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   Chapter 213 Suspect Herself

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10196

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"Why are we so bored without little turtle around?" In Imperial Tang Yard, the old lady in her pajamas went downstairs. She mumbled to Cora, "I don't want to have supper, nor can I sleep well."

But Cora didn't say a word. She held the old lady to the downstairs, but she was very disappointed.

"Drink some water." When she was about to enter the kitchen, she heard a sound of 'ding'. Then, the door of the apartment was opened. She looked at the door with a happy expression and shouted, "little turtle?"

"Grandma, it's me." "Grandma, it's late. Why don't you go to bed?" said Malcolm. He changed his shoes in the hallway and walked in while digging through the clothes

The old lady wanted to be disappointed. She snorted and was not willing to talk to Malcolm. She pouted and said, "Why are you here! Why can't I get up and have some water! Damn it! I haven't finished dinner yet. "

"Didn't you eat well?" Malcolm walked to her nervously. "What do you want to eat? Are you hungry? If you are not full, how about I make more? "

"I want to eat the food cooked by little turtle." The old lady poured a glass of water and said stubbornly, "nothing else."

"…… It hard to get. " Malcolm touched his nose and sighed, "I haven't had dinner either. If you want to have dinner, I can accompany you."

The old lady took a sip of water, turned her head and looked at Malcolm for a long time, "why do I feel we are so pathetic? I'm like abandoned by little turtle! "

It seemed that there was a little

Malcolm couldn't help but secretly discuss it, but he still had to refute it, "how could it be! How could she abandon us! She just went on a business trip and came back three or five days later. "

"Three or five days?" The old lady was a little unhappy. "I think she is hiding from me. That night, we talked a few words to her and she ran away. Is it really a coincidence that she went on a business trip?"

"It's true." Malcolm comforted her, "As you know what I told you this morning, Poppi and I are not on the sly. Grandma, please don't be so sensitive. Don't you know her character? If it hadn't been for something, she would have tried her best to make you happy. "

After she thought about it for a while, she believed her grandson was right. little turtle not the people who were stingy. Since she had been waiting at the door for so long last night, she must have left for some urgent affairs. She just wanted to apologize to her If she had told her the truth earlier, she wouldn't have been so angry. The little turtle must think she deserved to be her sister, so it didn't say anything. Silly girl!

"Grandma, shall we grab something to eat?" Malcolm asked.

She waved her hand and said, "I'm good. You and little turtle, what do you want to do! It's none of my business! Anyway, take good care of little turtle's sister. After all, she had saved you and you are the only person she loves But you must grasp this measurement well! "

"Okay, okay, I know."

"That's good. I'll be upstairs after drinking some wate

nted to run away from everything all of a sudden. She didn't know since when she didn't believe anything all of a sudden.

is it really because of her hurt Catherine? Did her father dislike her?

"Who are you? Just like a soldier of justice. "

With the sound of "clatter", Shirley came out of the water and walked straight towards Poppi. With the advantage of height, she squinted at Tina and said, "Catherine's father deserves it. He took the blame for the mistake he made. As her daughter, it is already very lucky for her not to be involved. It has nothing to do with our Poppi? Are you still going to make an appeal to Catherine? "

The quarrel between the two women was not friendly, which attracted the attention of several staff around them.


"What? !" Shirley shook her hair and threw the wet water onto Tina's face. She continued, "I think you are the one who is malicious! Poppi' father just passed away, and you are attacking her with such ugly words. Do you want ancestors to come to you tonight and have a talk with you? Huh? "

The conversation between Shirley and Tina was so scary that Tina couldn't help but shiver. However, she still didn't admit anything and said stubbornly, "humph! I don't want to fight with you together with each other!" Then she ran away in a hurry.

Shirley rolled her eyes and said, "shameless."

"Okay, let's go!" Poppi tugged on Shirley's sleeve and said, "don't bother with her. Let's go."

"It's not your style." Shirley looked at Poppi doubtfully. "If it was normal, you would have scolded her with me long ago. Why do you become so good tempered now?"

Poppi kept her head down and said, "I don't know. I'm very tired now I just want to go back and have a good rest. Shirley, let's go back quickly? Ok? "

"Of course, I'm glad to hear that," replied Shirley, nodding repeatedly

As soon as Shirley finished her words, Poppi also ran away, avoiding everyone's sight.

"Something is wrong!" Murmured Shirley to herself as she caught up with Poppi.

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