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   Chapter 208 Come Back Right Now

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10398

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The car arrived at the airport. Poppi was surprised at the first-class air ticket that Benson had prepared for her.

"What if I don't agree to go on a business trip today?" At the airport lounge, holding the ticket in her hand, Poppi asked out of curiosity.

"Then return the ticket. Is there any need to think about it?" As if Benson had heard a joke from Poppi.

A slight flush of shame crept over Poppi's face. Oh, what a silly question she had asked! So she nodded, "yes, yes. You are right..."

Benson opened the lunchbox that Poppi just gave him. There were three dishes and one soup there, and he praised, "you're still a good cook, and Malcolm is glad to have you by his side."

Poppi lowered her head, smiled and said politely, "Miss Pei likes you so much. If you want to eat something, she will definitely make it for you. It must be better than mine."

"Just her?" When Benson thought of the possible manner that Emily could cook, he said with resignation, "if she dares to cook, I'm not sure if I dare to eat."

Hearing the relaxed tone of Benson, Poppi was overjoyed. It seemed that they had made progress!

Ring, ring, ring

Talk of the devil and he comes. As soon as Benson finished his words, the phone rang. He laughed and said to Poppi, "Emily." Then he picked up the phone, "hello? What's wrong? "

"Have you got on the plane? I just finished my work. My parents asked you if you got on the plane. "

"It's not the time yet. We are in the waiting hall," Benson handed a pair of chopsticks to Poppi and said, "I'm going to have dinner."

"You? Did Tom leave? "

"Tom's gone. I'm with Poppi now." Benson opened his mouth without any hesitation, which made both Poppi and Emily stunned.

It was silent on the other end of the phone. On the other side, Poppi was holding her chopsticks too and forgot to respond.

Benson shrugged his shoulders and asked, "what's wrong?" He asked both Emily and Poppi.

"Nothing." Finally, there was some movement on the other side of Emily. Her voice was so calm that it was hard to tell her emotion. "Well, you eat first and call me after you arrive at the destination."

"Okay." Benson nodded. "Take care of yourself while I'm away. Don't forget what I told you yesterday. The key to my house has been given to you. If you are not busy, you can ask someone to move your things to my house. If it is not convenient, I will arrange it after I go back from a business trip. "

Hearing this, Poppi's eyes brightened up, "Oh, okay! Was this the way of living together officially?

Emily also felt it was unbelievable. Emily didn't know if Benson had said those words to Poppi on purpose, but when she heard what he said, she felt a little bit happy in her heart, which was incredibly bright.

"I know. Don't worry about me. I can move there on my own." Said Emily in a rising tone.

"That's good." With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Benson talked a few more words with Emily.

Ten minutes later. Poppi smiled. "Are you still reluctant to part with her? Don't worry. There's still some time before boardi

one and it seemed like she was talking to herself or talking to Benson, "answer the phone. If he doesn't answer it, he will probably think that we..." In the middle of their conversation, Poppi suddenly stopped in embarrassment, sliding open the screen and answering the phone.

Elope? What Poppi didn't finish just now was elope, right? If Malcolm knew that he left with Poppi, he would probably be so stubborn to think so? But elope? If she could


"Where have you been, Poppi?! Come back now! "

On the other end of the phone came the roar of Malcolm, who was so far away that Benson could even feel the air flow.

Hearing what Malcolm said, Poppi quickly took her phone away from her ear. After hearing what Malcolm said, she said like a spoiled child, "Hey, I'm on the plane now. I'm going on a business trip. How can I go back now! Are you home? "

"Don't speak in such a tone and don't change the topic. Come back, now! " With hands on his hips, Malcolm uncontrollably raised his voice. There was a trace of tension and uneasiness in his angry tone.

'how could Poppi leave without notice? He was so panic stricken now that he didn't know what else he could do except to meet Poppi right away.

"The plane is about to take off. Malcolm, don't be silly. It's getting late. You should go and have a rest." Poppi said like a spoiled child, "And grandma, I made grandma angry, so I left Ask grandma to have dinner. I'll call you tomorrow after I arrive. "

"No way! Come back right now. " But Malcolm was too stubborn to listen to her. "I'll have someone check the flight now. We'll take the plane immediately to catch you back. Don't think that I can't catch you."

"Miss, please turn off your phone. The plane is about to take off."

When Malcolm was threatening her, he heard the voice of the airline stewardess, which made him more panic, "Poppi, get down from here right now! Do you hear me?! "

"Malcolm, give me some time." Poppi asked seriously. "Don't come to me I really need some time to digest all these. Is that okay? Please. "

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