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   Chapter 198 Behave Yourself

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When Malcolm and Poppi came out of the office, Sean and Cora still waiting outside. As soon as they saw Malcolm and Poppi coming out, they hurried up to receive them.

"Mr. Mo, are you all right?" Sean asked.

"Master!" The voice of Cora was short and powerful, as usual, but Malcolm sensed a little nervous.

Malcolm glanced at Cora and asked directly, "you are not with Celine in the hospital. What are you doing here?"

"I..." Hearing that, Cora lowered her head even more and said firmly, "because you are ill, I'm here to have a look."

"I'm fine." Malcolm said coldly, "you can go now."

"Yes, sir!"

"I mean, go back to the mountain and accompany grandma."

As soon as Malcolm's voice fell, all the people present except himself looked at him surprisingly.

Hearing that, Cora trembled and asked unconsciously, "master, why?"

"Cora, you must have forgotten the commandment as you haven't gone down the mountain for a long time, right?" Malcolm asked casually. Although he was still sick, he had the courage and eyes as sharp as the eagle. "It's none of your business when I made the decision? Or, are you not satisfied with my decision? "

Hearing that, Cora tensed all over and took a step back. She knelt on one knee and lowered her head. "I dare not."

Poppi was shocked and stepped back herself. What is the ceremony of admitting her mistake? Kneel down?! Poppi squinted at Malcolm. Recently, Malcolm had been so nice to her that she forgot what kind of person he was

"Then go back to the mountain and take good care of grandma."

Malcolm hummed coldly, held Poppi's hand and dragged her away. Poppi was still in a daze.

"What?" Seeing that Malcolm had gone far, Sean suddenly sighed and said to Cora, who was still kneeling on the ground, "Cora, we can only say that for the time being. You can never expect more from young master. Why don't you understand? "

"Then why can she?" Hearing that, Cora raised her head all of a sudden. Her eyes were filled with unwillingness.

"You..." Sean frowned in disbelief. "You really think so?"

Hearing that, Cora hummed and turned her face aside, without saying one more word.

Sean shook his head and sighed, "if you have to ask why, only the young master knows the answer. Why did you stay with him for so many years? Nothing happened between you and him. He has been married with Poppi for only three years, but he has already fallen in love with Poppi. Maybe there is no reason for him to like someone. Behave yourself. "

Duh duh duh

Only the sound of Sean's walking away could be heard in the corridor. Cora knelt on the ground for a long time.

"Did Cora do something wrong?" While walking outside, Poppi asked uneasily, "she seems to be very scared."

Malcolm narrowed his eyes, and answered calmly and seriously, "she did do something wrong."

"Will you punish her?" Asked Poppi.

No response was made in a moment. After a long time, Malcolm slowly opened his mouth, "no, I have talked to her today. I want her to reflect on her own mistakes."

"All right It's cold outside. W

er dealt with such a tough thing and didn't know how to face Poppi.

"Welcome again, Miss Pei."

On the other side, a celebration party was held at the Sea International Hotel, the top executives of Pei group, and the top executives of the Quan Group, as well as Lawrence. Celebrate that Pei group finally joined the Charlotte family and agreed to invest.

In the room, everyone was brimming with joy, talking and toasting, and the sounds of glasses clinking kept going.

As the only "insignificant" person among them, Benson seldom talked, smiled or drank. He ate silently, and his eyes always surrounded the drunk Emily.

"Benson, just a drink?" "I'm so happy tonight," said George, carrying a glass of wine and a charming smile

"No, thanks. I'll drink some water." As Benson raised his glass, he said, "Congratulations!"

"Congratulations! The Pei group's is the branch of Wind International Group!" George asked with a meaningful smile, "you really don't want to drink it?"

"Drink! I I'll drink it for him! "

"He... He's in poor health. I'll drink it for him." said Emily, who suddenly reached out for the drink from George

"Miss Pei, you have drunk too much!" However, George didn't stop Emily.

Emily shook her head and replied, "no, nothing." As she spoke, she raised the glass and poured it into her mouth.

Standing up from the stool, Benson quickly grabbed the cup from Emily's hand. The wine spilt out. But he ignored it and shouted at Emily, "you have drunk too much."

"I'm not drunk!" Pouted Emily.

"Do not drink it anymore." Benson said coldly.

"Then What about this glass of wine? " George raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Without saying anything, Benson put the glass to his mouth and gulped it down.

"Okay! "Benson, you're so frank!" Heaving a sigh of relief, George clapped his hands and nodded with satisfaction. Then he moved close to Benson and whispered in his ear, "it's my honor to add something to the wine. Benson, we are brothers. I can assure you that you will have a crazy sex tonight."

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