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   Chapter 228 Watch Out For Celine

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"You know what? You know everything, right? " Emily interrupted Benson, "I felt something wrong after I had dinner with my parents last time. It was just a coincidence, wasn't it?"

"What?" Benson frowned.

"The relationship between Poppi and my mother..." "I happened to know that too," said Emily, staring into Benson's eyes

With eyes shrinking, Benson calmed down for a few seconds and then asked, "did your mother tell you that?"

"Kind of. I overheard their conversation and then told me everything." Emily snorted, "how ironic..."

"Are you going to tell the truth to Poppi?" Benson was a little nervous and felt unbelievable.

"Let's wait and see. After all, it's too much to say to Poppi." Emily glanced at Benson, "you almost become my brother-in-law!"

Benson said with a stern face "What are you thinking about?! I don't know what you are talking about. So tell me what you are doing here today. "

"Nothing. I just heard that you came to the periodical office as soon as you came back. So I come here to have a look." Emily also changed the topic. "You shouldn't work so hard if you are not in good health. It's not late to talk about it later."

"I came back to handle some urgent affairs. I'll be home soon. It's all right." After those words, Benson asked, "by the way, have all your belongings been moved to my place?"

"…… Yes. " Emily answered in a low voice, feeling a little shy.

"Are we going out to have dinner or at home tonight?" Benson asked casually. Hearing the word "home", Emily felt warm in her heart. But

"Go home for dinner? Will you cook for me? " Emily laughed and said, "I won't do it anyway."

Hearing that, Benson was speechless for a moment. He touched his nose and said, "you're right. I can't cook either. We'd better eat outside."

"Well, let's go to my mother's place together with Poppi to avoid unnecessary trouble." Emily brought up the old stories again.

Benson's hand paused. "It depends on Poppi. If you really want her to do it, you can ask her. I have something else to ask you. "

"What is it?"

"The stock price of Pei group has risen too fast. It's abnormal. What's going on?" Benson asked directly. Under the tendency of slump, it was obvious that Pei group's stock price was growing so fast and abnormal. Someone must have done something behind it.

And he didn't want such reason to be attributed to Emily.

Emily pursed her lips and pouted. Emily opened and shut her mouth, unspeaking.

Benson looked at Emily from head to toe and thought Emily might have some scruples about himself. He sighed and quickly said, "I don't want to get involved in the affairs of the Pei group. Don't misunderstand me. I just..."

"No! No! " Emily interrupted Benson, "I just think that you will blame me."

"What's wrong?" Benso

ur Wendy has made some progress." Poppi touched Wendy's hair. Kiki reached out its little hand and patted Poppi on the arm as if Kiki was asking for favor. Understanding what Kiki meant, Poppi pat on Kiki's head again to calculate.

Wendy thought of something and asked, "Poppi, what is Miss. Celine' character? Yes Aggressive? "

"Well, she was very clingy when she was a child, but later, I became more and more assertive." "She's still like a child in front of me. If she couldn't do anything well, I had to solve it myself," Poppi added Then Poppi looked at Wendy and asked, "Wendy, why do you ask this?"

"I just..." Wendy furrowed her brows and said, "I just feel that Miss. Celine ..."

That weird smile and those false accusations Wendy still couldn't believe it. Was it because Celine was too scared at that time that she spoke without thinking?

"What's wrong?"

"Poppi You have to be on watch out for Celine. " Wendy finally made up her mind and worried about Poppi. "Miss. Celine is horrible. Even if Poppi will blame me, I have to say that I am stupid and childish, but My feeling is right. Poppi. Maybe Miss. Celine has changed a lot after she woke up? You must protect yourself well! "

Poppi's face turned cold. She couldn't believe what she had heard and wanted to retort Wendy. However, she failed to defend herself after several attempts. Because in her heart, she felt that Celine had changed too

Poppi didn't know how she managed to get home. When she opened the door, she saw a big smile on Celine's face.

Celine smiled, "You come back so early, sister? The dinner is ready and we can have dinner when Malcolm comes back. "

Poppi saw the old lady sitting at the table expectantly and it seemed that she had seen it before. It was just that Celine and her had exchanged their roles.

Just be watch out for Celine Watch out for her?

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