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   Chapter 165 The Pet Name

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As if satisfied with the title, Malcolm smiled proudly, and kept wiping Poppi's boobs, "yes, I am."

"Go left." Although Poppi disdained what Malcolm said, she still felt it inconceivable for his massage skill. She could not help raising her left shoulder and said, "the strength is still the same."

Upon hearing this, Malcolm laughed and nodded immediately. "You're the only one who dares to put up with such kind of work for Mr. Mo in Ye city."

"What? You don't want to do that? " Poppi raised her eyebrows.

"Yes, of course." Malcolm immediately expressed his sincerity, and began to massage her shoulders and legs with increasing passion. At this moment, he was not the prominent Mr. Mo in everyone's eyes, but an ordinary husband. He was happy with such a life with such arrangement.

A faint smile appeared on Poppi's lips. They had been in a cold war for days, and now they had reconciled? The more she thought about it, the more confused she became. Love was a complicated emotion. All she knew was that she wouldn't get angry when she was with Malcolm. She also didn't remember the grievances she had suffered the other day

"Do you keep your promise?" Malcolm broke the silence.

"What saying?" Asked Poppi.

"It's just "You said, you need to open a dessert shop, keep a dog, and leave Ye city to live what you want." Then Malcolm asked, "do these count?"

"If possible, I want to live such a life." The fantasy in Poppi's eyes and then she look at Malcolm, but she just smiled, "but I never thought that you would be the person I'm looking forward to in my life."

"It must be me. I will take you away as soon as I solve the problems of Quan Group and your sister get better. We will go wherever you want. Just live the life you want. " Malcolm vowed.

Poppi was confused and asked, "is that okay? Will that day come? "

"Sure." Malcolm stopped what he was doing and held Poppi in his arms, "but it's not the time yet. I can only fulfill a little wish of yours."

"Which one?" The interest of Poppi came out.

"It's a secret," Malcolm smiled, "you have mentioned it for many times. To make it up to you, I'll fulfill your little wish in a couple of days. So, don't be angry with me, okay? "

Poppi looked up and answered, "it depends on your performance."

"Okay, I'll behave well tonight." Malcolm's eyes darkened. He stressed the word tonight, making what he said more ambiguous.

"What are you mean?" asked Poppi

"There is no other mean?" Malcolm burst into laughter. "I meant exactly what you thought."

"What You jerk! " Poppi screamed. Then next second, she was held into the water by Malcolm. Like that time in the San Francisco mansion, Malcolm kissed her deeply under the name of "breathlessness".

This time, Poppi took the initiative to put her arms around Malcolm's neck. Well,

elling the truth?

"Okay! I will visit your mother tomorrow. We haven't seen each other for a long time. " Aunt. Pei smiled and said.

"Thank you on behalf of my mother." Benson then chatted with them for a while. When he saw that they were tired, he said goodbye to them. Emily saw him off. Emily walked out with Benson, and Aunt. Pei sighed, "the two have finally been together."

"Yes." Uncle Pei nodded, "Benson is a good boy. Our Emily He should be more lenient. "

Outside the villa, when Benson went out, a gust of cold wind blew. He wrapped his clothes and turned to Emily. "Go in now. It's so cold."

"Are you caring about me?" Emily snorted.

"……" Hearing this, Benson was speechless for a while. Then he replied, "if you say yes, then I'll agree!"

"Then I can't go in. I want to stay a little longer to show how much we love each other." Emily held her arms and looked at Benson.

Benson didn't want to argue with her. He wanted to go straight away, but something occurred to him. He frowned and asked, "what's your pet name?"

Emily's eyes darkened, and she snorted, "don't worry. It's just pronounced the same with you've been thinking about. My nickname is Poppii. Poppii. I didn't allow my mother to call me like that four years ago. What? "

"I'm just curious. Bye." Benson waved his hand and walked to his car. Then he got on without hesitation, started the car and left the residential area, out of Emily's sight.

Emily stood at the door of the villa, squinting. Four years ago, that night, she had drugged him. When she had heard Benson's chatter about the Poppi the whole night, she had developed a deep hatred towards her nickname. She hated that she had played tricks but still couldn't make Benson bow. But in fact, she was the most pathetic one.

Benson had stomach cancer, but Poppi had no idea about this. how lucky she was! Protected by Benson

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