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   Chapter 203 Take Care Of Her

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The television was broadcasting the photo of Poppi on the day of the funeral. It was obvious that she was taken in secret, but they could see it clearly.

In the photo, Malcolm stood beside Poppi. Their expressions were quite similar. He pressed his lips, with a grave expression on his face, staring at the gravestone in front of him, standing in the middle of the falling snowflakes for a long time.

If their background hadn't been solemnly held the funeral, the talented men and the beautiful women would make people have thought they were a perfect match; if there is not Celine cried for breath, it was not surprising at all.

Celine fell on the tombstone, looking sad, and her tears were running. Although she didn't look good, people who saw the photos seemed to be infected by her.

"That's the news for today. Welcome to the official platform to participate in their discussion..."

Barry narrowed his eyes. He was not interested in the media and the media did not dare to announce it publicly, so he did not know how the industry operated. But today, when he saw this news, he felt a little sad.

He felt sorry for both Celine and Poppi. Who allowed a group of outsiders to comment on the funeral?

Wendy couldn't help taking off her shoes and running to the living room. She wanted to see the last piece of news. It was not until the music finished that she came back to her senses. Rarely did she show indignation and disbelief on her muddled face. "Who Who did this to Poppi? Why do they say that she is indifferent? "

Barry strode into the living room and stood next to Wendy watching the TV that had already been switched on. "Most media has broadcast the news. I wonder what the comments will be on the Internet..."

Wendy took a deep breath and hurried to look for her cell phone to see if everything had gone well.

At Imperial Tang Yard.

The old lady, after breakfast with Poppi and Malcolm, could not go out because of the cold weather outside. They could only stay in the house. Poppi was still not in good spirit, so grandma was a little tired. They went upstairs together to the bedroom, while Malcolm went to the study alone to work.

Kiki was taken upstairs by Poppi. However, he was unable to bear the loneliness and ran to and fro in the corridor on the second floor, sniffing the flowers, biting the carpet, and then ran to the stairway, trying to learn how to go downstairs.

"Little Turtle, you'd better be open-minded. Death cannot be reversed." In the bedroom, grandma, who no longer had the childish look she had worn when she came, turned to be a kind grandmother. She then sat on the bed together with Poppi, leaning against the back of the bed, and patted on Poppi's hand, trying to comfort her, "you can be sad, but don't let yourself be too immersed in sadness. From now on, there will be a lot of things about life and death!"


"My heart is only used to protect a person." Then Malcolm clicked the phone off, leaving no chance for Barry to say anything.

"You..." Hearing the busy tone from the phone, Barry got furious.

"Why do you ask others to protect her?"

Looking out of the window, Wendy suddenly said. Her expression was as calm as the snow. "Since you can't let her go, why don't you protect her yourself?"

Looking at Wendy from a distance, Barry paused for a long time and said, "I can't protect a person." Because of his identity and his heart, he couldn't protect Celine.

"Since you can't do it yourself, why do you ask others to do it?" Wendy turned around and looked at Barry sadly. "You are so selfish. Poppi is so happy. Why did you destroy it? "

Barry opened his mouth but said nothing. Wendy was right, but he just couldn't let it go. What could he do? Moreover, he had promised that he would be responsible for Wendy

At Imperial Tang Yard.

After hanging up the phone, Malcolm called Sean and roughly told him what to do.

"Malcolm, it's noon. What would you like to eat? I'm going to cook! " Suddenly there came the voice of Poppi outside the door.

Malcolm gave a few instructions, hung up the phone, opened the door and went out.

Poppi was standing at the door, but she was bowing her head and playing with Kiki. When she heard the voice, she raised her head and smiled, "you're out!"

"Yes." Malcolm nodded.

"Shall we go downstairs together?" Poppi asked as she stood up. The hair on her shoulder was falling down gently and the smile on her face was gentle and pitiful.

Hearing what she said, Malcolm could not help but pull her hair back. He could not help holding her, kissing Poppi on the forehead and closing his eyes to enjoy the warmth of this moment.

How could he allow anyone to speak ill of such a beautiful and sensible girl as Poppi? He would protect her, both physically and mentally.

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