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   Chapter 222 Only Want

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Amanda's voice was so calm and indifferent, as if it had contained the memories of her past life. It was an era when she was young and promising, but suffered the pain of losing her husband without any reason.

Emily had never heard such a real and close story. She had never thought that her mother would have such an experience when she was young.

"You have never held Poppi after giving birth to her?" Emily couldn't believe it, "Mom, don't you want to see her? She was born after ten months of pregnancy. How could you be so heartless as not to see her? Why didn't you hold her in your arms? "

Tears streamed down Amanda's face, and she cried silently, which made people feel more pitiful.

"A piece of meat fell from my body, how can I not feel heartache?" Aunt. Pei choked with sobs. "But the more I feel sorry for her, the more I don't want to leave, the more I can't take a look at her I'm afraid. I don't want to leave at all. I'm afraid that I can't put her down once I hold her in my arms. After all, I'm heartless. Only in this way can I completely break up with her, but now I regret it... "

Scratching her hair, Emily had mixed feelings. All of a sudden, she felt sorry for Poppi

"Benson, do you know how much I envied Poppi?"

"It's Poppi who should envy you."

The conversation between Benson and her flashed through her mind. At that moment, Emily came to realize a bold possibility. Did Benson know everything? Otherwise, why did he say so?

"What do you want now?" Emily calmed down and asked.

Recently, Poppi's father had just passed away. According to her mother's words, she had understood the meaning of taking her back. But what would Poppi react? Could she really admit a mother for a person who was abandoned at the very beginning?

"Emily, what do you think?" Uncle Pei said at this time, "now that you know the present situation, you have the right to get involved. Anyway, my attitude is that if I want to admit Poppi, I also agree. I also want to make up for my hurt to her. " At that time, he could have made Amanda marry with Poppi, but he didn't. although he did the right thing, now it seemed that he was indeed a little unkind.

"Emily? Okay? " Aunt. Pei asked.

"It doesn't matter whether I am fine or not." Emily shook her head, "the point is that whether Poppi wants to recognize you as her mother or not."

Her words shattered Aunt. Pei's hope that she had just been promoted.

Emily didn't want to hurt her mother anymore, so she said quickly, "but Poppi is a good person, so we still have a chance."

"Really?" Aunt. Pei's eyes brightened up and she smiled, "so, do you agree with her?"

"I It needs some time to digest. " Emily lowered her head and said, "it's too shocking for me."

At noon in Bali Island, they were more enthusiastic.

At this time, all the tourist groups, including Poppi, Malcolm, Benson, Hugh and Shirley, had set out and boarded the cruise ship out of the sea.

"We're almost there," Malcolm put a life jacket on Poppi, "take banana boat first. It's very exciting.

encourage the crowd to find a volunteer.

"Here!" Hearing this, Shirley was excited. She suddenly stood up, rushed to Poppi and pulled her up. She said in the same language as the band master, "she can! Can we sing the national song? "

"Of course! We can listen to any song you like! "

There was a burst of cheers on the ship. Being a little shy, Poppi whispered, "Shirley, you bastard! Let me sing every time!"

"Because it's enjoyable to listen to you singing." Shirley pushed Poppi forward regardless of anything. Poppi looked at Malcolm in bewilderment, but his eyes were filled with expectation. "Go ahead. I want to hear you sing, too."

She seemed to have seen a beam of light, which made her no longer flinch. Poppi nodded her head and came to the band. She took the microphone from Shirley and continued, "sing a slow song for all the audience. I hope everyone here will be happy."

The second round of applause broke the silence.

Poppi cleared her throat and picked up the microphone. Her clear voice poured out from her throat, "I want to see your smile, quarrel with you, hug you into my arms..."

Benson and Hugh had stopped eating. As if only Poppi could be seen in their eyes.

The voice of Poppi was so ethereal on the sea, and the saxophone of the hand was blown with waves, which was even more beautiful.

Malcolm didn't know how to describe the Poppi now. The dress was flying and her hair was flying. She slightly closed her eyes and continued to sing as a whisper. All of a sudden, Poppi opened her eyes and looked in the direction of Malcolm, "it's good you just have go with me once. I'll take you to see the heaven and the earth, laughing happily in such a sunny day Do you know my only wish? "

"I think Mr. Mo should sing this song for Poppi." Seeming to be intoxicated with her song, Shirley spoke.

Malcolm slightly raised the corners of his mouth. Yes, he wanted to see the smile on Poppi's face, watch her make a scene, and accompany her till the end of the world. These were all what he wanted.

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