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   Chapter 190 A Night Of Drunkenness

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The light in the room was cold and silky, and Celine was dazzled. Within a minute, her head was dizzy. Everything went so smoothly tonight that they could achieve their goal without any other plans. But why George wanted to punish her at the last moment?

Celine shook her head very hard. She wanted to get rid of him, but the man above her, who was standing in front of her with the light and shadows on his face, was gradually becoming Malcolm in her eyes.

"Malcolm, Malcolm..." Celine flushed crimson with embarrassment.

"Yes, I'm Malcolm, and I'm Malcolm!" George gave a wicked smile and said in a bewitching way. He reached out and fixed Celine's hands, took a rope and tied her arms up, then leaned over on the bed. He kissed her while untying her clothes.

Celine wanted to avoid him, but she couldn't help herself. But is it Malcolm?

"No, thanks." In the Sofia Hotel, Malcolm put down his glass and said, "I've had enough."

"No, no, No. let's have the last drink!" Shirley had almost vomited a mouthful of water, but she still didn't release Malcolm. She wanted to drink more to drink to Malcolm, but she didn't expect that he could drink so much alcohol, mixed with white, red, like water. Shirley was stimulated all of a sudden and her desire to win was stimulated. She drank one cup after another without stop.

"No" Malcolm waved his hand, looking a little bit drunk. He looked at his watch, finding that Poppi had left for more than half an hour. He was so worried about her that he had to leave now.

"But..." Before Shirley could say anything to fight back, she was grabbed by Dan. Dan immediately apologized to Malcolm, "I'm sorry, Mr. Mo. I didn't mean to offend Shirley. She's drunk. Please forgive her."

"Nothing." Getting up, Malcolm laughed, shook his head, pulled his tie and said, "I just didn't expect her to be so tasty."

"I Of course I can! " After saying that, Shirley went wild with her wine.

"We're telling the truth. In fact, Abner is the best drinker here." Malcolm pleaded with a sincere tone. After hearing that, Shirley tumbled to that direction of Abner. Even Dan couldn't stop her.

No one noticed a flicker of derision in Malcolm's eyes.

Sitting on the chair and was about to get up, a woman rushed over to Abner. He was stunned and frowned. "What are you doing, Shirley?"

"Let's drink." Shirley put her hand on Abner's shoulder and took a bottle of wine. She gave it to Abner and said, "I want to drink with you."

"I won't drink with you." Turning her head away, Abner knocked off Shirley's arm and said, "you're drunk. You'd better go back with your agent. Women, especially people in your circle, are prone to get drunk. "

"Are you despising me? Look down upon women? Or, are you looking down upon these dirty businesses? " As soon as Shirley finished speaking, her stomach began to roll. She couldn't help but retch.

When Ab

d and looked carefully on the bed. She seemed to be lying on the bed and breathing lightly.

Malcolm's heart skipped a beat. He shouted, "Poppi?"

"En..." At the moment, there was only one sound, whining.

With a smile on his face, Malcolm looked around the room for a long time. He found that there were really many patterns in this room. As for Poppi Perhaps she was cheated to come to such a place by Shirley? If Poppi saw me, how would her face turn like?

At the thought of this, Malcolm took off his tie and staggered to the bed.

"This is not the way to my home!" After that, Wendy found that Barry's car was heading in the opposite direction from her apartment. "Stop the car! Stop the car! "

But the driver didn't listen to her and kept driving. They only listened to the words of Barry.

"Stop shouting. Today I'll take you to my home. " Sitting next to Wendy, Barry opened his mouth and said, "I have been staying in your house for a long time. I think it is time to invite you to my house..."

"No, thanks." Wendy immediately waved her hand, her face turning pale with fright. "Please let me go home, please Please! "

"Beg me?" With a gleam in his eyes, Barry leaned against Wendy and said in a low and sexy voice, "why do you beg me?"

"I..." Wendy pressed her back against the door and shook her head suddenly. "Can you let me go? You go Go and find Miss. Celine. She didn't come back the whole night! "

"I just want to see you." Barry stepped forward again and successfully trapped Wendy in front of him.

"Your woman can be filled with a train. You, you can go and find them, okay?" Wendy was about to burst into tears. Why didn't Barry let her go?

"Sweetie, are you jealous?" Barry couldn't help smiling. "But I just want to pull you out of the car The other people can go wherever they like. "

"What HMM... " Wendy had no time to reflect on what Barry had said before she was kissed by him.

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