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   Chapter 178 Announce To Celine

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Poppi subconsciously took the file bag and reached out her hand, but before she could catch Wendy's sleeve. Seeing Wendy run away, Poppi hurriedly shouted, "Wendy! Wendy, you will... "

"Wendy! Stop! " Shouted Barry as he ran after her.

As soon as Wendy heard the voice of Barry, she shivered and rushed away.

Although Poppi didn't know what had happened, she instinctively didn't want Barry to get close to Wendy, so she didn't want to catch up with Wendy. Instead, before Barry rushed over, she stretched out her arms and stopped him all of a sudden. She looked back at him fearlessly and asked, "what do you want to do?"

"What do you want?" Hearing what Poppi said, Barry paused all of a sudden. He took a glance at Poppi and said, "do you really think you can stop me? Why didn't you ask Malcolm to come with her? Go away! "

"He is outside." Poppi looked up and humphed to confront with Barry, "don't worry, I can still stop you without Malcolm."

"Really? Why are you so confident? " However, from the corner of his eyes, Barry saw that Wendy had disappeared from the corridor. He frowned and said, "why should I listen to you? How can you be so confident? "

Poppi gave a complacent smile, "I'm telling you to stop now. Wendy, I think she's gone too far. "

"You..." Barry gnashed his teeth in anger. "You win!" After saying that, he put off his clothes and was about to pass by Poppi. However, when he just took one step, he suddenly thought of something and turned back to ask her sarcastically, "are you very happy today? He should have given it to Celine as a gift, but now it was given to you. It seems that Malcolm enough to make girls like happy. "

Poppi frowned, "What are you talking about? What you should have given to Celine? "

"You act as if you were real ?" Looking at Poppi up and down, Barry yelled, "bastard! Didn't that dog just be brought back? Don't play dumb with me! "

"Okay!" Poppi nodded with a light of comprehension, "Oh, you just said the dog! That's right. Malcolm gave it to me this noon. But he didn't give it to flora. "

"Of course!" Barry was afraid to be heard by Celine again, so he lowered his voice and said, "all he cares about now is you. Of course he will give you the dog. You have robbed the man from Celine, not to mention the dog. "

After hearing Barry's words, Poppi raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes with sarcasm. "Are you insane? "Celine had been allergic to animal since childhood. Why did you send she dogs?"? Only you can come up with such a dumb idea. " After that, Poppi took steps towards the ward. But as soon as she took a step forward, her arm was grabbed by someone.

All of a sudden, Barry, with a serious look on his face, grabbed hold of Poppi's wrist and said in a lower voice, "what did you say? Say it again. "

"Which sentence?" Poppi asked in a dandiacal manner, waiting to see what would happen next to Barry.

"That sentence Celine is allergic to animal?" Barry's heart sank with fear. "Don't l

him that she wanted to marry Barry, would he have agreed? But today, she tried to be with Barry, but his face stiffened and his eyes obviously refused her.

A lot of things had happened in the past four years. The people she loved no longer loved her, and the people who loved her no longer loved her. Then why did she wake up? However Every existence is meaningful, just as her sister said, everyone in this world is of value. Then she must still be of great value?

"Celine," Poppi came in with Malcolm and shouted.

Celine quickly collected herself from her thoughts and turned around. When she was about to smile, she saw Poppi and Malcolm holding hands. Her smile froze on her face, and her eyes turned cold. She said in a cold voice, "Sister, you're here."

"Yes." Poppi pressed her lips and her palms were full of sweat.

Malcolm rubbed his hand on Poppi's and asked Celine, "how are you doing these two days?"

"I'm fine." But Celine didn't take her eyes off their hands, instead, she deliberately asked, "since when do you and Malcolm become so close that you can hold hands now?"

Poppi's heart skipped a beat and she struggled to free herself. Her face and ears turned red with guilt. "I, i..."

"That's why I'm here today, Celine," Malcolm said calmly, "That's exactly what I want to tell you today, Celine. I broke up with you four years ago. I don't know if you still remember that I don't like you anymore, the one I love is Poppi. I told you last time that I have a girlfriend, which is the exact name of Poppi. "

Poppi swallowed hard and waited for the final sentence like a prisoner who had committed the death. She didn't know what was wrong with her. If she agreed to let Malcolm announce her relationship with Malcolm to Celine, then she would have no choice but to listen to Malcolm.

Even if Celine wanted to hit her or hate her, she could do nothing.

"Oh, I see. When did you get better?" Celine remained incredibly calm. "Then, Congratulations! Sister "

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