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   Chapter 192 It Wasn't Me Last Night

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9588

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At this moment, his phone rang At this moment, his phone rang

The next day, it was a bit cloudy, and all the streets and alleys in Ye city slowly woke up in the cold temperature. In sleep, Malcolm heard his phone ringing for a long time. He was frozen to death and couldn't move an inch, even unable to open his eyes.


The phone rang, stopped, and rang again and again. Finally, Malcolm dragged him out of his dream.

"Well Achoo! "

Malcolm opened his eyes tentatively and returned to his senses. He moved his body, first with a muffled groan, then felt a cold wind running through his body. As his pores shrank all of a sudden, he could not help but sneeze.

After sneezing, Malcolm finally came to his senses. He looked around and then looked around. He cursed quietly in the bathtub.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that last night, in order to calm himself down, he went to the bathroom to fill the tub with water and prepared to take a bath and relax himself. However, he didn't expect that he didn't do that for the whole night. Did he fall asleep in the bathtub? The water in the bathtub was completely cold. No wonder he was so cold!

"Damn it!" No matter how healthy Malcolm's body was, after bathing in the cold water for a whole night, he couldn't help but shiver.

"Crack!" Malcolm stood up from the bathtub with a stream of water left. He reached out his long arm, pulled the Nightgown from the hanger and wrapped it around himself quickly. Then he felt a little warm. He sneezed while washing.

He might catch a cold. But I don't know what happened to Poppi.

Malcolm cleaned himself as fast as he could. It was only six o'clock.

Without caring about Sean's missed call, he turned around and opened the door of the bathroom. He went straight to the bed, dried his hair, and spoke to the woman under the quilt in an aggrieved voice, "Poppi, are you still sleeping? I stayed in the bathroom the whole night, and you didn't notice that... "

"Well, Malcolm..." The person under the quilt heard the sound and muttered, sweet and soft.

All of a sudden, Malcolm felt something wrong. There was something wrong with her voice. There was something wrong with it

"Poppi?" Malcolm took a step back unconsciously and frowned at the movement on the bed.

"Well..." The woman on the bed rolled over and finally got up lazily. Her hair was exposed under the quilt, not curly, but yellow long hair.

Malcolm's eyes widened.

"What?" The woman on the bed stood up and yawned. At last, her face was exposed, right towards Malcolm.

"Celine? !" Next second, Malcolm couldn't help but roared, which even scared himself. Why was Celine on the bed? Did he sleep in the same room with Celine for just one night? What about Poppi?!

Startled by his sudden shouting, Celine shrank back and covered her upper body with a qu

e bathrobes and were not properly dressed

Poppi suddenly felt that her head was so painful. She tightened lips and dared not think of anything. Suddenly, she turned around and stumbled forward. And moreover, she didn't see anything. She was crazy. She must be crazy

"Poppi!" Malcolm screamed out all of a sudden. He strode to chase after Poppi. After two steps, he grabbed her arms all of a sudden and said, "listen to me, it's not like what you saw last night. I stayed in the washroom for a whole night and I just woke up It wasn't me! Trust me! "

Malcolm hurriedly finished the explanation and turned over the body of Poppi. When he saw her eyes full of tears, his heart hurt. Malcolm was angry and anxious, and he said gently, "listen to me first It's really not what you have seen. Calm down first. Trust me Trust me, okay? "

Poppi was in a daze and the determination in Malcolm's eyes was shown through the thick mist. However, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw her younger sister standing not far away at a loss

Alcohol hurt people! Alcohol hurt people!

Poppi repeated this twice in her heart. She opened her mouth but couldn't say anything. Should I trust Malcolm? But, how could it be possible? He said he didn't sleep with Celine. But he share a room with Celine, so who else could it be?

"Sister, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Then Celine suddenly ran over to Celine, with tears dripping down. She held the other arm of Poppi and said, "sister, please don't blame Malcolm. It's all my fault..."

"Shut up!" Malcolm yelled at Celine with red eyes. It was already a mess in the first place, but she was still making things worse!

"You two, let go of me first..." Poppi choked with sobs and tried to hold back her tears. She needed to sort out her thoughts. She was so confused that she was unprepared. Everything was fine yesterday. How come things became like this after a sleep?

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