly, he said: "You are not the same person as our previous father."

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