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   Chapter 175 Do You Know Me

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Walking out of the building of Quan Group, Malcolm couldn't hold back his laugh anymore. He started to laugh wildly. Laughter was from the bottom of his heart.

Poppi was stunned, "What are you laughing at, Malcolm? Don't tell me you're too furious to be dumb! "

"Haha..." Malcolm laughed intermittently and shook his hand, "no, no Haha I just But I didn't expect you to be so awesome! "

All of a sudden, Poppi understood what Malcolm meant. She pouted and asked, "do you mean I'm calling names? Was it terrible? Are you laughing at me? "

"No, I didn't. haha I think it's very good! " Malcolm smiled, but spoke with infinite tolerance, "I think it's very nice. I like it." His woman was always nice. Moreover, she was helping him just now. It felt so good to be protected, just like Just like the rainy night eight years ago

"Then if you like it, what do you think of my suggestion?" Poppi swung Malcolm's arm and said in a spoiled manner.

"Okay. What do you want? I'll take you to buy it right away. " Malcolm pinched Poppi's face in a good mood.

"I'm hungry." Poppi felt a little aggrieved and patted her belly, "how about finding a place to eat?"

"Okay. What are you going to eat? Chinese food? Western food? Eat outside? " Sean stopped his car, but Malcolm walked out of the building with Poppi and got in the car.

"Of course I need to eat outside. Do you have the heart to let me cook by myself?"

"Okay, okay, let's eat outside." Malcolm compromised and said softly, "then what do you want to eat?"

"I don't know what to eat. I'm so hungry." Sitting in the car, Poppi looked around.

"How about having Sean drive slowly along the road and park the car at the sight of the restaurant?" Malcolm suggested.

"Oh my God! That's a crazy idea! It's a piece of cake to be with a wise man! " Poppi nodded her head and said, "Sean, let's go to find food!"

Sean nodded and started the car steadily.

In the most bustling street of Ye city, Malcolm's car drove at a slow speed, but no one stopped him. The cars behind him just changed a detour.

There were various shops and various kinds of goods in the street, which made Poppi dazzled.

"Stop the car!" Suddenly, Poppi stopped and bent over the window. She pointed to the window of the women's wear shop opposite and shouted excitedly, "that bag is so beautiful! I'm going to buy it! "

"Are you hungry?" Malcolm laughed.

"I'd love to eat, but bag is the food for thought of me." Poppi opened the door and got out of the car, and Malcolm followed her. Suddenly, Poppi thought of something and said, "Oh, when I came back from San Francisco, I forgot to take the bags you sent me back. I miss them so much!"

"Send someone to bring it back tomorrow." Malcolm held Poppi's hand naturally, then they went into the women's shop, talking and laughing.

Staring at the scene in the car, Sean felt so aggrieved. He wondered why the

"Oh, it's Poppi!" Emily was shocked, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

Not only was Emily shocked, but everyone else was shocked except Aunt. Pei. Poppi was even more confused. Emily's mother seemed to be surprised about Her name? She glanced at Malcolm and he shrugged to indicate that she had no idea either.

"Poppi Poppi... " Aunt. Pei murmured the name and turned to look at Poppi. Her expression couldn't be read clearly. She seemed to like her, to be sad, to be closer to Poppi, but she seemed to be afraid She was so conflicted that her eyes turned red.

Poppi felt a little stressed. Avoiding the eye contact with Aunt. Pei, she pulled Malcolm and whispered, "let's go."

Malcolm nodded and pulled Poppi to leave with him.


Just as Poppi was about to take steps, Aunt. Pei caught her by the arm and sobbed, "Are... Are you all right?" she looked at her as if she was looking at a relative who had been missing for many years

This abnormal action made several people stunned, so that no one interrupted them.

'did this ladyship get the wrong person?' Poppi thought and smiled awkwardly, "nice to meet you, aunt? I'm fine!"

"Well, well How old are you? " Aunt. Pei asked again.

"I've just celebrated my 26 birthday. What's wrong? Auntie? Do you know me? " Said Poppi.

"I... I I'm just asking! " Aunt. Pei replied with tears in her eyes, "okay! Twenty six. Have you got married? "

Poppi scratched her head and said, "I..."

"Auntie, we've got married," Malcolm held Poppi's hand tightly and said to her, "Poppi is my wife. Thank you for your concern."

wife?! With Benson's eyes shrinking, the coldness spread to every corner of his body instantly. He couldn't think any more.

"Great! That's great!" Aunt. Pei was talking nonsense, but she held on to Poppi tightly with tears in her eyes.

Poppi was still immersed in what Malcolm had just said firmly. Wife. Yes, she was the wife of Malcolm.

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