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   Chapter 234 Prepare For The Funeral

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Malcolm hung up the phone all of a sudden. Then he turned around and ran out in big strides. He rushed to the door and, with a "bang" sound, he opened the door and closed it again. In this way, he disappeared in a hurry.

"Malcolm! I will go with you! " Poppi yelled at Malcolm out of instinct. She hurried to pick up her pace to chase him.

The elevator arrived too slow, and Malcolm ran down the stairs directly. He was so fast that he wished he could fly up now. He had only one belief in his heart: be safe! "Grandma, be safe!

"Malcolm! Malcolm! " When Poppi rushed downstairs, Malcolm was about to start the car. Poppi hurried to open the door and choked unconsciously, "I will go with you, I will go with you!"

"…… Sit tight. "

"Yes, yes!" Through her blurred eyes, Poppi nodded strongly.

Bang! Face turning livid with rage, Malcolm stepped on the gas and the car entered the traffic like an arrow.

There was dead silence in the car. Nobody said a word. Poppi held the safety belt tightly with both hands and was supposed to look at the road ahead, but now it was getting more and more blurred and her lower abdomen was aching No, at this moment, how could she mess up? 'I have to endure it. I still don't know how Granny and Celine are now I must bear it'

Malcolm drove the car at a high speed. His car went wild even in the downtown area. He scraped a few cars and ran several red lights But he still thought it was too late! It's too slow!

The car stopped and turned sharply, which made Poppi feel extremely uncomfortable, not only the pain in her stomach, but also the feeling of vomiting. But she also felt the speed was slow, and she said in her heart, 'hurry up, hurry up...'



"Grandma! Can you hear me? "

"Miss. Celine!"

At this moment, on the foot of the Panshan Road, the shouts were continuously being heard, including the rescue team of Cora group. The search team had been looking for them for more than twenty minutes. Although it was winter and there was no tree that could block the view, Grandma and Celine didn't wear bright clothes. They didn't know where they were. It would take them some time to find them.

"Cora, the doctor has arrived. You should have the surgery as soon as possible! We can look for them. " One of the bodyguards stepped forward and said.

The clothes on Cora's arms and back had been soaked with blood. Her face was pale, and her lips seemed to be covered with a layer of white. She was weak, but her eyes were still firm. "No! If I can't find Grandma, I will die for it. I can't go! "


"There is no 'but'." Brows furrowed, Cora went on searching. "I'm fine We can go after Grandma is back. "

The bodyguard had no choice but to nod as Cora insisted. "Okay, all right!"

"Yes! I saw them! "

A few minutes later, an excited voice was heard at the foot of the mountain. All the people who heard the voice got excited and ran to that direction.

"Grandma!" Hearing that, Cora felt a little relieved. She ran to

times, and every minute and second was suffering.

Everyone stared at the light carefully, afraid that they would miss the moment when it turned green.

Poppi stood behind with her hands covering on her belly. Her body bent slightly and her belly was fulling. She was so tired that she wanted to sleep now

"It's bright!"

Not knowing how long had passed, Barry shouted all of a sudden, with uncontrollable excitement in his voice, "the surgery light is on! The operation is over! "

Soon after, the door of the operating room was pushed open and several doctors came out with masks.

The others stepped forward at once. "How is it going? What do you think? "

"Who had the surgery? Is everything okay? "

"Grandma, how is grandma?"

The doctor looked around and took off her mask slowly. "The surgery has been completed and grandma is still in the treatment room But we have tried our best. "


Tears suddenly rushed out from Poppi's eyes. She grabbed the doctor by the sleeve and stood on the edge of collapse, shouting wildly, "what do you mean?! What do you mean? What did it mean! Where's grandma? Where is my grandmother?! Give her back to me Give it back to me! "

Malcolm trembled with fear. His expression was exactly the opposite to what Poppi's. His heart sank as well. He clenched his teeth and mumbled, "grandma How is it going? "

"The old lady is old. She might have suffered brain bleeding as she was hit when she fell down the hill." After a pause, the doctor continued, "it can't be repaired The only thing we can do now is to take a shot and get you two to accompany her to finish the last journey. Then, please prepare for the funeral at once. "

"Grandma..." Poppi shouted lightly. Suddenly, there was not enough blood supply in her brain so the scene in front of her went black. Her body lost its support and fell down with a loud bang.

"Poppi! Poppi! "

Before Poppi completely fell into a coma, she only heard two cries from Malcolm.

Grandma, please don't leave us

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