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   Chapter 197 Catherine Comes Out

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"What?" Poppi sighed and leaned her head on Malcolm's chest. She didn't focus and her eyes reddened. She still wanted to rely on the man in front of her.

Did anything happen between them? But what Celine looked like this morning She had to confirm it with Celine in person!

When she was thinking about it, someone patted her on the head.

Poppi was shocked and raised her head subconsciously.

"What's wrong?" Unknowingly, Malcolm opened his eyes with tiredness on his face, only emitting light from his eyes. When he saw the red rimmed eyes of Poppi, he raised his hand with difficulty and asked in a distressed tone, "Why are you crying?"

Poppi shook her head quickly and wiped the tears from her eyes and said, "did I wake you up?"

"No, you didn't." Malcolm answered in a low and hoarse voice, "I felt cold, so I woke up."

"Cold? What can we do? I will turn the temperature up. " Said Poppi, pretending to get up.

But before she could react, Malcolm grabbed her and pressed her on the bed. He turned over and put his hot face on her face. "No air conditioner. I can hold you."


"It's so cold." "I'm still in an infusion. If I move again, I'll get an injection. I don't want to be hurt again," Malcolm interrupted Poppi

Seeing that Malcolm's hand was in danger, Poppi got nervous and dared not to move.

"Good girl." Malcolm relieved and gave a kiss on Poppi's face. Then he got off her body and lay down outside the cot. holding her in his arms like a koala, he slowly closed his eyes and said, "it's warmer now."

After hesitating for a while, Poppi closed her eyes slowly and buried her face in Malcolm's chest. She became more and more unwilling to accept the reality. She carefully maintained the situation as it was and did not want anything to be damaged She decided to let it be. She could pretend that she knew nothing, and enjoy her current safety.

At the same time, people stared at the entrance of Public Security Bureau of Ye city.

Two policemen took Catherine out of the building and escorted her to the police station. The sun was high in the sky, but the woman on the ground couldn't feel a trace of temperature.

Since then, there was no sunshine in her sky.

"Miss Lin, help yourself."

The police officer behind her said and watched Catherine leave.

When Catherine came to herself, she nodded her head without saying anything and then walked out of the door. Her father was screwed up. The incident happened too fast and she was left with no way out.

"Miss. Lin."

The world outside became so strange to her. Standing there, Catherine was in a daze for a long time. When she didn't know where she was going, she heard a cheerful female voice. Following the voice, Catherine saw a girl standing not far away. It was winter and she was wearing sunglasses.

The girl slowly walked to her and introduced herself, "Hello, Miss Lin, I'm Celine Qiu ."

Catherine frowned. She didn't like the surname 'Qiu'. So she asked? " Celine Who are you?

fight with others every day. How hard would he be!

At night in Ye city, the flashing neon lights made the night was extremely warm.

When the night fell, the light of the general headquarters of SG group was still on. In the CEO Office, Malcolm was waked up, while Poppi was still repeating the task of cleaning up his body for him.

Malcolm raised his hand and held Poppi's hand gently. After he opened his eyes, he asked in a low voice, "what time is it? Are you tired? "

Poppi was surprised and looked at Malcolm, "you wake up? What about? Do you feel better? Um... Would you like some water? "

Malcolm nodded slightly, "I want to drink some water."

"I'll get you a glass of water." In a hurry, Poppi put down the towel, turned around and walked to the table in the lounge to pour a glass of water. After she made sure the water was neither too hot nor too cold, she handed it to Malcolm.

Malcolm sat up from the bed and looked at Poppi gently, sweating.

"Have some water." Poppi handed the water over to Malcolm.

Malcolm opened his mouth, enjoying the meticulous care of Poppi, but he did not move his eyes from her. Looking at her side face and the gentle light on her face, he felt that even if he was sick, he was happy.

The next second

The coolness and sweetness were poured from his throat, and Malcolm seemed to be a freshman again, drinking water more frequently.

"Slow down. No one's going to grab it from you." Poppi didn't agree with him and spat. Seeing the water being drunk, she asked, "Do you think more? Do you want more? "

Malcolm shook his head, "no, I don't want to drink any more. I'll drink it at home? When is it? "

"It's just past seven o'clock." Poppi put the glass aside and felt Malcolm's forehead with her hand, "let the doctor take a look and then we can go home."

"Nothing." Malcolm shook his head, "it's all right now. We can still check it after we go home. It's too late. Let's go first."

Poppi thought for a while and nodded, "okay."

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