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   Chapter 231 Video Scandal

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9822

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No one knew how long it would take before a long winter passed, but people seemed to have got used to the cold, maybe this was the power of habit.

In the last two days, grandma had been busy with the matter of going back to the mountain. Actually, Poppi wanted to stop her at first, but now that Malcolm had already agreed with it, she didn't say anything more. The only reason why Poppi didn't know this was that Celine was willing to go up the mountain. Now she felt much relieved. Because in the past two days, Malcolm seemed to treat Celine differently. But Malcolm and Celine seemed to be hiding something from her. This recognition made Poppi a little uneasy. Poppi tried to warn herself not to think too much but she could not stop thinking. Instead, she could not sleep well. She wanted to ask Malcolm for several times, but the words were still on the tip of her tongue.

She could not believe what herself had thought. Did she want to be on guard against Celine after listening Wendy's words?

If something bad happened to Poppi, then it must be bad for Shirley. In the past few days, Shirley was on the front page of daily newspaper. It was a peculiar video that inspired her to become the focus.

"Recently, a rumor has been released online. It was claimed that the heroine of the video was the international supermodel named Shirley. Shirley Qiao, from Ye city, has once been the champion of golden silk international model competition, and then signed contract with Entertainment Group Limited, long-term overseas development. Last year, he was ranked the fifth place on top 50 model website in America... "

The Internet was full of news. Before going on the plane, Shirley had read the headlines. She was so angry that she even didn't sit tight, and her stomach couldn't help aching. In the video, a woman who looked like Shirley was half covering her hair and her clothes were half exposed. Her hands scratched her body and groaned. A few seconds later, a man entered the video and pressed the woman

At an independent VIP lounge of Ye city International Airport, Shirley was brought here by Dan as soon as she got off the plane. This time, she came back with a lot of people. There were ten people present, including three assistants, five bodyguards and five bodyguards.

"How is it going? Does your belly still hurt? " Dan was a little anxious. Dan helped Shirley to sit down and asked the assistant to get some hot water for her.

"It hurts." Shirley pouted and cried, "I'm getting my period. I must be so angry that I have a stomachache this time."

"It doesn't matter. The doctor is on his way! Don't worry. I'll be here with you. " Dan comforted Shirley in a gentle voice and touched her head. Dan felt angry and sorry for her. As far as she knew, Shirley never cared about others' appearance except for her daughter. Today, she told others that she had a stomachache. Even if it was true, she just

"after Shirley recovers, let's go through the VIP passage."

"Okay, I'll drop by your company."

While they were chatting, the doctor came over and checked Shirley's body. It was nothing serious. Perhaps it was her psychological pressure, and it was her menstrual period. She just needed to have more rest.

Then Shirley headed for the exclusive VIP passage and left with the crowd. In order not to be discovered by the paparazzi outside, the group of people moved very fast, with a few bodyguards leading the way, and a few security guards arranged by the airport behind them.

Shirley still felt a little uncomfortable, but said nothing. She covered her stomach and tried to follow everyone.

Following behind them, Abner was surprised to see Shirley's action. He thought girls with bright colors like them should be very delicate


While walking, Shirley suddenly screamed and leaned aside softly.

Subconsciously, Abner reached out to hold Shirley's waist in case she fell down. Shirley finally managed to grab a support, and hooked Abner's neck at the moment of powerlessness.

The whole action happened for only two seconds, but it looked like a warm hug. Shirley threw herself into Abner's arms, getting close to each other, breathing and smelling.

"Shirley!" Dan turned around. When he saw that Shirley was fine, he breathed a sigh of relief. Obviously, he felt a little uncomfortable when Abner held her.

"Uh..." Shirley frowned and whimpered in pain.

Abner was very nervous. Abner put his arms around Shirley's waist to feel her heartbeat, but there was cold sweat on his forehead. Abner asked stiffly, "are... Are you all right?"

"No, I just sprained my ankle." Shirley was a little shocked.

Abner breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, he thought that Shirley was not a delicate woman and unexpectedly had a sprain.

"Nothing." "It's okay as long as you don't want to vomit," said Abner in a low voice

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