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   Chapter 212 Fireflies In The Sky

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"This way, please." In no time, Sean went upstairs with Emily's mother and guided her to the office of Malcolm.

Emily's mother wore dark suit with a handbag in her hand. She looked like a well-dressed lady, but she looked a little ashamed and embarrassed.

When they arrived at the door of Malcolm's office, Sean stopped and didn't go forward any more. He made a gesture to Emily's mother, "please come in, Mr. Mo is waiting for you."

"Okay." Aunt. Pei nodded, opened the door and came in. The moment she stepped in, she saw Malcolm standing in front of the window with his back to her. She was quite satisfied with Malcolm Both of her daughters were devoted to their happiness.

"Mr. Mo." Aunt. Pei stood still and called her in a low voice.

"Yes." Malcolm replied casually and turned around slowly. He didn't know how to address the woman in front of him. He just raised his hand in a distant and polite way. "Please have a seat."

"No, thanks." Aunt. Pei shook her head and smiled gently.

"Just sit down. Now that you can find me in the company and pick up the time when Poppi is not here, it's hard to say clearly what you want to say." Malcolm moved two steps forward and asked, "would you like some tea or coffee?"

Aunt. Pei was a little surprised by the calmness of Malcolm and the meaning of his words. Somehow, she sat down and asked slowly, "do you know why I came to you today?"

"I don't know." Malcolm made two cups of coffee for them and put them in front of Aunt. Pei, "have some. The coffee I made is totally different from that made by Poppi."

Aunt. Pei's hand, which held the cup, froze and the coffee almost spilled out. "Really? If I can taste the coffee made by Poppi someday, it will be my honor. "

Malcolm did not answer. He sat opposite to Aunt. Pei and asked as if he knew the answer, "I don't know why you come here today."

Aunt. Pei sipped her coffee and clenched her hands nervously, which was similar to what Poppi did.

"But there are some news on the Internet which is bad for Poppi. I think I came to see if there was any good way to delete the news, Mr. Mo. Otherwise, the news would be too hurtful. " The more Aunt. Pei said, the more anxious she became, "how could they judge Poppi in that way? It's obvious that Poppi is very sad and we all saw that. And the news is nothing but slander! "

"It's not good to suppress this kind of news. It will cause more misunderstanding, so I have to clarify to the public. I'll see it tomorrow and check the effect first," said Malcolm in a calm voice, without the slightest bit of worry in his eyes

"I see! That's good, that's good. " When Aunt. Pei felt a little relieved, she knew that Malcolm would definitely help Poppi.

There was a silence in the office for a while. Seeing that Aunt. Pei had no intention to leave, Malcolm deliberately asked, "anything else?"

"I..." It was the first time for Aunt. Pei to have such a strong sense of oppression in the face of her younger generation. She was so nervous th

couldn't reach and said, "over there."

As if there was a tacit understanding between them, Hugh and Benson looked at each other. Neither of them would slow down.

"What?" "Wait for me!" said Shirley with a frown As she spoke, she chased after them.

When Poppi came to a grass unconsciously, it was half tall as her. When she hung up the phone, she fiddled with the branches and leaves of the grass.

Suddenly, there was light in the grass. One, two, three As Poppi moved, more and more light began to flash in the air

They were fireflies!

When she received this message, Poppi's eyes suddenly lit up. She took another step forward and the lower half of her body was buried in the grass.


After the grass shrugged, groups of fireflies flew around the Poppi and the air, lighting up the place around Poppi. The light was soft, as if it was flashing.

When Benson, Hugh, and Shirley arrived, they had seen the scene.

In the grass, Poppi was dancing, fireflies around her. She stretched out her hand to catch these glowing little creatures softly. However, when she failed to catch them, she gave out a discouraged smile. When she was about to catch them, she didn't have the heart to interrupt their flying speed. Therefore, she just stretched out her hand, like dancing, letting the fireflies keep on moving around her.

Giggle, giggle, giggle Poppi herself was having a good time herself. She caught sight of the three persons from the corner of her eye and stopped her move slowly. She greeted them with a smile, "Hey, fireflies! Come here! Don't you want to take a closer look at them? It's so beautiful! "

When she was surrounded by beautiful flowers, she started to laugh.

When studying in the primary school, Benson started to think about how beautiful the scene described by the poem was. Today, he finally found it so beautiful that he couldn't take his eyes off it.

Although there were no flowers, the smile of Poppi was more complex than that of mountain flowers.

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