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   Chapter 167 The Next Drama

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10397

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The old lady looked at the two people in the vegetable garden and smiled from ear to ear. The couple looked like a couple. They loved each other so much that she couldn't help but think of her son and daughter-in-law. At that time, they were also in love. If they were still alive, they must also like turtles? For example, she liked this girl very much when she saw the little turtle for the first time.

"Grandma, next time I take my girlfriend here. I want to marry her." She almost forgot what happened a few years ago. At that time, Malcolm suddenly came up here and told her that he was going to get married, which shocked her. She wondered where this slut came from and attempted to seduce his grandson?

After her promised, Malcolm took Poppi here in two days. It was the first time that poppi met parents, so she was a little restrained. She was too timid to say anything, unlike now she was lively. But at that time, her felt that Poppi was quite congenial. After inquiring about her family background, she did think that Poppi was a poor person who should be able to share hardships with her grandson.

"Do you have any hobbies like talent and skill?" The old lady asked.

"Cook the meal, telling jokes Will it count? "

The old lady heard for the first time that she took "a joke" as a talent, so she could not help laughing and asked Poppi to tell a joke. She also forgot the joke content. She only remembered that Poppi's face was very bright and lively. Perhaps because she hadn't seen such a sunny smile for a long time, she took it as a habit to listen to a joke.

"Then why did you marry my grandson?"

"Because he is rich and can protect me I can cook for him. "

The old lady didn't know if the girl was silly or simple, and her words were naive and ridiculous. But she noticed that her grandson raised his eyebrows and smiled helplessly. At that time, she thought, 'Okay! The girl was pretty. Her grandson's icy cold face was now expressionless. With her years of experience of observing people, she struck the table and made it!

" it's time for lunch. What do you want to eat? I will cook for you." The maid in the kitchen came over and asked.

The old lady came back to her senses and looked around. In the garden, Poppi was walking back with Malcolm. The old lady smiled, "let little turtles cook lunch for us!"

On the table, there were lots of dishes and the plate was full of prawns, which attracted many people's attention. The picture of Poppi shelling shrimps and putting them in Malcolm's plate was even more eye-catching.

The old lady curled her lips, "my grandson is also very picky. He likes shrimps not to be shelled, and he doesn't like shrimps alone, he is even more disgusted with the shrimps that others shelled for him, which is dirty. I thought he would never eat shrimps in his whole life. I didn't expect that... "

While eating the shrimps peeled by Poppi, Malcolm smiled and said nothing.

Wearing gloves, Poppi peeled the shrimps in her hand and handed them to the old lady. She grinned and said, "grandma, if you want to eat shrimps,

Who! Who is your girlfriend? " Celine shouted.

"You will know it one day." Malcolm opened his mouth, "well, let's stop here. You should think it over by yourself."

"No! "Malcolm! "Malcolm Beep! Beep! Beep

In the hospital, Celine held the phone in her hand. Her face darkened when she heard Malcolm hang up the phone without hesitation. She stared at the phone angrily and threw it out. "Bang!" the phone fell on the wall and broke into pieces.

"What's wrong?" Hearing that, Cora rushed in like a bolt of lightning.

Squinting her eyes and turning her head, Celine put on an expressionless face for two seconds. Then she suddenly raised the corners of her mouth and gave a sweet and harmless smile. "Cora I'm fine. You can go out now! I want to have a rest. "

Hearing that, Cora raised her eyes and saw Celine's clenched fists and the broken cellphone on the ground. She frowned, but said nothing. Then she nodded and said, "okay. If you need anything, just let me know."

"Okay!" Squinting her eyes with a smile, Celine looked at Cora disappearing from her sight. As soon as the door of the ward was closed, the smile on her face immediately faded away. Celine looked ghastly pale, and her face was covered by dark clouds. She looked a little scary. You don't love me anymore, do you? It doesn't matter. You don't love me anymore. I can do everything to turn the world upside down between you and my sister. I can't get what I can, neither can Poppi

Then Celine opened the drawer beside the bed and took out almost a whole box of white pills. While shaking the box gently, she laughed and poured all the pills in it down to her hand. She smiled sweetly but with a bloodthirsty look in her eyes. "Little cuties, okay, it's up to you..." Then she grabbed the cup and sprayed several pills on the ground and the quilt. After that, Celine put the rest pills into her mouth and washed the water away.

Celine looked at her watch and smirked. It was exactly the time. She messed up her hair, lay in bed with her eyes closed, and prepared for the next scene.

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