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   Chapter 215 I Want To Leave The Hospital

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9899

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At the headquarter of Hongmen Sect, Ye city.

"Barry, food is ready!" Wendy, wearing an apron, stood in front of the elevator on the second floor. "Breakfast is ready. It's already nine o'clock. Come down to have breakfast!"

"…… oh Okay! " After a while, a sluggish reply came from upstairs. With a casual sound of slippers on the ground, Barry went downstairs, only in a bath towel. His eyes were hazy, and he scratched his own hair and asked, "what time is it?"

"It's already nine o'clock," Wendy noticed that Barry's upper body and her went red. She immediately looked away, turned around and ran downstairs.

After saying that, Barry yawned and caught up with them with a smile. "What have you done? It smells so good! "

"I have fried eggs, ham, milk, steamed dumplings and porridge." Wendy answered indifferently, her face blushing. She dared not to look at Barry. Taking off her apron, she said, "have your breakfast quickly. I'm leaving now."

Barry was taking a piece of ham from the plate and filling it into his mouth. Hearing what Wendy said, Barry was shocked and quickly turned around to stare at Wendy. "Leave? Where are you going? "

"I'm going to work!" Wendy was a little guilty. She hadn't been to work for several days. Although she had asked for leave, it was too late to go to work today.

"Oh, right. I forgot that you still have to go to work!" After chewing the flame leg, Barry sat down on the chair and began to eat casually. "You're a good cook. Why don't you go to work now? You can cook at my place I will pay you twice the money. Uh, triple Whatever you want, I'll give it to you. "

"No, I still prefer to go to work." Wendy put her apron back to where it had been and grabbed her bag again. "Mr. Wei, thank you for your help these days. I'm leaving now."

"Go?" But Barry didn't stand up, instead, he continued with disdain, "do you think you can get out of here?"

"I..." Wendy bit her lip and mustered up all her courage to refute Barry, "you said that you would let me go after I cooked for you this morning!"

Having been gobbling up the food, Barry asked, "well? When did I say that? Did you hear something wrong? "

"You said it yesterday." Wendy rushed to the table and asked, "have you forgotten? You said that I would cook for you this morning and then asked me to leave! "

"Really?" Barry mumbled, "you can leave, but come back in the evening."

"Come back?" Wendy took a step back and asked, "why? Barry, what on earth do you want to do? I thought we had made it clear. You, you leave me here, there is no use. "

She and Barry didn't get it. Her anger was nothing to Barry, and her determination was like a child's trick

"I thought we've made it clear." Taking a sip of porridge, Barry said, "yes, the porridge is delicious. Look, you're such a good cook. How could you fail to cook? "

Wendy said, "You won't let me stay here for the rest of my life, will you?"

a lifetime? Rai

. Hearing someone calling her name, Poppi could not help but look back. She saw a few men and women looking at the direction of her and Malcolm. They seemed to be discussing something. Seeing Poppi looking back, they were all shocked.

"What's wrong?" Poppi shouted at them. And Malcolm followed suit.

A boy with a camera seemed to have made up his mind. He walked up to Poppi and Malcolm and said, "Mr. Mo, director Qiu, we're in the Forward Entertainment magazine. The magazine is going to interview Shirley."

Poppi sat up straight and nodded, "and then?"

"Then..." The boy scratched his head unnaturally, took a look at Malcolm and said hesitatingly, "then, seeing Mr. Mo coming, I want to have an interview by the way."

Poppi raised her eyebrows and looked at Malcolm, who was also shocked.

"Director Qiu, please help!" The boy crossed his hands and begged.

"Director Qiu, please help us! We haven't had an internship yet. oUR internship report If we can get an interview with Mr. Mo... " Several men and women also walked up to them and begged them pitifully.

Poppi was at a loss. She looked at Malcolm who was expressionless. "Aren't you here to interview Hugh today? Since you have interview him, you can write the internship report. "

"But..." One of the girls bit her lips and said, "but the seniors were busy interviewing. They didn't give us a chance at all. We have been here for two days and haven't talked to Mr. Su and Shirley."

Looking at the distance, Poppi recalled that what they said during her internship was true.

"But it won't work only by your plea. Even if I ask you to interview Mr. Mo now, it's a waste because the content you interviewed isn't attractive." Poppi explained patiently.

They looked so lonely that one of them shouted, "but how do you know we have no ability if we are not given the chance?"

"That's right. Director Qiu, can you give us a chance?"

"Yes, Director Qiu..."

"Director Qiu..."

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