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   Chapter 177 You Are Its Father

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Poppi stood up and took a look at Malcolm with expectation. Seeing his encouraging eyes, she opened the box with her trembling hand.

"Ahahah..." As soon as the box was opened, a bright light was shone on it, and the inside suddenly moved, making two slight sobs.

Poppi was stunned and suddenly took a deep breath. She stared at the living creature in the box, with her eyes sparking and her mouth wide open in surprise. She said, "this It was 'a dog?! It's actually a puppy dog! "

"Ahahah..." The puppy moved two steps on the soft cushion. It seemed that it was still not used to this strange environment.

"Do you want to hug it?" Malcolm asked gently.

"Can... Can I?" Poppi could not believe it and was so excited that she lost her head and asked, "is this... A gift for me?"

"Of course." Malcolm nodded and looked at the puppy, "I'll help you realize your dream step by step. Now, part by step, I'll give you a puppy you've always wanted."

Poppi was so touched that her eyes were red and almost burst into tears.

"Ahahah..." The dog suddenly whimpered.

"Oh, my God! It is crying! Gosh, Malcolm Malcolm. Then what should I do? " All of a sudden, Poppi got into a panic.

With a smile, Malcolm took out the puppy from the box with one hand and put it into Poppi's arms. "Come here, hug it and have a look.! I've just been brought back from abroad and have been one month old the day before yesterday. "

"Wow!" Poppi cried in a low voice. She held a soft little body in her arms and gave it a soft hair gently. The joy in her eyes was so evident. "Oh, my God! It's so cute! So cute!"

The puppy crouched in Poppi's arm, looking for the warmth and whining. With black eyes and white face and white spots on the black hair, the puppy looked like a puckery.

"Is it the husky?" Asked Poppi.

"Yes." Putting his hands into his pockets, Malcolm watched the interaction between the little dog and Poppi casually with a light smile on his face. 'what a tender woman Poppi is!' Malcolm thought in mind

"Is it hungry?" All of her attention was focused on the puppy. "Do you have any feeding bottles? Should we go to buy one? Oh, no, it was a one month old baby Should it eat something else? Go back and buy some food! That's more like it. "

Looking at the muttering of Poppi, Malcolm couldn't help laughing, "let's eat first. It has eaten and slept well on the way. You don't need to worry about it."

"Oh, really?" Poppi replied but her eyes didn't move away from the little dog, and she cried, "Wow, the little dog's flesh is so soft! Oh my God... "

Malcolm shook his head with a smile. He went back to his seat and turned over the roast fish. He said deliberately, "well, the new family members mean something. I don't have a high position now, so nobody would give me the roast fish."

Poppi managed to squeeze some time to lift her head and smiled at Malcolm, "you're not a kid any more. What's

a bag of files in her hand. However, Poppi didn't have time to go back to the periodical office, so she asked Wendy to come to the hospital to take the documents that needed to be signed.

After a long while, Wendy managed to find her room. When she was about to push the door open, she saw a familiar figure behind her. Stunned, she hesitated whether she should enter the room. Barry! They hadn't seen each other since he threw her on the road last time. Was it improper for her to go in today?

Cora intended to ask Wendy about it, but she changed her mind.

"I still remember that when I first knew your identity, I was so scared at that time. Later I found that you were so kind to me." In the ward, Celine couldn't help but tell her the "nice" memories, "I remember that you got hurt and asked me to bind up for you. Maybe I would fall in love with you if it weren't for Malcolm! "

Suddenly another coward figure came into Barry's mind. Outside the door, Wendy couldn't hear it clearly, but she preferred that she didn't hear anything. Let her repeat the same thing? A substitute?

"If, if Malcolm abandons me, I might as well be with you, Barry." Celine teased, staring at Barry with teasing eyes. But when she saw the expression on his face suddenly changed, she added with a smile, "you know what? I'm just kidding."

"Wendy! You've come earlier! Why don't you get in? "

Suddenly, the voice of Poppi came from the corridor. Barry suddenly opened his eyes and turned around suddenly. He happened to look at Wendy who was standing at the door. Wendy stepped back out of fear and went blank for a second. Then she stumbled around and ran away.

"Wendy!" Barry jumped to his feet and chased after her. "Damn it!"

"Barry!" Barry didn't stop. Celine clenched her fists, frowned and thoughtfully. "Wendy Yu?"

"Poppi!" Wendy ran to Poppi who was on her way here and gave the file bag to her in a hurry. "This is a file. I'm leaving now!"

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