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   Chapter 181 Charlotte family

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It was getting colder and colder, and the words "temperature" from the weather forecast were getting more and more. Ye city was waiting for the first snow in winter and Poppi was waiting for an important day.

On the other side, Celine went to see Celine every day, but the gap between them seemed to be growing. Every time when she went there, Celine would ignore her and Poppi wouldn't have a chance to talk to Celine.

On the other hand, Shirley had been flying here and there in the warm subtropical regions. She was so busy that she had not seen Poppi recently.

However, Wendy never changed her attitude except when she mentioned about Barry. She didn't know what Barry were busy lately, either. The two of them didn't seem to meet each other either. It seemed that the 'staying out' of Barry was just a dream. During this period, Poppi only met Barry once in the hospital. At that time, surprisedly, Barry did not sneer at her. Instead, he seemed to want to say something, but hesitated.

There was no phone call from Hugh too

Was the Spring Festival coming soon so that everyone was too busy to find them? But it was okay as long as Malcolm was there.

"Well, that's it for today's meeting. Hand in all your manuscript and contract tomorrow." In the magazine office, Poppi held the meeting and announced, "let's go home! You can do it tomorrow. "

"Come on!"

"Goodbye, director!"

"Poppi, we are leaving now!"

The editing department greeted and left one after another. However, Wendy still walked in the end to pick up things with Poppi. "Where are you going, Poppi? Or the dessert shop? "

Poppi nodded with pleasure and looked at her watch, then she said with a complacent smile, "yes. I'll go to a cake shop before Malcolm gets off work. And I can learn how to make dessert. I haven't mastered all of it yet."

Wendy covered her mouth and snickered, "then I will not bother Poppi anymore. I will go home first."

"All right. It's cold now and it's got dark early. You should go home earlier, Wendy. If you have anything, just come back tomorrow." Poppi patted on Wendy's shoulder and said, "let's go!"

"Yes." Wendy nodded and took a deep look at Poppi before she turned around and left. She went back to her seat, took off her hat and scarf and walked towards the door.

Out of the gate of the building, a gust of cold wind blew. However, she felt colder when she saw the straight figure standing not far away.

Wendy paused and gazed blankly at Barry. She thought for a few seconds and turned to leave.

"Wendy, are you pretending that you don't know me?" Seeing that Wendy had changed her direction, Barry rushed to catch up with her. He suddenly grabbed Wendy's arm and dragged her. "Come with me."

"What are you doing?" Wendy struggled desperately, but failed to escape from his grip. Finally, she was dragged to the front of the car.


The door on the passenger seat was suddenly opened fr

of the business of the Pei group now."

Lawrence nodded in agreement. Then, George nodded and said, "Benson is working on the 3D building. Otherwise, as the son-in-law of the Pei family, I am sure he will be here to help. You two geniuses in business become a couple. Your children are going to be the talent in the future. "

Emily picked up the cup on the table and took a sip of coffee, without answering the question of George.

They made small talk as it was getting late and were about to say goodbye.

"I'm going to invite Mr. Lawrence to dinner the other day." With a smile, Emily shook hands with Lawrence and said, "I'm just your friend."

The members of the Charlotte family never talked business with others at dinner. For them, work was work, and friendship was friendship.

"Of course!" Lawrence smiled, "I'm looking forward to meeting Miss Emily again. See you. "

"Okay, bye. Take care."

After sending George and Lawrence off, Emily was about to return to her office when her phone rang. She took out her phone and found it was from Benson.

During this period of time, the number of contacts she had with Benson had reached the highest, but most of the time, she had to accompany the two elders. When she received a call from Benson alone, she still felt a strange surprise.

"Hello?" Calming herself down, Emily picked up the phone.

"Have you finished your work? I'll be waiting for you downstairs. Come down. " Benson's voice was still so pleasant to hear, like a beam of warm sunshine in the cold winter.

"What? What are we going to do? " Asked Emily perplexedly.

"Don't you remember that your parents and I would have dinner with you tonight?" Then Benson asked, "what are you doing lately? Hasn't your assistant reminded you of your schedule this afternoon?"

Emily rubbed her temple. "Oh, I remembered. I had too many things to remember. I'll go downstairs right now! "

With no more words, Benson said, "okay."

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