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   Chapter 180 Everywhere She Goes

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Frowning, Celine recalled what George had said to her. The thing made her feel much better than painkillers. When she was lost in her thoughts, George stretched out his hand and picked up a small bottle with a white pill in it. Then he put the bottle between Celine's chest.

Seeing the medicine, her anger gave up. Celine smirked and took down the small magic bottle, "thank you, George. However, what was this? Where's your cigarette? "

Then George took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket. The box was black without any logo. He opened the box and found that the end of each cigarette was covered with a layer of golden edge. The moment when Celine saw the cigarette, her eyes lit up all of a sudden. She immediately went to grab the cigarette with her trembling hands. Then George quickly stretched out his hands to hold the cigarette high so that Celine could not touch it.

He had been seducing Celine the past two days. He swore to himself that Celine would make the same mistake.

"Give me the cigarette!" Staring at the cigarette, the calmness of Celine disappeared in an instant. Like a person walking in a desert who finally saw the oasis, she was so eager that her eyes were red. She saw her throat take a gulp and try her best to catch the cigarette with her hand.

"Look at you, you are such a bitch now!" George laughed sarcastically. Then he hooked his finger and threw the cigarette far away at the door of the room. As soon as Celine saw the cigarette, she rushed over, quickly picked up the cigarette and put it in her mouth. After that, she turned back and grabbed the lighter on the table. "Crack!" he opened the cigarette and lit it with excitement and tremble.

"Hiss Swoosh... " Celine inhaled deeply on her cigarette and exhaled a stream of smoke again. The smoke blurred her face. Leaning softly against the sofa, she skillfully smoked the cigarette and soon smoked a cigarette.

Seeing her behavior, George laughed even more ironically. He wondered why Celine was so dependent on drugs that she had never been in touch with. After all, she was an addict? Fortunately, she had such a soft spot so he could pin down her.

"Is your sister Poppi the same with you?" When seeing that Celine was about to smoke another cigarette, George asked her with a smile, "how about next time? You can ask your sister to come with you?"

"What? Are you interested in Poppi too? " The look in her eyes darkened, then Celine lit the cigarette again and asked, "what's good about Poppi? You want her? "

"I'm just interested in Malcolm's thing." Then George took a sip of the wine and said, "didn't you say that Malcolm treats her as a treasure? What will happen if I break the woman he loves? I really wanted to see how angry he would be Don't you? "

"Of course I do." Celine narrowed her eyes and said, "after all, I was his treasure back then."

"Treasure?" George laughed and raised his hand to touch Celine's breast, but he didn't feel enough. Then he smirked and asked, "is that how he treasure you?"


uch." Malcolm pinched her face and snickered, "you want to avoid my suggestion and say it on purpose?"

"What What are you thinking about? " "I'm telling the truth!" Poppi patted Malcolm's hand away with a red face! I really feel uneasy! "

"I don't believe it!" Hearing that, Malcolm shook his head all of a sudden. He moved closer to Poppi, reached out his hands to hold her up, and pulled her into his arms. Then he stood up and said, "you must be lying to me Well, go upstairs to have a check! "

"Ah!" Poppi screamed, "Malcolm, put me down! Our Kiki is still on the sofa! It hadn't eaten yet! I'll be hungry! "

"I'm hungry too. Let's have dinner first." But before Poppi could finish her words, Malcolm held her tightly in his arms and went upstairs. "What's more, I'm very tired today. If you struggle, I'm afraid that I'll break you and even fall down myself I'm so handsome. It will be embarrassing if I fall down. "

Hearing his last sentence, Poppi burst into laughter. It turned out that Mr. Mo just made a joke seriously. It was so funny.

"Ahahah..." The sound of whining came from the living room all of a sudden. Seeing that the two people no longer talked to it, the puppy boldly moved up to the milk bottle and, all of a sudden, licked the bottle and drank the milk.

The bedroom was soon filled with love.

Poppi was always not a rival to Malcolm. Whether on the bed or under the bed, she had no choice but to obey him. If someday, Poppi really won over Malcolm, it meant that it was not because she was stronger, but because she was inferior to him

When the clock had set at least one o'clock, something was coming from upstairs.

"I want a large bowl of noodles. Oh, by the way, bring Kiki here..."

"Okay, okay. You are the boss." Malcolm compromised, wearing a night robe and walking downstairs, with a look of satisfaction. In fact, he also thought that things went too smoothly? However, it was enough for him to bear all of these alone and he thought that Poppi should not be disturbed.

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