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   Chapter 162 Did You Drink

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Mr.Huang's words were full of ambiguity, and everyone at the table laughed maliciously.

Poppi resisted in her heart and pulled out her hand calmly. But she pretended to smile and said, "Mr. Huang, as you said, our magazine office is working with you. So, isn't this a good way to work with you? You don't need me to be an actress. I can't do that. "

Mr. Huang laughed, "if you don't do it, how can you know whether you can do it or not? If Miss. Poppi debut, I promise you can march to the first line every year. What do you think? "

"Mr. Huang, please don't make things difficult for me. I can't act," Poppi pouted her lips with grievance and acted like a spoiled child. She held a glass of wine and said, "Mr. Huang, let's drink more? What do you think? "

Her affectedly sweet words sent Mr. Huang's bone into a flame. He clinked his glass with poppi and said, "come on, Miss. Poppi, cheers! We're best friends. Cheers! "

"Thank you, Mr. Huang."

Tina sat on the other side of the table and chatted with Mr. Wang very happily. When she saw that Poppi was about to drink, she couldn't help but smile and said, "Celine, Mr. Huang admires you so much. Would you like to have a cross cupped drink with him?"

Poppi pulled up her face and tried her best to bear the discomfort. Then she smiled and said, "the assistant editor must be joking. Cross cupped wine? If our Mr. Huang's wife knows this, it would be hard to explain."

Mr. Huang gave an awkward smile, "yes, yes. Miss. Poppi and I felt like old friends at the first sight. I won't do that."

"Right, just a drink is enough! There is no need for cross cupped wine? "

"Vice editor in chief, shall we have a cross cupped drink?" Beside Tina, Mr. Wang suggested.

"Okay!" Tina smiled gracefully and raised her glass, drawing people's attention at the table.

Fortunately, the farce stopped here. Poppi felt relieved and had more time to eat.

That's why she didn't want to attend the dinner party. She suffered a lot. Once a girl came, she would be molested. She didn't understand why some people would be happy with this kind of party.

"Mr. Zhang, what do you think of our cooperation?"

"Come and eat more. We know you like this dish, so we ordered it for you. "

Everything was in harmony at the table. People began to toast each other, and two hours passed by unwittingly. Poppi did not know how much alcohol she had drunk so she felt a little dizzy and quickly apologized to other people and went to the bathroom.

As soon as Poppi left the table, Mr. Huang could not take his eyes off her.

"Mr. Huang, where are we going?" Young, the director of the marketing department of the magazine spoke. His voice was meaningful. It was a tacit understanding between men. He said in a low voice, "Mr. Poppi, she is even liked highly by Mr. Mo! Mr. Huang, would you like to... "

"You know me well!" Mr. Huang took a sip of his wine and continued, "there's a hot spring meeting nearby. It's cold o

for several days. Didn't he expect Poppi to come over and apologize? But he didn't expect that Poppi lived a good life. Drink? Well, how dare she is!

The whistling car passed, and the scenery outside the car window became blurry.

"Stop!" Before they arrived at the hotel, Malcolm suddenly stopped.

Sean braked suddenly. With a bang, the car stopped. When they were about to pull over, Malcolm opened the door and got off, running across the road. Sean was surprised. Following Malcolm's eyes, he saw a lot of men and women walking side by side on the road. Was Poppi inside?

As Malcolm ran in the cold wind, he stared at the figure not far away from him. It was none other than Poppi.

There were a group of drunken men supporting Poppi, and Poppi seemed not be able to get rid of them. Unfortunately, she was caught by a man, so Poppi was too drunk to get rid of him.

Malcolm had never known that jealousy and anger could be so terrible. He felt like there was a fire in his chest that burned his internal organs into pain. He moved to the flower bed on the side of the road and caught Poppi by the arm, dragging her into his arms.

Poppi was a little dizzy before but she could not stand still and fell into his arms as she was pulled by him. Poppi was about to get out of there when she smelled a familiar and reassuring smell. She sniffed and looked up with her sleepy eyes. Then she saw Malcolm immediately, grinning stupidly, "ah! Malcolm! Am I dreaming? Why are you here? "

The ten people around all turned to this side. Hearing Poppi call out the name of Malcolm, Tina felt surprised and jealous. The rest of them were a little stunned, and some of them came to greet, but was directly ignored by Malcolm.

The temperature of Malcolm was even lower than that of the air conditioner. He looked down at Poppi and asked, "did you drink?"

Poppi puckered her mouth and felt aggrieved and shy. She touched her forefinger together and said, "yes, just a little."

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