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   Chapter 183 Mother-daughter Relationship

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Knock! Knock! Knock!

At the same time, there was a knock on the door of the CEO's office of the SG group. Malcolm was reading the last file that needed to be dealt with today. Without raising his head, he said in a casual tone, "come in."

"Mr. Mo." As soon as the door was opened and then closed, Sean's voice rang out from the opposite side of the desk. "I have investigated everything you ordered. These are the materials." As he spoke, he handed the thick document forward.

He put the documents down at once. Hearing his words, Malcolm raised his head and took a deep look at the document bag. Suddenly, he felt a bit nervous. While he took the files, he said, "you say."

"Yes." Sean pondered for a while and said, "I have found out the relationship between Mrs. Mo and Amanda, Emily's mother, and they are Mother daughter relationship. "

Just as Sean was speaking, Malcolm was taking out a document. His heart jolted all of a sudden as his eyes swept over the document. Both his vision and hearing were impacted at the same time.

Because on the top of the document, the section of Poppi's paternity test was filled with the name of Amanda Zheng, and the section of the father It was Andrew Qiu!

Malcolm's hand trembled, he stared at the names of Poppi's parents as if he wanted to make a hole on the paper.

Judging from the unusual behave of Aunt. Pei that day, there must be something fishy. But it seemed that the thing was unexpected. 'what's more, Andrew is not Poppi's uncle, but her father?'?


Being stunned for two seconds, Malcolm began to read the documents quickly. His eyebrows frowned deeper and deeper. The sound of pages turning and Sean's calm voice intertwined.

"Amanda and Andrew were married before. And soon after they got married, she had a baby, and the baby was Mrs. Mo. However, when Amanda had been pregnant for three months, she suddenly heard that Andrew had a car accident and died. She was so sad at the news that her baby was too weak to bear it. Her family advised her to have an abortion and marry another man, but Amanda refused. She was hospitalized for recuperation. "

"Later, Emily's father, Bob Pei, appeared. He had a love affair with Amanda and took good care of her when she was pregnant. He showed his love to her frequently, thus they fell in love with each other again as a matter of course. Bob had been staying with Amanda to give birth to the baby, but he didn't allow Amanda to take care of that child. Amanda Zheng I don't know what she is thinking. She gave birth to the baby and didn't want to raise it either. "

"When we investigated, the nurse who delivered the child for Amanda at that hospital has clearly remembered what happened twenty-six years ago. She said that after the child was born, Amanda left with Bob without even looking at her, weak as she was."

"The shares in the hand of Mrs. Mo are her biological father. The custody of the shares were left by

ay, while cleaning the table, she invited the three of them to sit down. Wendy was surprised at the calmness of Barry. She had thought that a person like him would not be willing to eat in such a humble restaurant. It turned out that it was just her guess.

She knew nothing about Barry

The dining table was in four square ways. Celine was sitting opposite to Wendy, and Barry was sitting next to Celine.

Wendy didn't dare to look up, thinking about how to escape. When all the dishes were served, she was still a little absent-minded.

"Wendy, do you like someone?" Celine asked suddenly as she was eating.

"Yes." Wendy replied out of instinct. Then she realized what she had said. She raised her head and found that Barry was staring at her. With a wave of hand and a shake of head, she replied, "no I didn't hear clearly just now I don't have someone I like! Really! "

"Well, are there anyone else here? Don't keep us in the dark!" Celine said with a smile.


"Stop talking. Let's eat!" Barry snapped with a frown.

Wendy picked up the chopsticks and started to eat. On the other side, Barry served Celine and took care of her on purpose. They had drunk a little wine and completely ignored Wendy.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom." During the dinner, Barry stood up and left.

As soon as Barry left, Wendy said goodbye to Celine. "Well, Miss. Celine, I have something to deal with at home. I have to go now! Take your time! "

"How about having a drink first?" Celine asked.

"No I'm allergic to alcohol. I'm leaving now! "

Celine shrugged her shoulders and watched Wendy leave. She could easily get along with such a young girl four years ago. She thought she would not get used to the world after four years, but after waking up for such a long time, she finally realized that she could do anything with ambition.

"Where is Wendy?" As soon as Barry came back, he was filled with rage, seeing that Wendy had gone.

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