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   Chapter 163 The Hot Spring Resort

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But before she could take her words back, Malcolm snorted and said, "Poppi, how dare you! It's so late. Why are you here to drink? "

"Work, talk about business." Poppi twitched her mouth and murmured like a wife.

"Have you finished your work?" Then Malcolm added, "have you finished the talk?"

"…… Yes. " Poppi nodded her head obediently.

"Then let's go home." Malcolm grabbed Poppi's arm and dragged her to his side. He glanced at the others around him and said to everyone present, "if there's nothing else, we're leaving now."

Mr. Huang was the first one to react. He nodded and smiled fawningly. "Oh, it's Mr. Mo! Mr. Mo, I've heard a lot about you! Why don't we go to the hot Hot Spring Resort to relax? You want Miss. Poppi to accompany you, right? "

Malcolm cast a cold glance at him. With a bloodthirsty smile on his face, he quipped, "what a joke! 'it's none of your business to ask me whether Poppi can accompany me or not.'? 'who are you? Where are you from that you can be the master of Poppi? 'Poppi is not the person you can touch. Just now you held her arm I have seen your back. Don't come to beg me if you have bankruptcy tomorrow. "

Hearing this, the people around all froze and Tina couldn't help but take a deep breath. In front of others, Malcolm always behaved elegantly and arrogantly with no nonsense, but just now He dared to threaten them with unconcealed anger, and the sternness in his eyes made others feel a little inferior. He did all these just for the woman called Poppi!

Mr. Huang was so weak that he almost fell down. Malcolm said he would go bankruptcy. Is he still alive? He thought, 'if he is just the CEO of the SG group, and he has a very close relationship with the underworld's Mr. Barry, he is also the second in command in the underworld.'

"M... Mr. Mo! Let's go! "

Mr. Huang was still in a trance and left the office at once. Tina also wanted to say something but hesitated. After taking a look at Poppi, she turned around and left angrily. Then she quickly walked towards the Hot Spring Resort.

Realizing this, Poppi turned around and laughed happily, "Hey, why did they all leave? Why didn't they wait for me? " After the gossip, Poppi stumbled forward.

However, she was stopped by Malcolm. Malcolm strode forward, bent down and held Poppi in his arms. Then he suddenly carried her on his shoulder, turned around and walked towards the place where Sean parked the car.

"Ah!" Poppi screamed and suddenly sobered up. All the grievances she had suffered in the past few days rushed into her mind. She punched Malcolm with her fists. "Bastard! Bastard, let me go! You didn't talk to me, did you? It's none of your business! I'm going to the hot spring! enjoy a hot spring! Bastard! "

Malcolm frowned and said coldly, "you are my wife. I don't care you, who care you !"

"What You are not! " Poppi s

me." Malcolm's tone softened. He reached for the quilt and put it on his and Poppi. Covered in the dark quilt, he said, "it's warmer."

The corners of Poppi's mouth twitched and she snorted, "it's more than warm. It's suffocating! Get out! "

"I won't go out." Feeling aggrieved, Malcolm worked hard to persuade Poppi and reached out his hands to take off her clothes.

Poppi was shocked and stepped back quickly and stuttered, "you! You! You! You bastard! Why are you taking off my clothes? "

"You must feel uncomfortable with your coat on. Take it off and you won't get choked." Malcolm said in a serious way. His hands did not stop at all. He clasped the two wrists of Poppi with one hand, and untied the coat buttons of her in a few seconds.

Poppi tried to dodge him, but she couldn't match up to his strength. Seeing that her clothes were stripped down layer by layer, she struggled more violently. "Malcolm, Malcolm. You are such a despicable man. You take advantage of me when I'm in danger..."

The narrow space in the quilt was full of their breathing, and their skin was very close to each other. Malcolm's breath grew heavier and heavier. His hands could not stop as if controlled by magic.

Yes, he was a rogue, and he was a villain. He dug a hole for himself. He had planned to take off the clothes for Poppi and let her lie comfortably in the bed, but now it seemed impossible.

"Poppi..." Malcolm swallowed and held the last shirt of Poppi. His voice was hoarse and his eyes were full of lust.

Hearing this, Poppi raised her head. Although she couldn't see clearly, she could feel Malcolm's burning eyes, which seemed to swallow her alive.

"Quan HMM Don't... "

As soon as Poppi opened her mouth, she kept on murmuring with vague words, which were all swallowed up by Malcolm.

Malcolm told everything he missed, depressed and aggrieved these days to Poppi, in the way he liked

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