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   Chapter 331 What Are You Going To Do

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Hearing Albert's crying, Benson felt sorry for him. He knew that children would look for their mommy the moment they arrived at night, so he said to his mother, "Mom, you just came back from the plane this afternoon and you've been playing with Albert the whole afternoon, so you must be very tired. In addition, Albert is used to be together with Poppi. Otherwise, I'll take him to look for Poppi, and you can go to rest, until tomorrow..."

"No way! Albert is my grandson! I want to sleep with my grandson tonight! " Aunt Ji refused directly. "From now on, let Poppi not meddle in the matter of Albert. Anyway, Emily will soon be back. I want my grandson to know who his real mother is! What's more, ask Poppi to put aside the business of the company and wait for Emily to take over it. "

Hearing her words, Benson widened his eyes in surprise. Frowning, he looked at his mother and asked, "Mom, what are you doing? Are you going to add insult to injury? "

"I don't know what you are talking about! I just want you to reunite with Emily. Poppi will back to where she is from! There is no need for us to support her son! " Aunt Ji spoke with rage. Then she walked over to Benson and snatched Albert away without any hesitation.

With a hand around Benson's neck, Albert cried even louder.

"Albert, good boy. Let me hug you!" Aunt Ji comforted her grandson. She reached out her hand but was stopped by Benson. He laughed angrily, "Mom, don't go too far! Can't you change your temper all your life? Don't think that the whole world owes you! In the past two years, it is not Ji family who takes care of Duke for Poppi, but Poppi has been taking care of our child for us! "

"So far you are still on her side! Emily will be heartbroken if she comes out! " Shouted Aunt Ji as she reached out to grab Albert's hand again. Fearing that the little one might get hurt, and he might hurt his mother, Benson had no choice but to concede.

Aunt Ji hugged Albert tightly.

"Mommy! I want mommy! Wu... With tears all over his face, Albert stretched out his arm and moved closer to Benson. "Dad, I want mommy!"

"Mommy, stop looking for mommy! Don't call for Mommy again and follow grandma! I will give you the best. " Aunt Ji couldn't help but scold the little boy, feeling sorry for him.

With a burst of tightness in his chest and a sour in his stomach, Benson coughed uncontrollably and said, "Mom, don't say that! You are too extreme! "

"I am just telling the truth!" But Aunt Ji didn't give up. She held Albert in her arms and was about to go upstairs.


After walking a few steps, she suddenly heard the sound of bowls and chopsticks falling on the floor behind her. Aunt Ji was shocked. She looked back and saw Benson coughing up with his stomach in his hands. His face was pale. And the bowl that he had fallen on the floor was already broken into pieces.

"Benson!" With a scream, Aunt Ji came back. She was so scared that her body was trembling. In a hurry, she put Albert down and held Benson, asking, "how are you? Do you have a stomachache? I'll send for a doctor... "

"No! Nothing! " "Mom, it's useless! It's use

go now. There is a notice tomorrow morning." It was getting late, so Dan said goodbye to them with Shirley.

"I'll leave now." Hugh was ready to leave too.

Poppi didn't try to ask them to stay. After asking Albert and Duke to say goodbye to them, she left the villa to see them off.

Dan left first with Shirley. Since Hugh had to go to the airport this night, the driver had been waiting outside.

"Have a nice trip." Poppi said goodbye to Hugh, "the two kids will have another time to see their uncle Su."

"Bring them gifts when I come back next time." Hugh smiled, but did not turn around and get into the car.

"Is there anything else you need to tell me?" Asked Poppi, blinking her eyes.

"Not really." Putting his right hand into his trouser pocket, Hugh replied, "but something like this happened tonight. I think it's better for you to take Duke out of here earlier. I just want to know your plan."

Poppi smiled, "I also think it's better for us to leave early, as I'm preparing now! The affairs in the company have been gradually handed over. By the way, I have finished the work in hand and Emily has almost come back, so we won't be delayed by anything. "

"Then where are you going with Duke?" This was what Hugh was most concerned about. "Well, I happen to be going abroad next month for a while. If you two are free, I can take you two out for relaxation." After saying that, he still thought it might not be a good idea. "Well, I just feel It's good to hang around. I, I don't mean anything else. "

Poppi raised her eyebrows and nodded slightly, "it's good for us to go out and relax, but I'm afraid that if we two go out together, people will gossip about us. After all, you are my best friend. I don't know what those people are thinking about. They still think that there is something fishy between us. "

"Yes, that's right. Good friend. " The light in Hugh's eyes became dim. "If you really want to go abroad, I can take you with me."

"Yes, I understand."

"It's getting late. I have to go,"

Poppi nodded slightly and said, "have a nice trip."

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