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   Chapter 161 A Cold War

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10200

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As if the air in her chest had been suddenly taken away, Poppi suddenly opened her eyes in darkness, and her dark eyes were filled with incredible self-mockery. Then just Malcolm went away? What was he going to do? A cold war?

After a long time of calming down, Poppi hummed angrily and turned her back to the door. She cursed Malcolm repeatedly in her mind. 'jerk! You jerk! 'how can you say that? Don't you believe in me. Why didn't you take me to the hospital to visit Celine. "Celine At the thought of this, the expression on Poppi's face became extremely painful. Then she turned over and couldn't sleep or eat well.

In the next room, Malcolm walked into the bathroom while taking off his clothes. His face was gloomy. He always felt angry. Just now when he entered the apartment's door, he saw that the room was dark, and his mind was blank. Without thinking, he rushed upstairs to find Poppi. When he saw her in the side bedroom, his heart returned to its original position. He breathed a heavy sigh of relief. But after he felt relieved, he felt uncomfortable again.

He couldn't get over the feeling of holding Poppi in Hugh's arms. He couldn't stand even a little bit of it. He couldn't stand other men licked Poppi. Poppi could only be his, and only his. He couldn't stand Poppi's caring expression when she cared about another man, regardless of who that man was.

"Damn it!" Malcolm's anger blazed out in his chest. He cursed, lowered the water temperature, rubbed his short hair with both hands, and rubbed with force.

He really wanted to question Poppi. Hadn't she always been fond of being spoiled? Why was she angry instead of being coquettish to him? Didn't she know that he was easy to coax? Didn't she know that he was just jealous? As long as she said something nice and acted girly as usual, he would surrender

Outside the window, the moon was very bright. Hanging a bath towel around his waist, Malcolm came out of the bathroom. Looking at the bright moon and the big empty bed on the ground, he felt more and more upset. 'what's wrong with Poppi today? She ran to the next room. Is it because Did she want to leave me? '? When Celine woke up, she couldn't wait to push himself away. Was she in love with Hugh, or did she want to go back to Benson?

Thinking of this, Malcolm suddenly turned around and hurried outside. When he reached the door and clasped the door, he suddenly froze and his chest rose and fell. He was silent for a long time, and his hand feebly loosened.

He would never let Poppi leave.

Malcolm took a deep breath and spit it out slowly. Then he turned back and lay on the bed, tossing and turning.

The moon was hanging at the top of a tall tree, pouring its light into the adjacent two rooms. There were a man and a woman in their own room. They couldn't fall asleep repeatedly in the bed, and they even turned around with the same gesture.

The next morning, when Poppi got up, she found that Malcolm had already gone. When she got off work in the evening, Malcolm had not com

was in good health?

That Barry didn't tell her the truth. He just told her how Malcolm had been waiting for her in the past four years, but he didn't tell her the truth about Malcolm and Poppi. She was just testing Poppi just now, but Poppi had something wrong. No, she can't wait any longer! She was too unfamiliar with the world. She had to seize Malcolm, because she had nothing

The chilly wind outside the hospital made Poppi sober up, but her thoughts were more confused. Malcolm, Celine, her. The three of them walked in a circle. One of them had to quit. However, since her relationship with Malcolm had been developed to such a degree, if she chose to leave, she would be too ashamed to face Celine again. If she allowed Celine to quit, she would never be able to say something like that.

Poppi took a taxi to the dinner party. Today the appointment was made by three entertainment tycoons. From now on, the cooperation between Entertainment Magazine and them would take place frequently, and the managers of several departments would attend the appointment. Men and women worked in the entertainment industry.

When Poppi arrived at the hotel, most people had already arrived. As soon as Poppi went out, some men asked her to have a drink before the meal was served.

"Come on, Miss. Poppi, you are late, you can punish yourself with three cups of wine!"

"Exactly! This is for our sake! "

The sound of dissuasion incessantly lingered in Poppi's ears, so she couldn't pushed it away. She took three glasses of beer with a smile and drank them up in a thud. Resisting the urge to vomit, she stood up the glass and was greeted with applause.

"Oh, is this the beauty of the magazine?" Mr. Huang seemed to be a gentle and cultivated man, but in fact, he was always near to Poppi. After drinking two glasses of wine, he boldly touched her hand and said, "I think Poppi has the potential to be a star! What about? Miss Poppi, don't be the director anymore. Let's go back with me. Let's have a wonderful meal! "

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