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   Chapter 220 The Truth Was Hard To Accept

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Emily parked the car in the villa and went upstairs with her bag. She wondered what her parents were doing now Thinking of this, Emily walked towards the door of the living room while looking for her parents in the courtyard.

"Come on. Why are you crying all of a sudden? The TV was all turned off. What happened just now was all old stories. Didn't Malcolm clear it for her? Poppi is in a good time, it is enough, now? "

Before they reached the door, she heard her father's loud voice with a hint of anger. Emily was sensitive enough to hear the word 'Poppi', so she stopped his steps. For some reason, she suddenly squatted at the door and carefully listened in secret.

'why did dad and mom start talking about Poppi?

Emily's heart clenched. She didn't want to admit that she had been proud all her life except in front of Benson and Poppi. She felt inferior in front of Benson because she liked Benson, and she felt inferior in front of Poppi because Benson liked her.

When everyone around her began to take sides with Poppi, she would feel more and more scared

Therefore, she could have pushed the door open and asked them why they were talking about Poppi. But because of the barrier in her heart, she could not help becoming a eavesdropping.

"But..." Aunt. Pei choked with sobs and said in broken words, "what Malcolm said is right. I am an unqualified mother Wu... But I can't She will be an object of public denunciation. "

Since Emily couldn't hear what she said clearly, Emily thought she had misheard the words' unqualified mother '?

"If anyone is wrong, it's me," Uncle Pei sighed, "at that time, I insisted on taking you away. I I thought with those shares, Poppi could live a good life. I don't want you to think of Andrew again when you are looking at Poppi, so Amanda, it's my fault. "

The more Emily heard, the more confused she became. Who was Andrew?

Aunt. Pei shook her head and cried hard, "it's all my fault It's all my fault I am too ashamed to see her! I don't know she had suffered so much. Over the years, of course I thought she had a good life. Of course I thought her uncle would treat her well But she was involved in the death of Wayne! I hate myself! I hate! "

While waiting outside the door, Emily was more and more frightened, as if her parents were talking about something terrible. It's about Poppi! It seemed that her mother had something to do with Poppi! Thinking of the condition of her mother when she met Poppi for the first time, Emily seemed to feel that there was a mist in front of her. She was vague. As long as she got through the chaos in front of her, the truth would be there, and she was so close to the truth

"What can we do? Don't you agree with Malcolm? " Uncle Pei patted on Amanda's shoulder and comforted her, "since that's the case, just do it for her in secret. It's useless to think too much. It's

ted, "your foot hasn't recovered yet. The doctor said that you can't get out of bed in a week. What are you doing now?! Huh? "

Celine turned around with the spade in her hand and gave Barry a sweet smile. "Here you are? It's okay. My feet don't hurt if I don't use too much strength. Dinner will be ready in a minute. Go and get ready to eat! "

"I'm not hungry." Barry said with a cold face and walked two steps forward. He grabbed the tools in her hand before she turned around, bent down and lifted Celine from the ground heavily.

Celine didn't know why she was held by Barry in the air.

"Let me take you upstairs." Biting his lips, Barry walked outside and ordered the servants, "go and cook the meal. Call the doctor up."

"Yes, Mr. Barry."

Resting her head on Barry's chest, Celine looked like a timid rabbit, and asked tentatively, "are you angry, Barry?"

"I just don't want you to get hurt again," said Barry, snorting

With a slight smile, Celine leaned her head towards the chest of Barry and said, "I'm so happy that you don't have to worry about me."

There was a burst of fragrance in his nose, and Barry almost lost his breath. But he still drew back without being noticed by her.

"Barry, how is Wendy? Was she frightened that day? I didn't blame her. I was too careless. "

After they entered the bedroom, Barry put Celine down gently on the bed. He heard her words and said, "take care of yourself. Don't care about others!"


Then Celine leaned her body forward. At that moment, Barry bent over and was close to her. Thus, she slightly wiped Barry's face with her lips and kissed him.

Though it was a fleeting moment, both of them blushed.

"I... I'll go and see if the doctor has come or not!" Getting up from the coach, Barry was about to leave the room, with his ears a little hot.

Celine looked at the back of Barry, and touched her lips with a triumphant smile.

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