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   Chapter 186 Wanting You To Be A Father

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The Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi was the same as it was when they came last time. The two of them walked into the yard and into the villa hand in hand.

"Okay. The first step is to cook." Poppi was changing her shoes in the doorway. She rolled up her sleeves and was ready to fight with all of them. "Let's have dinner first, and then celebrate your birthday at twelve o'clock. Perfect!"

Malcolm nodded with a smile, "what am I doing?"

"Of course you will help me!" Poppi patted on Malcolm's shoulder and said, "if you cook by yourself, the dishes you make must be very delicious."

"…… Okay. " Malcolm laughed even more. He was dragged by Poppi to the kitchen and became a vegetable washing worker.

The clock was ticking in the room. Poppi and Malcolm were chatting while cooking. Like an ordinary couple, they didn't need to think about anything or worry about anything. They could only see each other and enjoy the moment of warmth and sweetness.

In fact, Malcolm washed vegetables, and he had nothing to do, while Poppi was like a little bee in the kitchen, humming and turning in the kitchen, and the two dishes cooked together without any chaos. Malcolm leaned against the door frame with his arms folded around his chest. He saw that Poppi tied up her hair and tucked it behind her head. Wearing the apron, he could still see her curves. Looking at her busy life for him, he felt that his heart was filled with love.

"OK, that's a deal. Malcolm's favorite shrimps."

"I just learned how to cook..."

"This fish will be out of the pan soon."

"Sweet and sour spareribs are also good."

"Finally, with the clatter! Birthday noodles! "

Poppi put the last bowl of noodles on the table which was almost full.

"It look good, smelling good." Standing at the table, Malcolm nodded, "one hundred percent."

Hearing this, Poppi smiled and quickly handed the chopsticks to Malcolm, "you already got it before you tasted it? Mr. Mo, go and have a taste first. "

Malcolm sat down with a smile, picked up some food and chewed it slowly. Although she had cooked for Malcolm so many times, Poppi suddenly felt nervous. She stared at his face carefully and asked, "how is it? Are you okay? "

"Yes..." Malcolm lowered his voice and frowned slightly, "this meal might cost more than 100 points."

"What?" Poppi bit the chopsticks and asked timidly, "what's that?"

Malcolm raised his eyebrows and glanced at Poppi, "1000 points."

Poppi blinked her eyes and stunned for two seconds before she realized what he just said, "Malcolm! You scared me! I'm already very nervous You are just being mysterious and vile. "

"No, I didn't." Malcolm responded with a laugh and started to gobble up his meal.

While helping Malcolm with the food, Poppi ate too. "Actually, it's boring, not surprising at all. I was a fool. I checked a lot and asked many questions. I still didn't know how to make a surprise to surprise you. As a result, I had no choice but to follow the routine, cook and give you gifts Please don't mind. "

Malcolm stopped eating, turned around to Poppi and sighed, "Why are you so silly? It's enough. Even if you don't do anythin

d, "men's watch is so expensive. It's even worthy of my several purses, so you must take good care of it."

"It's so expensive." Malcolm pretended to be surprised, "my wife is so generous I will reimburse you later. "

"No way! This is my gift for you. " Poppi looked at the watch she gave to Malcolm with satisfaction. She touched the watch belt and smiled.

Malcolm couldn't help raising his eyebrows. He took off the one he had been wearing for a long time.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Do I need to take two watches with me?" Malcolm asked with surprise and amusement. "I can take the one you send me." No matter what gift Poppi gave him or how much it was worth, in his eyes, nothing could be compared with anything else.

"Hello." Suddenly, Poppi came up with something and came closer to Malcolm, "last time, on my birthday, you actually gave my phone to me, didn't you? Have you fixed it for me? "

Speaking of this, Malcolm was a little angered, he snorted, "so what? Anyway, it has been paid little attention. Compared with those diamond hairpins and crystal shoes, the prices are much lower."

"No." Poppi put her arms around Malcolm's neck and said, "that's my favorite gift. You should have told me earlier and you got angry with me. I thought... "

"You thought what?"

"I thought you hated me." Poppi twitched her mouth.

"I thought you hated me too." Malcolm couldn't help but rub his head on Poppi's neck.

"Malcolm, can I have a wish on your birthday?" Poppi asked gently

"What? Tell me. " Then Malcolm looked up at Poppi.

Poppi pursed her lips and whispered in Malcolm's ear. Bearing her extreme shyness, she whispered: "I want you to be a father. Is that okay?"

As Malcolm trembled, his eyes glittered with incredible light. His face was full of uncontrollable ecstasy, and he said excitedly, "what did you say, Poppi? Say it again! "

"I I want a kid. HMM... "

But before Poppi could finish her words, she was drowned in the passionate kiss of Malcolm. Although Malcolm didn't answer her, he used action to tell her that how much she hoped to meet his wish.

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