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   Chapter 293 Ten Years In Prison

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9565

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Barry clutched the railing tightly. The joints in his hands began to turn white. He glared at the sea where Malcolm fell without any blink and shouted, "Malcolm!"

When they were on the yacht, Sean and Cora saw that Malcolm jumped off it and fell into the sea, about twenty meters away from the yacht.

"Mr. Mo!" Cora shouted and jumped off the boat unexpectedly. Sean followed her and jumped into the sea in succession.

The second before Malcolm jumped into the sea, he took a deep breath. When he was drowned in the sea, he felt a strong impact to his internal organs. As his body sank a little, he opened his eyes suddenly, waved his arms, and tried to swim upwards.

"Mr. Mo!"

"Mr. Mo!"

Both of them found there seemed to be bubbles on the surface of the water. As expected, with a sound of "bang", Malcolm leaped out of the water with the lifeguard ring. After taking a few deep breaths, he turned around and made a gesture of 'OK' to Cora and Sean.

Everyone was relieved. Sitting on the cruise ship, holding on to the rail, Barry started to shout abuse, "Malcolm! Are you an idiot?! How terrible are you! "

"Mr. Mo!" Sean swam towards Malcolm, and the yacht arrived.

"I'm fine." Malcolm was panting, but he was sober on the whole. Nothing serious. He swam towards the yacht himself without the help of Sean and Cora.

On the cruise ship, Barry stood there, sweating heavily. He did not feel relieved until he saw that Malcolm was pulled up the yacht. At this time, a man came from the medical room, stood behind Barry and said, "Mr. Barry, Miss. Celine has woken up."

His heart was sinking. After looking at the cruise again, Barry turned around and went back with his people. "Withdraw."

"Yes, Mr. Barry."

"Mr. Mo, what do you think? Would you like to have some water first? " Malcolm was lying on the yacht with his head raised. Sean had already taken off the lifering for him.

"Yes." Hearing that, Malcolm answered tiredly. At the same time, Cora handed over the water bottle to Malcolm. Malcolm took the water and poured some water on his face. He rinsed his face and rinsed his mouth. He only drank some water when there was no salt in his mouth. After calming down, he asked, "what about Ye city?"

"Everything is going as you requested." Sean said in a businesslike manner.

"Where is Poppi?" Malcolm suddenly asked.

"Mrs. Mo,"

"She's back to Ye city? Where is she now? Is she okay? " Malcolm sat up and asked nervously.

Lowering his head, Sean pressed his lips and said hesitantly, "Mrs. Mo is indeed back and she called you last night."

"Looking for me? What did she say? " Malcolm almost jumped to his feet, with every cell in his body fretting.

"Mrs. Mo said she would give you two days to meet her. If you didn't come back, the share transfer agreement of Quan Group and..." There was no way Se

ng time and Abner finally came.

"Mr. Shen, please sit down."

"No, thanks. But I need to leave as soon as I finish my work." Then, Abner glanced at others. "I went to the jail and met Miss Emily. I just came back."

"How is it going? Is she okay? " Aunt. Pei asked immediately and others' opinions were out.

Abner said, "Miss. Emily is very good. Everyone took good care of her because of her pregnancy. And she asked me to tell you that she is very good."

"That's good, that's good!" Aunt Ji bowed devoutly with her hands folded.

"What about Emily? Is it serious? " Uncle Pei could not help asking with hesitation, "when can her come out?"

Abner said, "I don't know yet. We have to wait until the case is filed. It's too early to get things straight."

"Did Emily say anything else? Did she have anything to say? "

"Miss Emily said that she had something to tell Poppi." Then Abner turned to look at Poppi.

"Me?" Poppi raised her eyebrows and asked doubtfully, "what's the matter?"

"Well, in order to respect the other party's will, I have to tell you alone, Poppi." Abner then gestured to show Poppi the way to the door, and he continued, "if it's convenient now."

Poppi looked around and nodded, "Okay, I have time now."

"What is it?" Sitting in the lounge, Poppi couldn't help but ask.

"Emily told me that she wanted you to take good care of your mother and her father and Benson. She knows you are the only person who can support yourself now. So she is willing to transfer all her shares to you and let you take care of Pei group. She also hoped that you could take good care of Benson and marry him only in name. "

Poppi suddenly opened her eyes wide and asked, "what does Emily mean?"

Abner took off her golden framed glasses, and her eyes showed a little tired. "Because I've dealt with her. She maybe was sentenced to ten years in prison for her crimes."

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