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   Chapter 173 Shareholders' Meeting Of Quan Group's

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On that day, the shareholders' meeting of Quan Group was held as scheduled. Now, Malcolm and Poppi were going to work together in Quan Group.

It was the first time for Poppi to try a formal business suit like this. After she got changed in the bedroom, she stood in front of the mirror and looked around. The next one was a loose black trousers with a little saliva on the trouser legs, a white shirt on the top, a short suit on the outside. Her hair was coiled up, and her delicate makeup on the face was worn, and the color of her lip gloss was a little dark than usual, which made her look capable and elegant.

Knock, knock, knock

Just then, there was a sudden knock on the door, followed by Malcolm's voice. He asked, "have you changed your clothes?"

"Okay." The light voice of Poppi came from the room.

Malcolm stood at the door, tidied his clothes, opened the door with a smile and entered the room.

Hearing the door open, Poppi turned around with a smile and said, "Mr. Mo, when did you become so polite? I thought Mr. Mo would have pushed the door open and walked in. "

Looking at the source of the voice, Malcolm's eyes lit up and he said with a smile, "I've always been polite. If it's in the evening, I'll push the door open and come in directly."

What Malcolm said was so explicit that Poppi's face turned red. Malcolm stopped joking and said: "you look like a big shareholder in this suit."

"Really? Isn't it beautiful? " Poppi shook her head complacently. Then she walked to Malcolm with the click of her high heels and looked up with a joyful face, "am I handsome?"

"Yes, handsome! You are more handsome than me! " Feeling relieved, Malcolm opened his eyes wide. When he was about to hold her waist, Poppi dodged nimbly and took a step back.

Malcolm frowned. His unhappiness deepened as the woman fell into his arms. "Why did you dodge it?"

Poppi did not answer, but raised her eyebrows meaningfully. With a cool smile, she suddenly raised her hand, hooked Malcolm's chin with her index finger, and the expression on her face was evil, like a cold handsome man. When she wanted to flirt with a shy beauty, she said, "boy, let's have a smile!"

What Poppi said and acted were so manly and charming at the same time.

Hearing that, Malcolm was stunned for a while. As soon as he realized what she meant, he didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. "What? Are you flirting with me? "

"Yes, that's it!" Poppi nodded and admitted. She naughtily rubbed Malcolm's chin with her hand on purpose.

"Come on!" Heaving a heavy breath, Malcolm opened his arms to welcome her, "I like to be flirted by my wife."


But because of Malcolm's initiative, Poppi felt a little uncomfortable. She took back her hand immediately and said, "you are such a rogue! I won't talk to you anymore. Hurry up and go! "

"No hurry! Now it's my turn to flirt with you! " Malcolm smiled and pulled back Poppi who was about to run away, then he held her in his arms, lowered his head and gave her a light kiss on her lips unexpectedly.

le about all day long. "

Just in a short time, Malcolm had introduced the people in Quan family to Poppi, and Poppi had already got a rough idea of it.

Ignoring others' gaze, they walked into the building and headed to the meeting room.

In the conference room, many shareholders were already waiting and talking to each other. Most of them had the family name Quan, and most of them were relatives. They were always arrogant.

The moment Malcolm walked in, a stir was caused.

"Wow! Mr. Mo! " A bold man came up to him and said, "nice to meet you, Malcolm! Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you! "

"Is Mr. Mo also a shareholder of the Quan Group?"

"Do you have any big project? Our company is looking forward to cooperate with you, Mr. Mo!"

In an instant, Malcolm was surrounded by several people, who said something to ingratiate themselves with closer ones.

Then Carl's daughter and the aunt of George. she was surrounded by several people and walked into the meeting room. When she saw Malcolm, they were surprised first, and then arrogantly walked up to her chair to sit down.

The several boys and girls of Carl entered the meeting room in turn. When they saw Malcolm, their expressions varied. Some showed disdain, some were surprised, and some seemed to want to come up and have a chat.

"They won't..." 'did all of them know who Malcolm really is?' Poppi got a bold idea?

"What? Do they know who I am? " Malcolm smiled as if he didn't care.

Poppi nodded her head and her heart ached somehow.

"As far as Carl and his children know, back then They have tried their best to kill me! Unfortunately, they did not succeed. " Malcolm said in a casual way, "they don't want me to show up, and I disdain to make friends with them. If not for my parents, I wouldn't have come here. "

"Your parents..."

"Well, the car accident that year was what they did." When Malcolm spoke, George, as a successful business man, entered the meeting room and was surrounded by men, with an ambitious smile on his face.

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