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   Chapter 207 Escaping From Ye City

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"Grandma, would you like to come out for dinner? I have prepared your favorite dishes. " Poppi stood in front of the bedroom and knocked on the door. She said sincerely, "grandma, it doesn't matter if you don't want to see me. Don't starve yourself. I will hide in the room and won't come out when you have dinner. Is that okay?"

There was no sound in the room, and no matter how hard Poppi knocked on the door, the old lady refused to open it. After half an hour, Poppi was still patient, but her eyes were already filled with tears.

She knew her temper. Judging from the extent of her anger today, it was probably difficult to dissipate it in the near future. Because her anger had reached her bottom line today.

Ring, ring, ring

The mobile phone downstairs suddenly buzzed, and the familiar music pulled her back to reality. Poppi took a look at the door and left sadly. She went downstairs and picked up her mobile phone.

"Hello?" Poppi sniffed, wiped her tears and picked up the phone.

"How is it going? Are you feeling better these two days? " On the other end of the line, came the gentle voice of Benson.

Poppi was a little surprised and replied quickly, "I feel much better now. I can go back to work tomorrow. Thank you for your concern, Mr. Ji."

"…… Yes. " Benson stood in front of the French window, looking down at the landscape and mountains, with two tickets in his hand. "I don't know when you will go back to work. Can you be a little earlier?" he asked

"What? advance? What do you mean? "

Benson didn't keep her in suspense. He directly said, "the magazine office has a business trip. They will take a plane to Bali Island at 11 o'clock tonight. Because Shirley is shooting a magazine over there, I want to ask if you will go there." After that, Benson explained immediately as if he was afraid that Poppi might misunderstand him, "I want you to interview Shirley because I think you are familiar with her. Of course, if you think..."

"I want to go there." Poppi interrupted Benson anxiously, "I can go to work in advance, I can go on a business trip."

"Okay." Lowering his head, Benson took a look at the ticket and slowly withdrew it. He just guessed that Poppi might be unable to stand the recent news on TV, so he wanted to take her from Ye city by taking this opportunity. At first, he didn't have much hope, but unexpectedly, Poppi agreed.

After making a decision on the time and place, Poppi talked with Benson for a while and then hung up the phone.

"Where are you going?" Seeing that Poppi had hung up the phone, Cora couldn't help but speak out, "Business trip." Poppi forced a smile and said calmly with tear stains on her face, "don't forget that Malcolm has not come back yet. You can tell him when he comes back. And take good care of grandma. If grandma doesn't eat, you should have a way to help her; if Malcolm asks where I am, you should know how to deal with it. After all, you are the one who has stayed with them for the longest time, and you know their characters the best. The

eporting to them stopped talking.

"Well You can tell me. " "I haven't eaten anything yet," said Malcolm to the executives on the phone after leaving a second

Hearing such an intimate and sweet tone, the other people in the conference room looked at each other, not knowing what kind of report they were doing, but what made them feel relieved was that Mr. Mo's face suddenly changed.

They just wanted to know who was on the other end of the phone.

"That's good. I have someone bring you dinner. You can have it during your rest! Take care of yourself. "

Knock, knock, knock

As soon as Poppi finished her words, Malcolm heard a knock on the door and said "come in", then he saw Sean came in with a lunch box. Malcolm couldn't help laughing, "Yeah, your dinner came very timely!"

"The bodyguard at the gate downstairs informed us to fetch the cases." Sean said. Then Malcolm nodded.

"Then you should eat quickly. I won't disturb your work."

"It doesn't matter. You won't delay us." Malcolm asked Sean to open the dinner box and was ready to eat in the meeting room.

"Humph!" Poppi sneered and looked up at the light, "I still have to prepare for work! Have dinner now. Don't call me. Remember to have a good rest! "

"All right." Malcolm sighed helplessly. But when he saw the sumptuous dinner in front of him, he was moved. "Then have a good rest. I will go home as soon as I finish my work."

After a few more chats, Malcolm hung up the phone and started to have his meal without hesitation. All the top managers in the conference room couldn't help swallowing.

A gust of cold wind, as if blowing into her eyes, made her eyes couldn't help but sore and sore, and the mist seemed to cover her eyes. Poppi quickly took a few deep breaths, and quickly ran to the car of Benson.

After Poppi was taken into the car, a gust of cold wind blew. Benson glanced at her and said to Tom, "let's go."

"Okay, Mr. Ji."

Poppi took a look through the window and thought, 'from now on, escaping from Ye city'

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