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   Chapter 189 Which Room To Sleep In

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10136

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"No, I'm not going! Let me go back now... "

"Don't, don't. We are already here. Soon, I'll get him drunk and let him come to you right away."

"I really don't want to go. It's so embarrassing!"

"You are a couple. This is the special enjoyment between a couple. You should let it go, so that you can firmly grasp him!"

In the cold night wind, the two women whose faces were red were swaying, and they seemed to shoulder to shoulder walking to the Vedder Theme Hotel, but in fact, one was trying to refuse, and the other was taking the initiative.

Poppi was a little sober thanks to the cold wind, but she couldn't get up against the strength of Shirley, so she was pushed away and soon arrived at the hotel. The hotel was so dark that they could see nothing from the outside. When they entered the lobby, the dim light, the melancholy music, and the photo with implicit meaning on the wall stirred up their sense, making them blush all of a sudden.

After checking in at the gate of the hotel, Shirley pulled Poppi up to the third floor and walked across the corridor. When she arrived at the door of the room, she turned around immediately and swayed forward, covering her eyes with her hands and dizzy, saying, "you, go in Hee hee! I didn't see anything! hey. I... I'll go get Then, Malcolm, bring him here! "

The hotel's environment was quite intoxicating. The carpet under their feet was soft. Therefore, Poppi had no strength to refute anymore. She was so dizzy that she just wanted to lie down. She didn't care about Shirley anymore. She took the room card and was ready to enter the room.

But after she flickered the card twice, the click kept coming. The door of the room could not be opened. When Poppi was about to call out to Shirley, she saw that she turned around the corridor and left. She immediately frowned. Under the dim light of the corridor, she took out the room card and checked it. After a long time, she snorted and muttered, "stupid Shirley It's 1307! It's really! "

Poppi looked out through her sleepy eyes at her back and two sides. When she saw room 1307 next to her right hand, she smiled and murmured, "this Isn't this place... "

She supported herself against the wall as she spoke. With a "beep" sound, she swiped the card and the door opened.

Poppi pushed the door open and walked in. The room was very dark and the light was dim with a faint fragrance circulating in the room. She kicked off her high heels and closed the door. There were whip, handcuffs and an unknown chair in the room which attracted Poppi's attention.

'what the hell are these?'?

Poppi shook her head and showed no interest in it. Then she turned her head forward. When she saw the big bed in front of her, her eyes suddenly lit up. She stumbled to it and jumped, burying herself into the soft large bed.

The comfortable bed made her almost fall asleep. Thinking of this, Poppi turned over in bed. Her face was red, and the corners of her mouth slightly raised. With her eyes closed, she mur

one quickly and walked towards the hotel with a successful smile on her face.

At the same time, in the hallway of the third floor of the Vedder Theme Hotel, a man hung up the phone. He stood in the middle of room 1306 and room 1307, with two room cards in his hand. It seemed that he was hesitating about which room to enter.

"1307, 1307……" The man kept walking towards the door of room 1307, taking out the room card and looking at it. He frowned and paused for a few seconds before turning around and walking to room 1306.

It was too risky to1307. If Poppi woke up and found out that he was arrested by Malcolm, his life would be in danger.

It's safer to go to the 1306. Anyway, Celine would be caught. Both of them were in the same boat. 'fall in love with me tonight, Celine.' the man thought.


The man swiped the card and the door of room 1306 opened. He looked at the both ends of the corridor and after confirming that there was no one, he entered the room.

After a while, Celine hurriedly arrived at the Vedder Theme Hotel. But she didn't see anyone on the third floor. She stood at the door of 1306, hesitating, and knocked on the door. The door opened from the inside at once.

Celine cautiously stepped forward. However, before she took a single step, she was grabbed by the arm and the door was closed abruptly.

"Ah!" Celine screamed. No time to struggle, she was held from behind and the man's hands started to touch her body.

"What Let me go! " Celine shouted loudly, but she was suddenly covered by a hand behind her back.

"Shut up!" The man whispered in Celine's ear, "before Malcolm comes here, let me have a taste of your body. I'll teach you how to please men..."

Celine murmured, "George You bastard... "

"I'm a bastard, of course a bastard. Didn't you notice that the aroma in the air is a little special?" George laughed, picked Celine up, walked two steps forward, and threw her on the bed. "That's the perfume I brought specially for us to amuse us."

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