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   Chapter 224 Raise The Stakes

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Malcolm sat up straight with his eyebrows knitted, his long fingers pressed on the table and his lips pressed together, his eyes staring at the cards in the dealer's hand. He had already received a good card, the 10 of spades.

Immediately after, Benson got an A. whether to press "1" or "11" was up to himself. Now, Hugh got a 3 card. Thus, he would be going to get a third card anyway.

"Next, we'll start to distribute the second cards."

The host, who acted as the temporary dealer, pressed the cards against the table, then distributed them to the three people in order, and then pressed the cards under them.

With a shrug, Hugh was the first to show his second card. "Take a look at my card first."

All the people in the room turned to look at Hugh. They saw that he slowly turned a corner of the cards and the numbers on it gradually appeared


While everyone was holding their breath and wondering what to do, Hugh interrupted himself and turned his card down. He looked at Malcolm and Benson and asked, "how about raise the stakes?"

There was a lot of hiss from the crowd, and Poppi also felt quite depressed as if she was riding a roller coaster.

"What else do you want to add?" Malcolm ground his teeth and said.

"By the way, I want to spend the whole night with Poppi." Hugh took a look at Poppi opposite him, stretched out the other hand, made a gesture of flying kiss, and leered at her. Poppi's face suddenly turned red.

Hearing that, Malcolm's face was as dark as the night. Turning his head around, he fixed his sharp eyes on Hugh and said, "don't push your luck!"

"Well, I'd like to add one!"

As the saying goes, watching the bustle does not make the situation big, Benson pointed his flexible fingers on the table. He did not take what Malcolm just threatened seriously, leisurely said, "if I win, can Mr. Mo grant me a request?"

"The stake is getting bigger and bigger." Shirley clicked her tongue and said in a low voice, "I wonder what tricks Benson is playing again. Is it possible for him to let Malcolm send you out?"

Poppi was surprised but she knew that what Shirley said was impossible.

"What request?" Malcolm narrowed his eyes. Of course he heard what Shirley said and also thought it was impossible.

Looking at Malcolm's badge, Benson pleaded, "Mr. Mo, please make Poppi to live happily ever after."

When the words came out, all the people were shocked. But as for Hugh, he was the only one whose mouth twitched violently at the sight of him. "Benson. You're too dishonest. How could it be called a request? You make me look like a hooligan who takes advantage of him. "

"Hypocrite!" Shirley hummed indignantly. In her eyes, as Benson had abandoned Poppi, his image in her heart would never be changed. No matter what he did, he was the one who abandoned Poppi when she was in difficulty.

Malcolm's face darkened with displeasure. He sneered, "do you really need to make a request?"

Ignoring the sarcasm o

front of him.

"How much?"

"It's past 17 ,"

"Twenty one?"

With this, Benson turned over his card and spoke in a happy voice, "spade 8, 19."

"It is so close!"

"Should he win?"

"Wow, it's your first time here! You are so lucky! " With Hugh's eyes fixed on the cards of Benson.

Malcolm was a little unsure. Just then, when their eyes met, Poppi suddenly opened her mouth and made a gesture of "come on", Malcolm nodding his head with a smile.

"I'm fine." "Who's the next?" Benson asked

"Well. Me! I can't wait to have a look. " Heaving a sigh, Hugh rubbed his hands and stretched the cards in his hands towards the front of the table. He mumbled, "five, five, five..."

The number slowly appeared

"Damn it! It's seven! " Hugh said sullenly, throwing the cards out. Then he continued, "I am done The game is over... "

With her hand on her forehead, Shirley said, "Oh, it's over. Our boss sold us as a free labor."

Malcolm smiled, "so, it's my turn?"

Benson quickly turned his eyes to the other side. Although he hoped to give his shares to Poppi, in terms of the game alone, he hoped he could win.

Poppi was so frightened that she dared not to blink her eyes.

Almost having no expression on his face, Malcolm pressed his thin lips tightly and didn't make any exaggerated motion. He just raised his hand and turned the card over slowly, deciding the winner slowly.

"Heart A!"

The croupier suddenly shouted. The inconceivable voice spread through the whole cabin, even Poppi found it inconceivable.

Hearing that, Malcolm only breathed a sigh of relief. With a smile, he said, "thank you."

"Did you cheat?" Hugh pounded the table, stood up and ran to find the cards in front of Malcolm. "Let me find the cards!"

Malcolm opened his hands and let Hugh turn it over and over without caring about it at all. However, his eyes fell on Poppi.

Poppi said and gave a thumbs up to Malcolm.

At that moment, his whole world was full of sunshine.

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