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   Chapter 317 A Blind Date Bar

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9669

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"Show me your hands! Here we go!"

"If you forgot your name. Please follow me..."

In a flaming nightclub, the show was on. Everyone on the stage was shaking with the dancers. Men and women were rubbing against each other. Even for the first time, frivolous sparks were produced in the dance.

"Forget about your existence. What are you expecting for?"

Sitting in the booth, Shirley was drinking while singing. Her hair kept throwing violently as she was so excited.

Poppi also sipped the wine. Why did she feel a little noisy for not coming to the bar for such a long time? As for the two kids who had just fallen asleep, she wondered if they had returned home safely

Wendy was a little ill at ease. She wasn't accustomed to such an occasion. However, her body was filled with a sense of insecurity. She enjoyed swaying like the dancers on the dancing floor, neither worried nor sleepy. In this way, she could forget all her unhappiness!

"I'm going to dance. Are there anyone with me?" Shirley drank up the wine in one gulp and stood up.

"I Let me see. " However, Poppi still stood up and asked, "How about you, Wendy?"

"I will go with you!" Wendy hastened to accept, "I... I want to have a try!"

Shirley patted on Wendy's shoulder and said, "okay! That's what our Wendy needs! Let's go. Let's go to dance with Shirley. I'll teach you how to live a happy life as a woman! "

Poppi and Wendy were pulled into the dancing floor by Shirley. The moment they entered the dancing floor, Shirley had already swayed. As a beauty, she attracted a lot of attention in an instant.

"Come on! Dance!" While shaking her arm with the music, Shirley poked Poppi restlessly, "aren't you good at dancing! Come on! Don't be so polite. You are not an old woman. You are a hot woman! "

Poppi giggled and slowly jumped up under the influence of the atmosphere.

"Wendy, how about you?" Shirley moved her sexy eyes to Wendy and leaned her back on her, wriggling her hips.

Wendy laughed, learnt Shirley and acted unfamiliar and shy like a little girl who went out secretly without an adult. She was so different with other girls present.

"Of course he will come. It's your honor to invite happiness here!"

"Happiness could get infected. Please be generous come on!"

The music and atmosphere reached the pinnacle. Wendy was now in a good mood, singing and dancing.

"Haha! Oh no! "

"I haven't done this for a long time. I'm so tired!"

"Wow, I'm free and easy!"

Poppi, Shirley and Wendy went back, shoulder on shoulder. They staggered into the booth. Shirley poured three glasses of wine, "come on, let's have a drink!"

"TSK, TSK! You are so careless and brainless! " Poppi blocked off a glass of wine and poured a glass of juice to Wendy alone, then she said, "Wendy, drink juice!"

After casting a glance at the transparent wine, Wendy said with envy, "I want

ent with alcoholism!"

"I... I don't know!"


"Mr. Barry! "Mr. Barry!" As soon as Barry was about to wave his fist, he was stopped by someone. One of his men, who had been protecting Wendy in secret, ran over to them. He took hold of Barry's hand and said, "Miss Yu is still in the emergency room. Let me lead you there!"

"Hurry up!" Barry frowned and quickly pushed his white gown away. Then he continued to stride upstairs.

"Will she be okay?" Outside the emergency room, Shirley was worried about Wendy very much. She kept turning back and forth without a stop. Originally she was a little drunk, but now she was totally freaked out by Wendy sudden faint.

"She'll be fine. She'll be fine," Poppi's hands were clasped together. Although she tried to comfort Shirley, she had no idea how to feel.

"Wendy! Wendy! "

Suddenly, there was the cry of Barry from the corridor. It was getting closer and closer to them. He turned around and saw a group of anger approaching him. He rushed over and roared to Shirley and Poppi, "what have you done to her? What kind of friend are you?! Didn't you know that she couldn't drink? She is still pregnant. If anything happens to her... "

Slap! Huge sounds of slaps were heard in the corridor, making master Barry change his face and stop talking abruptly. The whole corridor fell into silence again, only the sound of slapping could be heard.

"Mr. Barry!"

"Mr. Barry!"

The people following behind Barry were about to step forward because of fear. But Barry raised his hand to stop them. The thumb rubbed the burning corners of his mouth with his thumb. Barry then raised his bloodthirsty eyes and looked at the furious Shirley.

Poppi took a deep breath. Just now, she just saw Shirley rushed up with a big stride and raised her arm, as if Shirley used up all her strength to slap across the face of Barry. However, she did not have time to stop it.

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