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   Chapter 171 She Closed Her Eyes And Eavesdropped

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"I'm more than 50 years old now. Can you still recognize me when I grow up like this?" Amanda took off her hat and smiled with tears on her face, "you are still so young and handsome, but I'm already old Andrew, are you angry with me? You are blaming me, aren't you? I'm also blaming myself I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry... "

After finishing her words, Aunt. Pei couldn't help but burst into tears again which made her unable to speak. As a result, she stayed quiet and bowed slightly, putting the flowers in her hand in front of the tombstone. She squatted down and cleaned the weeds in front of the tombstone for Andrew and taking out the handkerchief from her pocket, gently wiping the dust on the tombstone.

Aunt. Pei acted in an elegant and calm manner with a smile on her face all the time, but tears kept flowing down her cheeks at the same time.

"Sometimes when I'm tired, I just want to talk to you like before." Without caring whether it was dirty or cold, Aunt. Pei leaned her head against the picture on the tombstone and said leisurely, "for so many years, I know you blame me, but I dare not come back to you, nor to come back to find my daughter But I have never forgotten, although I lived abroad, my guilt has always troubled me. I can't forgive myself for doing those stupid things So when I came back this time, I wanted to find her and make up for her Be a mother. "

"Sometimes I was thinking about how my daughter looked like, like me, like you I never hugged her since she was born This is my nightmare. Every time I think of it, my heart will ache Andrew, can you forgive me? You must take good care of yourself Sorry, sorry She is our daughter! I didn't, I didn't take good care of her... "

In the cemetery, the biting cold wind blew. In the extraordinarily quiet atmosphere, only the sound of Aunt. Pei's stammering words and sobs could be heard.

Time passed quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, it was noon.

After work, Poppi got on her car and rushed to the hospital. What cooperation plan would Malcolm talk about today? There was a lunch at noon today, so Malcolm couldn't go to the hospital. Poppi had to get in the car and go by herself.

Although Celine felt terrible about her suicide after she swallowed the pills, she didn't mean to blame Malcolm. Anyway, what Malcolm did was all for her, and she, Poppi, was the one to blame.

The ward in the hospital was different from the warm outside the window.

"Well..." On the bed, the sleeping pear let out a groan and gradually woke up. Celine became sober first, and then moved her fingers. After that, she opened her heavy eyes and tried to focus in the empty space.

"You woke up?" A cold female voice came from above.

Celine turned her head and looked at Cora with difficulty. The cell phone showed that the cell phone in the cell was ringing. The cell phone rang because of the cell phone's pale face and the corners of her mouth twitched. She didn't know if she should cry or smile. Celine asked in a feeble voice, "Cora, am I still alive?"


d to be expanding rapidly, and it was aching. Malcolm and Poppi had got married! Get married!

"She should know! She want to stay with Malcolm because she was sick. But your marriage with Malcolm should be made public sooner or later! " Shirley frowned.

"I always think it's immoral." Poppi pressed her lips and said, "this is against human morality that the elder sister had an affair with her boyfriend when she was in a coma."

"Knock it off! You're my sister, okay? " Shirley rubbed her forehead helplessly, "First of all, Malcolm asked you to marry you by agreement when he found you. You two are innocent. How could it be so immoral? Until recently, you stayed with him finally. But you have been permitted by the law What's more, before she get coma, Malcolm had already broken up with Celine! They broke up! Whether you are with Malcolm or not, it has nothing to do with Celine? If you don't get it. You can't live happily with Malcolm. "

"I..." But when Poppi was about to open her mouth, the sound of Celine suddenly came from her back.


On the bed, Celine suddenly coughed. She felt pain all over her body. She couldn't help but cough. Her head was buzzing and numb. She was too painful to pretend to be asleep any more.

"Celine! Are you awake, Celine? " Poppi was overjoyed and rushed to the bed, but when she thought of what she just said to Shirley, her lips turned pale again.

"My head! It hurts!" However, Celine paid no attention to other affairs. Her head was as if it were going to be broken into pieces, which made her face turn fierce. She shouted, "it's so hurt! My head! "

Poppi was so frightened that she trembled her hands and did not dare to touch Celine. She mumbled, "doctor, where is the doctor!"

Shirley quickly pressed the emergency bell and comforted, "don't worry. Everything is fine!"

After a short moment, doctors and nurses rushed over. Seeing that Celine had a headache again, they quickly took a painkiller and injected the medicine into her as many times as before.

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