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   Chapter 185 Malcolm's Birthday

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The ZY detective Department told us that the ZY detective group submitted a case filing examination to the police department, which made the mayor of Ye city, the political commissar and the Secretary of the city's political commissar Zahi Lin take a serious violation of the discipline. According to the investigation, Zahi Lin took advantage of his position and position to grab benefits for others during his work, and accepted bribes many times with a huge amount of money. He also illegally sold land to obtain huge benefits, which seriously violated his discipline and was suspected of illegal crime. After careful consideration and approval, the ZY detective group decided to decide to give him disciplinary sanction, capture him against the law, and transfer him to the court, which means that he is suspected of violation of laws. "

The morning news reported the decisions about Zahi. Poppi and Malcolm ate together and exchanged a look. Poppi asked, "what about Catherine?"

"Nothing happened to Catherine. She was ignorant of all these things. Zahi omen took all the responsibility." Malcolm remained incredibly calm. "But Catherine can't work in government or state-owned enterprises anymore. Perhaps she will start from nothing. In two days, she should be able to come out of the investigation agency. "

"Okay." However, Poppi only nodded her head though she didn't fully understand what they were talking about. She bit her chopsticks and said, "because Catherine took me away, she had taken great pains to defeat her father. Isn't it a little You are making a mountain out of a molehill? "

Malcolm looked up at Poppi deeply and smiled, "wouldn't it be nice to get rid of an evil for the people? What's more, the relationship between Quan Group and Zahi had been very good at that time. It was a good opportunity for Catherine to take you away. We would take the opportunity to strike Quan Group.? "

"Oh, I see! You did that for yourself!" Poppi puckered her mouth and put down her chopsticks. She picked up the Kiki near her feet and took Kiki in her arms. "Let's go, let's not eat with bad guys."

"Ahahah Woof... " As if responding to what Poppi said, Kiki whimpered.

Malcolm laughed and shook his head. After finishing the last meal, he stood up and followed Poppi to the door. "I said it was for you, but you didn't want to do it, said it was for other purpose, reducing your guilt, and you were not willing to do it. Alas, it's so hard to be a man! "

Poppi was changing her shoes at the door. Putting aside Kiki, she couldn't help smiling and said, "go ."

"I will not only say it, but also do it." Malcolm looked at Poppi in a composed manner. He put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the lips when she stood up. "Do you remember what day it is this weekend?"

"What? This weekend? " Poppi frowned and thought for a while. "This weekend It's just a weekend? What special day is it? I have an appointment with a client. "

Hearing this, Malcolm's face darkened instantly.

her that they could enjoy the time when they were alone with each other. Indeed, grandma was very naughty.

Malcolm drove to the periodical office and waited for Poppi. Soon later, Poppi came downstairs. Seeing Malcolm, the colleagues all gave her a dirty smile. The relationship between Malcolm and Poppi was not confirmed by the witness. But it seemed that they were in good relationship.

"Poppi, I'm leaving now!" Wendy stuck out her tongue and smiled at Malcolm, "happy birthday, Mr. Mo!"

"Thank you." Malcolm thanked her with a smile and affectionately looked at Poppi.

After Poppi said goodbye to Wendy, she got on the car which was in Malcolm and left. "Go to the Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi."

"Okay." Malcolm started the car. Today, he had nothing to do but wait for the arrangement of Poppi. If she didn't make any arrangement, it would be wonderful for them to stay together and chat like this.

But apparently, Poppi had already arranged everything well.

"Do you have Shirley and Wendy's plans in your mind?" Malcolm suddenly asked.

"Haha, solicit opinions extensively!" Poppi stuck out her tongue and said, "the first birthday I give you is too much pressure. I'm afraid that if I make the arrangement by myself, you won't be satisfied."

"You little fool." "It's enough to have you," murmured Malcolm in a spoiled tone

"I think it's not enough." Poppi's eyes shone. She looked at Malcolm's profile and an idea came into her mind.

"Don't look at me like this. I can't control myself." Malcolm quipped and turned around, "do you have anything to say to me?"

Poppi covered her mouth at once and her face turned red as she mumbled, "no, not now. I'll tell you after dinner. "

"Okay. How about you cook tonight? "

"Of course!"

On the way to the Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi, the car was full of laughter. Actually, Malcolm's real purpose was not to get anything from Poppi, but to see how she would be concerned for him. That was the display of her love for him.

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