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   Chapter 359 I'll Have You In My Life

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"Turn on the heat." After Malcolm got in his car, Malcolm asked the driver to turn on the heater.

"No, thanks." Rubbing her nose, Poppi laughed and said, "It's so weird to have a heater in summer."

He turned on the heating in the summer

Hearing this, Malcolm burst into laughter all of a sudden. With a trace of memory on his face, he said, "Anyway, it is not the first time that I have done such a thing."

"What?" "The warm wind? You for the warm wind in summer?" Poppi looked at Malcolm with her pure and innocent eyes

"Yes." Malcolm fetched the towel and continued to wipe the water on Poppi's hair. "Many years ago in a summer, a drunkard sitting in my car called cold. Then he turned on the warm wind."

"Which drunk?" Asked Poppi, raising her eyebrows.

"A drunkard named Poppi." Malcolm's face remained unchanged, and the smile on his face never disappeared. That night, Poppi stubbornly entwined her fingers with his, and was drunk to say something she didn't know which one she liked, which disturbed his originally uncertain heart.

Raising her eyebrows, Poppi said, "I were drunk. I didn't remember."

"It's strange if you remember it." Thinking of this, Malcolm suddenly frowned, "That night, you said 'I like you too'. What do you mean?"

"What? How would I know? "

"Were you pretending to be drunk?" More skeptical about it, Malcolm said, "Besides, Hugh was also in the car on that night. As you said this, you responded to him, and also looked at me... What the hell do you mean by 'like you'? Who do you mean? Have you liked Hugh? "

A series of words from Malcolm made Poppi feel overwhelmed and speechless.

"It happened eight hundred years ago. Now you mention it, I have already forgotten it!" Poppi smiled

"What about the fact that you like Hugh?" Malcolm seemed to be getting more and more stubborn.

"If I like Hugh, how will be you here now?" Poppi asked in reply. As she expected, when she saw that Malcolm's face turned ghastly pale, she felt happy in her heart. Before he got angry, she hooked his neck and said in a sweet and childish voice, "I like you. I like you. Is that okay? I have always only like you. "

He didn't know when he could have more feelings for her, but when he found out, he had easily fell in love with her deeply.

The diamond became a gentle finger as well. With a slight smile on Malcolm's face, he bent over and kissed gently on Poppi's face.

Maybe because the heating was on, the atmosphere in the car was getting hotter and hotter.

But Malcolm didn't seem to stop kissing her. In the dark car, Poppi felt the burning skin under his wet clothes. She also saw his eyes with dark light and a little desire, as if he wanted to fall in love with her.

"Please don't, please don't..." On the other hand, Poppi was still not mad. She quickly raised her hand to stop Malcolm's kiss and blushed, "I think you must be insane."

He took advantage of this opportunity to kiss in the palm of Poppi's hand, and then cleared his throat. As soon as Malcolm opened his mouth, his voice was still deep and hoarse, and he told the driver, "Hurry up!" He was so eager t

er, a picture of Malcolm came into his view. One of Poppi's photo was piled up on the screen, and the other was piled up on the left, the right. The two people in the picture were growing up gradually.

Poppi finally understood what Malcolm wanted to do and her eyes were red as she said, "This is how we grow up."

"Yes." Malcolm nodded slightly. "We grew up in different places until the day we met."

They were at their teens and appeared again in the picture. It was a wedding photo of two people six years ago. In the photo, both of them were expressionless and showed no joy.

Poppi whimpered and suddenly cried with her hand on her mouth.

The photos next were not taken alone, but a group photo of Malcolm and Poppi.

Poppi didn't know that Malcolm had got so many photos. Even she herself didn't know when she took them. Pictures of them having meal together and sleeping together

When the time limit was slowly extended to two years ago, a little boy sleeping in a baby's clothes appeared on the screen, looking very wrinkled.

"It's our baby." Poppi choked with sobs.

"Yes." Malcolm nodded and replied emotionally, "We grew up separately. We met by accident. I don't know since when, I have the thought to be with you for a lifetime. After so many things, we even have a baby. I can't believe it."

"I'm afraid it's too late. I want to hold you..."

The room echoed another song, which was full of touching sobs.

"Although we haven't grown up together and we have been parted, it's the happiest thing for me to stay with you for the rest of my life." Malcolm gently turned around to let Poppi lie down on the bed. The love in his eyes slowly engulfed Poppi.

Poppi couldn't help but stand on her tiptoe, kissing Malcolm on his lips with tears, "Malcolm, I love you."

"I love you too." Malcolm slightly tilted his head, held Poppi's waist and kissed Poppi back.

"If I could give up the whole world, at least I could have you with me. You are worth it. And you are here, a miracle of life... "

Soft moonlight and touching music. It was a romantic night.

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