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   Chapter 332 The Bedtime Story

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Then Hugh got on the car. The smile on Poppi's face faded away until she saw Hugh left. Because of her relationship with Malcolm, even if she and Malcolm did not have that 'three-year agreement', it would be impossible for her to be with Hugh.

Hugh knew it. She guessed that he might have made a concession for her today because she and Aunt Ji had such a big quarrel!

She hoped so.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Poppi turned around and walked back.

"Let's go to bed." In the living room, Benson was about to go upstairs with the two little kids in his arms. At this moment, Poppi came in from the outside. So Albert opened his arms and moved towards her and said, "I want to sleep with Mommy!"

"Albert, aren't you ashamed? You are an adult. Why do you still sleep with Mommy?" Although she said so, Poppi had already walked over and held Albert in her arms. "Let's go. Go upstairs to sleep."

Holding Duke in his arms, Benson followed. The four went upstairs in high spirits.

"Just now, Albert cried like a little kitten. He wanted to take a shower." In the bathroom, Poppi had already begun to fill the bathtub with hot water. In front of the bathroom door, Benson bared their naked bodies and carried them in his arms.

Albert and Duke jumped into the water and played happily. Anyway, Poppi knew that every time she bathed the twins, she would be all wet. So she just grabbed one of them and quickly washed one of them and the other.

"Come on, wash your face! Close your eyes and don't laugh! "

"Look at your dirty face! Dirty as KIKI! "

"Don't play with water anymore! Take a shower first! "

The muttering of Poppi frightened the two little guys. While watching her, Benson wanted to laugh. He stirred the water in the bathtub and enjoyed a moment of warmth.

"Mommy and Daddy are going to take a bath together, aren't you?" After Duke washed himself, he was wiped by Benson as he asked, "Mommy is wet."

At this time, Poppi also took out the other kid and wiped the body of Albert with a bath towel. She said to Duke: "you little punk, just take care of yourself. Don't worry about us!"

"Haha..." Duke was such a handsome guy with his thin hair hanging on his forehead and his eyes crinkling.

Confused, Albert followed his brother and laughed.

After they placed the two little babies on the bed, Poppi could not help but go to take a shower, letting Benson accompany them.

"Where is grandma?" Duke asked weakly on the bed.

"Grandma is over there." With a gloomy face, Benson felt a little guilty to the two little boys.

"I don't like Grandma." "Grandma doesn't want me with Mommy, and she and dad are still in fight." said Albert childishly, lying in bed

A mixed feeling surged in Benson's heart. "That's because granny likes Albert. So don't dislike granny."

"But Grandma asked me to eat something I disliked, and she didn't allow me to play with my brother," Alber


"Benson?" Seeing that Benson didn't say anything, Poppi couldn't help asking him, "what's wrong?"

"Oh! Nothing! " "I just... Want to say sorry to you," Benson said

"What?" Asked Poppi curiously.

"My mother has gone too far today!" Benson signed, "She has suffered a lot in the past three years. She always acts like this. She also heard that Emily is going to come back. She is radical. Don't take it to heart."

"No, she didn't." Poppi shook her head and said, "it makes sense." It was not because she returned good for evil. She just felt that it was unnecessary to argue with an old woman who was over seventy years old. After all, she was going to leave soon. So she didn't care about what troubles Benson's mother would make.

"I'm just worried about Emily's attitude." Poppi added, "I'm handing over my work in the company lately. Since Emily is back, she will take care of the business as soon as possible. She doesn't have to ask you about everything like me. It's a good chance for you to have a good rest. I'm not worried about the business. I'm only worried about Albert. If Emily What if she doesn't recognize Albert? "

After a moment's silence, Benson said, "let's talk about it then! Pei group and Wind International Group have been interfered with you for three years. Now, you have finally got rid of the shadow three years ago, and you can finally pursue your own happiness. "

"I wouldn't have grown up without the three years." Poppi smiled lightly.

With a smile, Benson stood up from the bed. "Pei group and Wind International Group owe you. If you need anything, we will be willing to do it for you." After saying that, he took a look at the children on the bed and said, "it's late. Go to bed early. I'm going to bed now."


Poppi stopped him and asked anxiously, "how is your body?"

"…… Not bad. " With a faint smile, Benson turned around, waved his hand, and left the bedroom.

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