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   Chapter 229 Clear Your Position

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"You are back, little turtle! It's so early. Let's have dinner now. " She said calmly. Poppi nodded and sighed that she must think too much just now.

Poppi changed her shoes and walked into the living room. "Celine, since your foot is injured, you don't need to cook. I'll do the rest! In the future, if I come back late, I will hire an hour's work. Or you can hire a nanny. "

"It's okay. My feet are fine. I have learned two new dishes and want grandma and Malcolm to have a taste. " Celine put the dished on the table and continued, "I feel uneasy staying here. I can only feel reassured by having more things to do."

"Don't worry." Poppi hurried over and helped Celine sit down, "I'll do the rest!"

"Yes, don't worry. This is your home." She said with a smile.

"Thank you, grandma!" Celine put on a sweet smile and reached out to hold the old lady's hand.

The old lady slightly nodded her head, patted the back of Celine's hand, looked up at Poppi and asked, "little turtle, the dishes are almost ready. When will Malcolm come back? You can call him and ask if he will come back for dinner or not."


"Let me do it, grandma!"

When Poppi was finished, she was interrupted by Celine. Cheerfully, Celine took out her phone and called Malcolm. While waiting for the answering, she held the phone up in front of the old lady. "Grandma, is this Malcolm's phone number?"

"…… Yes. "

Poppi's hand hung in the air slightly and she was stunned and forgot to move. After a few seconds, Poppi suddenly turned around and left. Her eyes were gloomy as she said, "I'll go to the kitchen to check out..."

The old lady shook her head reluctantly while watched Poppi.

Beep, beep, beep

When Malcolm was working in his office, his phone rang. He took a look at the number and picked it up. "Hello? This is Malcolm. "

"Hi, it's me, Malcolm." Celine bit her lips and said shyly. She sounded desperate.

"……" Malcolm frowned and wondered who was that voice? oh It was Celine!

"Malcolm, why don't you say anything?"

"Oh, nothing." Malcolm frowned, "what are you calling for?"

"I just want to ask when you'll be back for dinner. I've already prepared it!" Celine's voice was always sweet and soft.

Hearing this, Malcolm felt a little uncomfortable and asked, "Why are you calling me? Hasn't Poppi come back yet? "

"She just came back and she is still here." While Celine was on the phone, she looked around and asked, "then, will you come back, Malcolm?"

"Okay, I'll leave you to the dinner. I have work to finish. That's it. Bye. " Malcolm hung up the phone without mercy.

The phone was hung up all of a sudden. When Celine was about to call him, she couldn't help but hang up.

"What did Malcolm say?" The old lady asked.

"Well, Malcolm, you have to work hard and take care of yourself!" The phone had been hung up long ago. When Celine finished h

Hearing his voice, Celine immediately turned around.

Different from her expression, after recognizing who it was, Malcolm stopped looking at her and said coldly, "it's you. Why don't you go to bed?"

"I'm waiting for you!" Celine limped to Malcolm and reached out her hand to take off his coat.

"What are you doing? !" Malcolm grabbed Celine's wrist and frowned.

"I just I just want to help you take off your coat. By the way, are you hungry, Malcolm? " Celine struggled and said, "let go of me. You're hurting me."

Malcolm let go of Celine's hand coldly. "No, thanks. I've had dinner in the company. Besides, I can change my clothes by myself. You don't have to work so hard. "

"I'm not tired! I... "

"I just don't want to cause any misunderstanding to Poppi." Malcolm interrupted Celine impatiently. "Okay, you can live here, but I want you to know where you are. Don't do anything unless you need to. We'd better keep a distance."

Celine asked in disbelief. "My position? Malcolm, what's my position? "

"You know it." Malcolm cast a glance at Celine. Then Malcolm turned around and left.

"Where's the dog? Malcolm, where's the dog? " Celine suddenly yelled at Malcolm.

Malcolm paused, but didn't turn around, "what dog?"

"The Kiki you're talking about, what is the relationship between The dog 8 years ago? " Celine was about to cry.

"You..." Malcolm couldn't help turning around, "you recognized it?"

"I just think they look similar. Is it a coincidence? Eight years ago, that little dog was also as big as Kiki. " Staring at Malcolm's eyes, Celine shouted, "are you going to take away everything that belongs to me and give them to my sister? Malcolm, please don't do that to me, even if you don't like me anymore! This is my last memory! "

Hearing this, Malcolm's Adam's apple rolled and his hard heart cracked a little. It was a long time before he spoke slowly and heavily, "I'm sorry."

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