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   Chapter 232 Blocking The Way

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With a blush on her face, Shirley was ashamed into anger and ashamed. She rolled her eyes at Abner and said reluctantly, "Hey, I'm sorry for what happened last time! I was too drunk. I didn't mean to puke. You Don't get me wrong. "

"Of course not." "Is your foot okay?" Abner said indifferently, Abner push Shirley away from himself as he saw from the corner of his eyes that Dan was glaring at him

"It doesn't matter." Shirley waved her hand, but she felt that Abner's arm was trembling. She was in a good mood and suddenly leaned forward. She drew circles on Abner's chest and deliberately smiled at Abner. In a sweet voice, she said, "Hello, thank you, Mr. Shen."

"What do you want to do?" asked Abner as he took back his body. His muscles were tightened up again

"Haha..." Shirley couldn't help but laugh out loud. With red lips and white teeth, Shirley almost laughed out loud in front of Abner, regardless of her grace as a lady. She said while laughing, "Mr. Shen is still so lovely!"

"You..." But when Abner heard what Shirley said, Abner looked a little annoyed. Abner pushed her away again.

At the sight of this, Dan got nervous and held onto Shirley promptly. Shirley patted her chest and said, "Thanks God! It's so dangerous..."

"Don't make such a joke." Abner frowned and snorted, as if Shirley was a child who made a mistake. Abner passed by Shirley and strode forward.

Shirley pouted and then stuck out her tongue. "I was just kidding. Why are you angry again?"

With a deep look at Shirley, Dan darkened his face. He took her arm and said, "let's go. I'll help you out. They left too quickly just now. That's good for your health."

"Thank you, Dan." Shirley leaned most of her body against Dan and followed Abner.

"Don't make such a joke again." While walking out, Dan also reprimanded Shirley, "in case of being found by reporters, they will make a big fuss, which will have a bad impact on Mr. Shen."

"Okay, okay, listen to you, from now on, I will be good!" Shirley made a gesture of salute which made Dan burst into laughter.

At Imperial Tang Yard.

Poppi, Malcolm, grandma, Celine and Cora stood outside and carried many bags of things to the car.

She had made up her mind to leave here and come back home at dusk, so that she could have a good rest tonight.

"Grandma, please let Cora inform us of your safety when you go back." Poppi couldn't help but tell her again and again.

"Okay, I know! You little turtle is still so long winded, now so long winded, what should we do in the future? " The old lady waved her hand, "it's so cold outside. Come in with Malcolm! We are leaving now! "

"Grandma, you need to call me if anything happens." Malcolm also urged.

"Okay, okay, I got it!" She waved her hand, turned around and got into the car.

Celine had already sat in the

old lady pouted and said to Celine, "look! That's what you said to be steady! She is so boring!"

Smiling, Celine turned to look out the window. "Grandma, are we going up the mountain now? Wow, it's so beautiful! There are still snowflakes outside! "

"Yeah, it's natural. It's much better than the buildings in cities." The old lady also looked out of the window. The car was beginning to climb the mountain. The mountain in the distance was covered with a little white, which looked pure and purified her heart.


However, when he turned to the third circle, the car suddenly stopped. Celine and grandma dodged. When Celine raised her head, she saw a car in the middle of the road.

"What happened?" The old lady asked.

"I'm sorry, my lady!" "The car in front of us got in the middle of the road and we didn't see the car just now. It was at the turn," the driver said with regret

"In the middle? Is there an accident? " The old lady took a look and said, "Cora, let's go down to have a look."

"Yes, sir!" Hearing that, Cora nodded, opened the door and got out of the car. She walked to the car, chatted with the young female driver for a while, and then turned back. She reported to the old lady through the window, "grandma, the car has broken down. The woman driver is waiting to repair the car."

"So we can't get past it?" The old lady was a little unhappy.

"It seems so," Cora said helplessly. "But if we can push her car a little further and turn the direction, we can pass."

"Then just push it away? Do you want us to wait here? How long do we have to wait? " She added.

"…… Okay. " Cora answered and went to the car behind. She called out three bodyguards and took a cart with them.

The driver looked out of the window and said, "Grandma, please sit back. I'll move the car backwards."

"Wait a minute. Can I go out first?" Celine said excitedly.

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