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   Chapter 187 Go Up The Mountain To Pray For The Parents In Law

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10037

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In order to realize the wish that Poppi let him be a father, Malcolm worked very hard. He was eager to swallow Poppi into his stomach and pestered her. The moon was so shy that it hid into the clouds.

Not knowing how long it had passed, Poppi was exhausted. It was a winter day, but the hot sweat even wetted the hair on her forehead. When she was drowsy in Malcolm's arms, the bell rang in the distance. It was 12.

Although Poppi was tired, she tried her best to open her eyes. She shook Malcolm's head and kissed him on his face, "Hey, Malcolm, happy birthday!"

Malcolm opened his eyes, as if absorbed the whole starry sky. He looked lazy, but still brilliant. With a smile, he raised his hand to rub the hair of Poppi and said, "thank you, wife."

"You're welcome, husband." Poppi also laughed. She stretched out her hand and made a circle on Malcolm's chest. "Get up early tomorrow morning. I want to go to a place with you."


"It's a secret and can only be told to you tomorrow morning." Poppi puckered her lips and smiled. There was a hint of tenderness in her eyes.

Malcolm grabbed Poppi's hand, put it on his mouth and kissed it. "It seems that you still have a lot of energy and strength to go out."

"I want to go there!" Because of sleepiness, Poppi's voice sounded soft and sweet, which made Malcolm feel comfortable. Then she added, "remember to call me tomorrow morning."

Just as the words fell from Poppi's lips, Malcolm turned over to press on her in an instant. He grabbed her arm and turned into a wolf, "how about Do it again? "

"Ah!" On hearing this, Poppi whined and came to her sense. She immediately begged for mercy, "Malcolm husband, I'm not coming. I'm so tired! Please I don't want it anymore, okay? "

"Honey, just once!" Of course, Malcolm wouldn't listen to Poppi. He comforted her while touching her body, "for the last time, maybe this time you are pregnant? That's my girl! "

The man in bed was nothing but coaxing.

Cursed Poppi in her heart. Although she was sleepy, her body was burning involuntarily. She struggled, while sobbing, "I hate you..."

"I love you." Malcolm confessed his love affectionately. He kissed on the face of Poppi carefully and pulled the quilt to cover them. Then he groaned, "honey, you won't get tired. Just enjoy yourself..."

"I hate you..."

"You don't hate me, and I don't hate you either Good girl, kiss me... "

They hugged each other and enjoyed the wonderful night. Now their bodies and souls had become in harmony, but at this moment, they hadn't discovered that the baby of their love, which was amazing, would quietly descend on this beautiful night

At the same time, in Celine's ward, she looked at the date, thinking about the happy birthday days she had spent with Malcolm, and couldn't help but miss those days.

She fell in love with him at the first sight. Malcolm was so handsome, wealthy and powerful. Although she didn't know why Malcolm mistook Poppi for her by accid

olm opened his mouth slightly and said, "grandma is fine, so is Poppi and I. you don't need to worry about us."

"Yes, yes!" "I've taken good care of Malcolm," Poppi nodded

Malcolm laughed, but didn't argue back.

"Today is Malcolm's birthday. Thank you for bringing such a great Malcolm to me. We two will live a happy life in the future. I don't want you to worry about us. " Poppi said sincerely to them.

Poppi went on talking endlessly as if it was an tireless conversation. Malcolm listened to her in silence, but he was in a mood of relaxation that he had never felt before he came here.

It was already past noon. When they felt it was time for lunch, they walked towards the outside of the cemetery, hand in hand. On the tombstone behind them, there was a photo of Malcolm's parents, who looked even more beautiful.

On the way back, Poppi suddenly received a call from Shirley, who told her that she was back to Ye city and that she even booked a table at the hotel to celebrate his birthday and repeatedly told her to go with Malcolm.

"Do you want to go?" Asked Poppi.

"Do you have any other appointment?" Malcolm asked in reply.

"Nothing." Poppi shook her head and said, "if we have something to say, I would have bought something to visit grandma in the mountain."

"Let's go to find Shirley!"

"…… Okay. "

Outside the Sofia Hotel, Shirley and Wendy had been waiting for them. When they saw Malcolm's car parked in front of them, they waved to them quickly. Shirley's agent, Dan, was also there.

As soon as Malcolm and Poppi got off the car, they felt a strong passion, but both of them did not expect that Hugh was also here. Standing by the side of Shirley, Hugh waved his hand and said, "Hi, it's been a long time."

Poppi was a little embarrassed, and before she could say anything, Malcolm said first, "you came back with Shirley?"

"Yes." Hugh spoke out his mind naturally as if there had never been any generation gap between him and Malcolm.

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