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   Chapter 184 Animal Hair Allergy

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Celine pretended to be hurt and said in a wronged tone, "Wendy seemed to want to leave a long time ago. Not long after you went to the bathroom just now, she was in a hurry to leave. I wanted to invite her to a drink, but she refused. "

Without any intention to sit down again, Barry looked at the darkness on the street through the window and said, "she is allergic to alcohol and doesn't drink."

"Oh, I see!" " allergic to alcohol. It's the first time I've met someone like this. I thought that Wendy just lied to me," Celine continued, as if thinking about something else

"It's not a big deal. They are not modern people with minor pains." After saying that, Barry looked away and stared at Celine in front of him with a meaningful look in his eyes. Then he said slowly, "an overprotective disease is common in the world, right? Celine?"

"What?" Noticing the doubt and temptation in his tone, Celine couldn't help but frown. "Barry, what do you want to say?"

"Animal Hair Allergy." Without hesitation, Barry said to her, "I think Have you ever heard of it? "

"You..." The electricity went through her body, making Celine feel like a cold current. She suddenly looked at Barry, shocked. She opened her mouth and didn't know whether she should admit it or not. Did he know something?

Barry took a deep breath and said calmly, "Celine, the person who saved Malcolm eight years ago was actually Poppi."

His tone was affirmative. Celine widened her eyes and shivered. "I I don't know what you're talking about. come on, Barry! We still have lots of dishes to prepare! Come on, sit down and finish the meal! It's not easy for me to get out. "

As if not hearing what Celine had said, Barry continued, "in the past, Poppi worked as a tutor for you and saved Malcolm, so the time she saved is just in line with what she has done for you. That night, you didn't go to the cram school, but went to your classmate's birthday party. The man is your first love, and later But you dumped him and joined Malcolm after what happened to Malcolm. As for all these things, you didn't tell Poppi, nor did you tell Malcolm You're also hiding it from me. "

Barry said more word, Celine felt more disappointed. Even it was such a trivial matter that happened eight years ago, Barry had found out, and there was no place that could not be connected. What he said was right, which meant that What she was doing was just a play, but in fact, she was just performing in it Malcolm and Poppi would come to her and asked her what happened She had nothing. She had nothing!

It seemed that all his internal organs were clenched by a hand which made Barry hard to breathe. It turned out that he had always hated the wrong person. It was not Poppi who took over Malcolm but Celine who got Malcolm. Now, their positions were back by chance.

"Yes." After a long time, a discouraged smile suddenly appeared on her face, which made Celin

dn't listen to any of them. Of course she knew that Benson meant to stay in her room.

"Go and check Emily's room. Has Benson been here?" As soon as they entered the villa, Aunt. Pei pulled Benson to go upstairs. "I'm going to sleep with Emily's father. You should also go to bed early!"

Benson nodded slightly. "Uncle, aunt, good night."

"Okay, okay. Go and have a rest!"

With red ears, Emily walked in front of Benson silently. When she heard her parents close the door, she asked, "why did you agree to stay?"

"I don't know." Benson shrugged his shoulders and followed her to the door of Emily's room. He opened the door and looked around. The room was very fresh with blue and white inside. It was not as lovely as girls.

"Only one bed." Emily said and put down her bag.

"I'll sleep on the ground." Benson said indifferently.

Although Emily knew that Benson wouldn't want to have sex with her, she still felt uncomfortable when she heard him say that. So she turned around and asked, "then why do you stay?"

Benson gave Emily a deep look, "I thought I could make it, but I can't."

"Am I ugly?" Asked Emily with a sneer.

"No, "

Emily took a step forward, almost clinging to Benson. With a hint of temptation in her voice, she put her arm on Benson weakly. "If you don't have a try, how can you know you can't make it? Or you don't even give it a try? We are getting married. "

Some fragrance rushed into his nose. His heart stopped for a moment. Benson didn't push Emily away. He also wanted to know whether he could really let go of Poppi and accept another woman from his heart

As her lips got closer, Emily took off her high heels and walked closer. She stood on tiptoe, and she could feel Benson's breath.

"Maybe another day." Benson suddenly pushed Emily away and turned his face to the other side. "I'm sorry."

Emily's face turned pale immediately. She forced a smile and turned around, "just sleep."

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