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   Chapter 168 Celine Committed Suicide

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"Little Turtle, do you still remember what I said to you before?" The old lady's voice pulled Poppi's thoughts back from outside.

"Grandma has given me so many instructions. How can I remember?" "What are you talking about, grandma?" Poppi said coquettishly

"I told you never to leave Malcolm." The old lady no longer wore the expression of joking just now. She said kindly, "do you still remember these words?"

"Yes, I remember." Poppi blinked and bit her lips

"Did you promise me?" The old lady asked. Then she smiled with self-mockery and said, "I'm old. My brain is not working well. I forget what I have said. I remember you have promised me at that time, haven't you? "

Poppi looked out of the window unconsciously and nodded her head. She said firmly, "yes, I won't leave him." As long as he didn't allow me to leave, I would stay behind him forever, even if I would be a Mrs. Mo that no one knew.

"That's good, then I'm relieved." The old lady patted on Poppi's hand and smiled, "you little turtle, tell me a joke again. I'm sleepy and feel tired. I want to sleep for a while."

"Okay!" "I will tell a joke for you again, okay?" Poppi continued

The old lady closed her eyes and nodded with a smile.

"Once upon a time, there were two little turtles. They..."

On the other side, Malcolm hung up the phone, but he kept frowning from beginning to end. He was impulsive just now, but he didn't regret it at all. He had suffered a lot before coming to an end of the cold war with Poppi and regained his beauty. This hard won happiness could not be destroyed. He could only say sorry to Celine. In the case of business, he had to make a prompt decision and remove the source of the trouble immediately.

Heaving a sigh, Malcolm turned around. The moment he turned around, he felt someone was looking at him gently. He looked along the direction of the gaze and saw what was in front of him. It was Poppi. Her eyes were brimming with tears. Looking at each other for a long time, which was thousands of miles away, Malcolm felt discontented. But the next second, Poppi suddenly made a funny grimace. Malcolm was a little stunned, then he smiled softly with doting eyes.

It turned out that thousands of mountains and rivers were nothing at all. As long as Poppi gave him a firm look, he could be relieved. As long as he went through fire and water, he would do anything he could or could not do, and he would never let her suffer any grievance.

"Is grandma asleep?" Then Malcolm entered the living room, walked towards the furnace, and whispered to her.

Poppi nodded her head slightly and said, "she is asleep now. Let's leave here? Auntie said, grandma needs to rest here at this time every day, to avoid sleeping upstairs. "

Malcolm nodded, "then let's go and do not disturb grandma's rest."

Poppi pulled out the blanket for her and left the seat. Then Malcolm reached out his hand and naturally held Poppi's hand, and they walked upstairs hand in hand.

"Ah! What a perfect afternoon! How can I get through this? " On the stairs, Poppi suddenly sang like a prisoner

until the clock on the first floor rang that Malcolm realized what was going on. Poppi also raised her head from her book and said, "it's already five o'clock!"

"Yes!" Malcolm nodded and sat up from the chair. He didn't attract the attention of Poppi and asked her with a smile, "it's time to cook dinner. What do you want to eat?"

Poppi turned the page she had read, raised her head and asked smilingly, "Mr. Mo, are you going to cook by yourself?"

Malcolm joked, "how can I be too bold in front of my wife. I'm just a helper."

Poppi laughed, stood up and put the book away in front of the bookshelf. "Then you can help me. I will learn a lot from them after reading them carefully. "

"What?" Malcolm was surprised. "It seems that my wife is also gifted in business management. You may become a great entrepreneur in the future!"

"Of course!" Poppi raised her head proudly and said, "after I learn it, I'll set up a company and work against the SG group specially to see if I can change the position of Mr. Mo. ha!"

"Yes, you will." Malcolm nodded his head all of a sudden. With a serious expression on his face, he said, "if one day, as long as you are happy, I can give up the SG group."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Poppi was shocked. She grabbed Malcolm's arm and dragged him out of the office. "Why are you so serious? I don't want to open a company. I'm waiting for you to support me! "You have put a lot of efforts in SG Group. You really don't want it?"? Without the SG, how about we eat? "

Malcolm laughed and joked, "let's have dinner."

"Ha ha, it's time for dinner!"

They left the study, talking and laughing. When they were about to go downstairs, Malcolm's phone rang.

Poppi's eyelids twitched.

Malcolm took out his cell phone. It was from Cora. He glanced at Poppi. He picked it up with hesitation, "Hello, Cora, what's wrong?"

Cora didn't have time to say anything else and went straight to the point. "Mr. Mo! Miss. Celine committed suicide by sleeping pills! Emergency treatment is going on! The situation is not looking good. "

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