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   Chapter 223 Gambling For The First Dance

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Poppi was relaxed when she was singing, and after she finished, her voice sounded like she was drunk. There was a burst of applause. Poppi slightly bent and bowed. When she raised her head, she felt several extremely hot sight. And she only looked at Malcolm.

"I can sing songs for you all my life."

The childish voice of Poppi echoed in his mind, and Benson still felt a little sting in his heart.

But today's songs didn't fit the scene. But today's scene didn't fit his mood.

Not aware of it, Benson took a sip of the cocktail and looked away.

The band on the deck began to play again. Different from the exciting music just now, it made the passengers blow up.

On the other side, Poppi walked to Malcolm and gently lifted her hand and kissed him. They looked just like a perfect match.

"You once had." "I'm envious and hateful because I've never been able to get her like you." there was a tang of mockery in Hugh's voice and then Hugh hummed and laughed to Benson.

"It's good that you didn't get it. Otherwise, the pain of losing it will break your heart." Benson said, "I thought you got a chance. But now she had be Malcolm's the earlier."

"The earlier, the earlier?" Hugh shook his head. "If there is any chance, I would like to have a try. But unfortunately, I'm so silly to bid fairly for Malcolm. The result He've been married to Poppi for so many years. I'm not interested in her at all. "

"What did you say? !" Benson couldn't help raising his voice, "having been married for years? Then why did you say that Malcolm and Poppi have been married for so many years? "

Hugh looked Benson up and down and asked in disbelief, "what? Don't you know yet? "

"I, I only heard from Malcolm that they got married." With a pale face, Benson asked immediately, "when did they get married?" He didn't think about it at all. He just thought of it as the name of Malcolm for Poppi after they got married or the plan for their wedding being put on the agenda. What's more, they had just got married But he didn't expect that Hugh would say that they had been married for a long time! No, he had a swell head

Hugh nodded with a light of comprehension, "Oh, I remembered it. No wonder you didn't know about it. You deserve it."

"What's wrong?" Benson shouted in a panic.

"Malcolm and Poppi have been married for three years." Hearing what harrow said, Hugh told him in a light tone, "since you went abroad four years ago, Poppi was in trouble. Half a year later, she got married to Malcolm. She has sold her marriage and shares, and Malcolm has to help her pay off debts. Only in this way can she live a happy life as she is now. "

Buzz! Hearing that, Benson's heart twitched all of a sudden. They had gotten married three years ago! Poppi and Malcolm had been married for a long time!

It turned out that he was no match for Malcolm four years ago. He destroyed Poppi and Malcolm saved Poppi.

It turned out that she had been married for a long time, but she married for survival

"They have agre

ng time. Now, prepare the table and stage props! "

The cruise ship's people were all attracted by the scene and they all wanted to see it.

The arc-shaped gambling table was soon carried upstairs. The host acted as the temporary croupier, who was responsible for dealing cards. Malcolm and Hugh sat on the left and right opposite of the croupier. Poppi was still in a daze. She stood beside Shirley in a daze.

"Everyone is here. Count me in."

Benson's voice came from behind the crowd. Poppi looked up and saw him walking out of the crowd. He was still in his appearance, but looked much weaker than before.

"What are you doing here?" Looking back at him, Hugh asked, "have you ever played it?"

Sitting on the other side of Malcolm, Benson shook his head and said, "I haven't played it before, but I want to have a try."

"Very much welcome this brave man!" The host sounded more excited, "is there anyone else who wants to take part in the competition now?"

Hearing that, Malcolm's face fell. Three people were not enough, and he even wanted to overturn the table to ask if anyone would take part in the banquet!

"Isn't three enough?" Malcolm ordered in a sullen voice.

"Haha Enough, enough! " The croupier smiled awkwardly. "Then we shall begin!"

"I will distribute cards to the three men in turn. One card is faced up, and the other is card down. If the two cards are combined to 21, the winner will be determined. If the points are more than 21, the winner will be determined to lose. If the two cards adding less than 16, the dealer can ask one more card. If the number is more than 16, but if the number is less than 21, they will no longer longer longer distribute the cards, which is closest to 21The cards placed on the table will win. A and a can be considered as 1 or 11, and the j, Q, and K can all be counted as 10. " After exchanging the rules, the dealer dealt the cards without any objection.

"I'm a little nervous." Shirley whispered.

Poppi also nodded and looked at Malcolm.

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