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   Chapter 179 Sneaking Out Of The Hospital

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"Celine, Celine..." Poppi opened her mouth wide in disbelief and asked, "you... Don't you feel anything surprised? Me, me and Malcolm... "

"Sister." Celine interrupted Poppi who was extremely unnatural and said with a faint smile, "you have found your happiness. As a sister, I should be happy for you. And as for Malcolm oh Wait, is it better to call him brother-in-law now? "

Malcolm frowned imperceptibly and looked at Celine doubtfully. It had only been a month since Celine had woken up. Every time he had come to see her, he could see the changes in her body. But today, she seemed to have changed most.

Even though he had been dealing with all kinds of people in business for so many years, he still needed to be careful when he met such a deep gaze. why he would regard Celine as his enemy?

"If only you could think like that." After a long time of contemplation, Malcolm finally opened his mouth, but with no relaxed expression on his face.

"Of course I will." After stretching herself on the bed, Celine grinned and said, "Oh, I've smelt enough in the hospital. Sister, when can I leave the hospital?"

Poppi looked at her sister as if she was a stranger. She couldn't believe that the indifferent expression on Celine's face just now had changed the topic just like what she said to her? Didn't Celine feel any surprise at all? She had been well prepared for everything, but she didn't expect that Celine would be so calm

But she did not relax at all. Instead, her heart was filled with deep worries and fears. She remembered Celine four years ago.

"The doctor said that you have recovered well, but you still need to observe for a period of time. At least a week, after a week, if your condition is stable, you should be able to leave the hospital." Then Malcolm turned to Poppi and said, "Okay, I will explain it to you later.".

Celine nodded. "Okay. Then I'm tired. Sister, brother-in-law, I want to have a rest What should I do? "

"Then we are leaving now." Malcolm took the opportunity and cast a glance at Poppi.

Poppi was confused and couldn't catch up with their conversation. She didn't respond to Malcolm but asked her worriedly, "Celine, aren't you surprised at all? Me, me and Malcolm Give me a reason. I'm very restless now. "

"I do remember everything that happened four years ago, Malcolm I remembered what my brother-in-law said. Yes, he really broke up with me. " Celine bit her lips and said, "I committed suicide once and felt terrible. So I realized that nothing was more important than my life. I want to live well. And everything else has nothing to do with me."

Poppi said happily. "Celine, if you really think so, that's great!" The psychiatrist had given her several course of psychological guidance.

"Of course I think so." There was a touch of firmness in Celine's plain tone.

What made Poppi really happy was that Celine could let herself go, rather

all the invitations. She went straight to the bar counter, ordered the strongest drink, and drank it slowly.

After all, the pub was a place where Barry could extend his power, so it was very safe. Since Barry was not in the bar today, she was free here.

After taking a sip of the wine, Celine put down the glass, but was stopped by a tall man.

"George, you're late again," Although Celine didn't look back, she knew who it was.

"Please forgive me, Miss Celine," George looked at Celine with his beautiful eyes and asked, "how about a drink tonight?"

Hearing his words, Celine turned her head around and smirked, "I am drunk now. What should I do?"

George held Celine and said, "then go to the room and have a rest." After that, he held Celine and touched her waist from time to time. They walked towards the private room, shoulder to shoulder.

The room was dimly lit with colorful lights, revealing their delicate night life.

Celine was helped to sit on the couch. She leaned her back against the seat and slightly raised her head

George swallowed his saliva, bent over, kissed Celine's lips without asking her opinion, with eager.

"Well..." Celine didn't expect that George would kiss her suddenly and punched the man in front of her with her fist. When she ran out of the hospital for the first time, she met George. After they said their names, they knew the identity of each other. And as soon as they knew each other's identity, they reached an agreement. But, the relationship between them is only the ambiguous stage, and such direct and intimate contact is really surprising.

After Ambrose finished his kiss, he stood up straight with a wicked and charming smile on his face. "Has Kerr ever kissed you in this way? Who kissed you so comfortable? "

Flora frowned and wiped her lips, somewhat wanting to get angry.

"What? Are you unhappy? " The man snorted, "I'm going to give you something nice today."

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