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   Chapter 172 Let's Do It Together

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All of a sudden, her face lit up with joy and again, like an addict to drugs. Celine leaned back against the seat weakly. Her ferocious and threatening expressions also disappeared, with beads of sweat on her forehead, reminding people that the incident was real.

Celine was weak and frail under the wide gown of the hospital bed. She stared blankly ahead with glassy eyes, allowing the doctor to do other examinations for her.

It was the first time for Shirley to see such a crazy patient. She just stood aside and didn't dare to move. However, Poppi stood beside Shirley so worried that she didn't dare to disturb her.

The doctor examined the heartbeat and pulse of Celine and then examined her eyeballs. He looked serious with no relax.

Not knowing how long it had passed, Doctor Li took off his mask and said to Poppi, "Miss. Poppi, she's all right."

"Phew!" "Thank you, doctor." Poppi felt relieved

"Okay, you can talk to Miss. Celine for a while, but don't stay there for over half an hour. I'll ask the nurse to give her an intravenous drip later."

"Okay." Those doctors and nurses left soon after Poppi said yes.

Shirley looked at Celine with undisguised disgust. Since she was a child, she didn't like the little sister of Poppi from the very beginning. However, those men in the village had been attracted by Celine, especially the quiet and obedient girl with Princess syndrome. Celine thought that she was a princess, so she subconsciously asked Poppi to do whatever she wanted. What's more, Poppi was so silly to let Celine do whatever she wanted to her.

In fact, Poppi was not silly, not only not silly, but also clever. When she got along with other people, she was cunning and smart. She would not suffer losses no matter what she did and could disturb others. Thus, the casual minded Shirley liked to play with Poppi, but every time she met with anything related to Celine, she seemed to become a different person, not like a sister, just like a nanny

If Poppi was because of the identity of "elder sister", then she had to take a warning. She thought it was better to have only one baby in the future, for she didn't want any child to be wronged.

"Sister." After a long while, Celine finally calmed down. Then Celine turned to look at Poppi and called her name, tears streaming down their cheeks. "Sister Why? Why did you save me? "

Poppi felt a sharp pain in her heart and ran to the bedside. She rubbed the hair of Celine and her eyes were red as she blamed, "Celine! How silly you are! Why did you commit suicide?! You just woke up! If you have any doubts, why didn't you tell me? Why did you take medicine by yourself secretly? "

"Ahahah..." Celine buried her head in Poppi's chest and sobbed, "I don't want to live anymore "Malcolm, now that he has a girlfriend, what's the meaning of my life?"? I don't want to live She cried

Poppi was s

e at all. She smiled sweetly and acted coquettishly, "what do you think?"

"Cooperate?" Out of natural reflex, Cora asked, "what do you want to cooperate with me?"

"What my sister said just now has been a big blow to me." "Is she with Malcolm now?" Celine asked, about to cry

Hearing that, Cora was shocked. Indeed, Celine heard that.

"See! Everyone knows it except me. " Celine said coldly "When I just woke up, I found that she wasn't my real sister anymore. Malcolm isn't my Malcolm any more. Things have changed I need a partner. And I find that Cora, you are the one. "

"Really? What do you need me to do? What can you give me? " Cora asked.

"This is so good to you..." Celine pretended to think for a while, "Malcolm is yours. What do you think?"

Hearing that, Cora's heart skipped a beat. All of a sudden, her eyes opened wide. She roared, "do you know what you are saying?"

"Of course I know." Tilting her head, Celine said, "I knew you liked your son Mr. Malcolm four years ago, didn't you?"

Hearing that, Cora pursed her lips and didn't say a word. Celine continued, "My sister is so hypocritical. She has won the heart of Malcolm but she never say anything to me. And yet, she pretends to be so good to me Since she not my original sister anymore. Why should I be a good and kind sister? Don't you think, Cora? "

"Aren't you afraid that I'll tell Mr. Mo about this?" Cora squinted at her.

"Yes, I am! Of course I'm afraid! " Celine admitted frankly, "But what can I do? To get something, I have to take risk? And I'm working with you sincerely. Sister Cora, you won't betray me, will you? "

"Well, I don't know what tricks you are playing, but I won't let you hurt him." Cora snorted.

"How can I hurt him? Let me put it straight. Think about it, if you agree, Cora, come to me, it's never too late. " Celine smiled innocently, but Cora felt that there was a devil hidden under her smile.

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